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The hospitality industry puts added emphasis on cleaning their properties and making them appear pristine. The hotels, inns, or resorts are the temporary abode for tourists and vacationers for a few days. They always look for a tidy and hygienic place for a comfortable stay. While cleanliness is a prime factor that determines their satisfaction level, keeping your property clean will increase the number of tourists to your hotel or resort. Hotel cleaning services are what you need to deep clean every corner of your hotel and make it most inviting to the guests. 

At Sterling Cleaning Services, we are a team of specialty cleaners who understand the unique demands and challenges of the hospitality industry regarding cleaning. Our technically trained cleaners use all the latest and effective cleaning methods to ensure gleaming surfaces and fresh aroma everywhere in your hotel or resort. We are a leading hotel cleaning company that you can trust with your property, and we leave no stone unturned to make it clean and unblemished. 

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Why Should You Hire Our Professional Hotel Cleaners In NYC?  

Hotels and resorts are spacious properties with dozens of rooms and encompass miscellaneous common areas like lobbies, parking lots, hallways, employee restrooms, restaurants, and hallways.

All these areas need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to make your hotel welcoming to the new guests and comforting for the lodged guests. While general janitors just do the basic tasks of cleaning like mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms, you need specialized hotel cleaners to deep every area and make your property look polished and sophisticated. 
Hiring professionals are required for deep cleaning in hotels, and you will be assured of the following: 

1. Trained cleaning personnel

Professional cleaners at Sterling Cleaning Services take pride in their hotel cleaning services. We provide a range of services to maintain the higher cleaning standards of the hospitality industry, which is necessary for ensuring success in this industry. 

Our trained cleaning staff has exceptional skills to handle the cleaning of rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, waiting areas, and more! We use the latest cleaning equipment and apply the most effective cleaning methods to make your place aesthetically clean and inviting. Our experts also assure deep cleaning of high-touch surfaces and maintain the sanitation of the common areas. 

2. Customized cleaning plan

Our specialized hotel cleaners can provide you with a customized cleaning plan according to your specific property and cleaning needs. We are serving in the industry for years, and our experts know every nook and corner of the facilities in the hospitality sector. When you hire our cleaners, they meticulously evaluate your hotel or resort, inside and out. We then come up with a comprehensive plan that includes deep cleaning of common areas, sanitization of rooms, and cleaning of restaurants to ensure higher satisfaction of your hotel staff and guests. 

3. Quality cleaning services

At Sterling Cleaning Services, you get professional hotel cleaning services of unmatched quality. No matter how vast your hotel is, our trained cleaners will clean every corner and surface ensuring a super-tidy and urbane environment. We have excellence in working with cleaning equipment and using eco-friendly cleaning materials that contribute to a greener, cleaner, and healthier hotel environment. 

What Facilities Are Included In Our Hotel Cleaning Contracts? 

At Sterling Cleaning Services, the dedicated hotel cleaners have all the elementary resources and training to keep your entire hotel or resort clean and unspoiled. We understand that every room and area of your property needs attention to detail while cleaning. Our housed staff makes sure to go beyond and do all the cleaning tasks to provide you with complete satisfaction. 

We ensure to clean all of these facilities under our hotel cleaning contracts:

1. Guest rooms

We dust and clean the furniture, sweep, and mop the floors, and vacuum the sofas and carpets. We sanitize the touch surfaces like door knobs, faucets in the sink, switches, and table surfaces. Our team is also aware of hygiene and safety protocols that became a requisite for commercial places after the COVID-19 situation. Hence, we provide quality hotel disinfecting services. Our team uses all industry-approved sanitizing sprays and disinfectants that assure the elimination of pathogens and viruses from surfaces. 

2. Common spaces

Our professional cleaners rigorously clean the upkeep of common areas in the hotels or resorts, which include lobbies, outside grounds, cafeterias and restaurants, hallways, gym, elevators, stair rails, employee areas, and parking. We know these areas receive maximum foot traffic every day and needed deep cleaning to be free of dirt, litter, or debris. The carpets in lobbies and hallways collect dust and allergens that can cause health problems if not cleaned frequently.

Using the most advanced vacuum equipment, we make carpets and rugs free of any dirt. Our cleaning experts do pressure cleaning of entryways, parking lots, and sidewalks to ensure your hotel property looks professional and hygienic to the guests. In every way, we are the top cleaning experts in NYC who can do spring cleaning in hotels whenever required regardless of their size, location, and daily foot traffic. 

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms or restrooms are the first thing your guests will notice as soon as enter their rooms. Are you doing enough to clean and upkeep the sanitation of the bathrooms? Sterling Cleaning Services offers deep cleaning in the hotel, which includes cleaning and disinfecting the bathrooms. We use all eco-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants to clean bathroom tubs, showers, toilet seats, sinks, mirrors, and floors. Our cleaners thoroughly sweep the mop the floors to ensure polished surfaces and make them free of stains and liquid spills.  

Basic Hospitality Cleaning Service

At Sterling Cleaning Services, we realize the prime need for hotels i.e., maintain cleanliness and hygiene of their environment in the continuously evolving and demanding hospitality industry. Hiring a commercial cleaning services provider that has expertise in cleaning facilities in the hospitality industry and know what it takes to maintain the highest cleanliness standards in the industry. Having decade-long expertise, we assure to provide you with premium quality hotel cleaning services to make your place look absolutely clean and keep your staff and guests healthy. 

Our basic hospitality cleaning services comprise the following:

1. Hotel room cleaning

Our experts fully clean the rooms including floors, bathrooms, beds, sofas, bedside tables, and wardrobes. We dust up the furniture and disinfect door handles, switches, and other touch surfaces.  

2. Hotel carpet cleaning

The trained cleaners take extra care in vacuuming the delicate and posh carpets placed in the rooms, lobbies, and other common areas. We use proprietary cleaning solutions along with injecting hot and cold water to deep clean them. 

3. Hotel window cleaning

Guests are always in awe of the hotel windows as they provide the best views of the city or destination they are touring. Our expert cleaning staff uses effective and eco-friendly solutions to clean the windowpanes and disinfect the window guards. 

4. Hotel kitchen cleaning

Hiring our experts also frees you from the trouble of cleaning your hotel kitchen separately. Our trained cleaners carry all the essential cleaning supplies required for systematically cleaning the kitchen equipment and top surfaces to ensure full hygiene of the place. 

5. Spa cleaning service

If your hotel has a spa or swimming pool, you can leave the worries of maintaining its cleanliness to our experts. From cleaning and rinsing the tubs/pools to draining and refilling water, we do everything. 

6. Hotel hard floor cleaning

Our trained cleaners understand the need to regularly clean the hardwood floors to maintain their high quality and durability. We clean the hardwood floors using best-in-class machines ensuring their hardiness and polish are restored after every cleaning. 

Why Hire Our Hotel Cleaning Services?

Sterling Cleaning Services provides reliable cleaning services to hotels, inns, and resorts that help them maintain super-tidy environments and become the best place to dwell for tourists and guests. Besides ensuring the cleanliness of every corner, we also help meet the cleaning and safety regulations of the hospitality industry.

Here’s what makes the best partner to reach out to for hotel cleaning services in NYC. 

1. Comprehensive and customizable cleaning services

Give us a call and share your property details and cleaning requirements. We will clean and disinfect every place making your hotel or resort most alluring and inviting to the guests. 

2. Cost-effective services

We make sure to clean your property thoroughly and continuously at the most affordable rates so that you do not surpass your budget.  

3. Exceptional staff

Our industry-leading experts are fully committed to cleaning your place and delivering the best experience to your hotel staff and guests.  

4. Hassle-free services

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about when you hand over the cleaning tasks to our professional team. You can just relax and see your hotel or resort turn into an unblemished place in no time. 

5. Trusted by top hotels

We are trusted by numerous top-rated hotels and resorts because of our customizable and superior deep cleaning services. Need to clean your hotel or resort to make it hygienic and visually pleasing to the guests? 

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