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Your customers deserve to shop for their necessities in a clean and hygienic environment every time they visit your store. Are you doing enough to create a welcoming environment that makes buyers happier every time they enter through your door? Retail stores have considerably higher footfall that exposes them to dirt or mud, which again makes cleaning a regular task for retail owners. Having a clean environment also makes the retail store comfortable for employees who spend the maximum time of their day there. For this reason, store owners need professional retail store cleaning services that make their store sparkling clean and posh to the shoppers.  

With Sterling Cleaning Services, you get comprehensive retail cleaning services for your store that make it environmentally hygienic and visually appealing to the shoppers. Our team of trained cleaners helps you to maintain a consistent and clean environment by using advanced cleaning equipment and methods so that no corners are left with dirt, litter, blemishes, and odor. In short, our expert cleaning team makes way for a lot of positive reviews for your stores from the customers. A tip-top clean retail store catches the attention of the customers and drives purchases letting you earn more!\

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Importance of Retail Store Cleaning Services for Retail Shops 

Whether you need to do the regular cleaning of your store or want to do a deep cleaning before an inspection turns up, a professional cleaning service is what you need. Consumers shop with their eyes roving here and there around the store. Dirty racks, dust on surfaces and products, stained walls, unclean windows, etc., will immediately drive them away. While it’s not possible to do the cleaning of every nook and corner of your store by yourself, the hands of professional cleaners are needed. They provide customized commercial cleaning services according to the size, floor spaces, shelves, rooms, cabinetry, number of bathrooms, and other aspects of your store.  

The importance of retail cleaning lies not only in maintaining a posh and aesthetically-appealing store for your shoppers! It is also about ensuring basic comfort to the shop employees or executives. They are likely to quit your shop if they feel the environment is not tidy and restrooms or bathrooms are not sanitary and appropriate for use. You need cleaning services from practiced cleaners to maintain a positive, fresh, and pleasant ambiance in your store for both, your customers and employees. 

What Are Cleaning Services Included In Our Retail Store Cleaning Services In NYC?

Sterling Cleaning Services strives to create a cleaner and healthier retail environment for your shoppers. Our services are flexible, and we perform a range of cleaning tasks as per your store’s specific needs. We can provide our cleaning services before, after, and even during operating hours. Here are the top-notch retail cleaning services that we offer to make stores spotless and welcoming. 

1. Floor cleaning

The higher foot traffic demands regular cleaning of the retail store. Due to greater traffic, the floor gets too much dirt or grime from the shoes and gets stained easily. Our professional retail store cleaners make sure to sweep, mop, and deep clean the floors to make the surfaces pristine and sparkling clean.  

2. Store essential cleaning

We do the cleaning of store shelves, cabinets, reception desk, cash area, sofas, chairs, stools, lights, switches, doors, and displays of your store. Our experts use specific techniques and cleaning equipment for each of your store essentials to ensure no damage is caused to your products or store essentials.  

3. Dressing room cleaning

If your store sells apparel or fashion garments, there are dressing rooms, and we take the responsibility of cleaning your dressing rooms too. We also sanitize the various elements of the dressing room elements like hangers, mirrors, and door handles to ensure there is no spread of infections or germs. 

4. Window cleaning

tores have high façade windows, and our trained retail cleaners are adept to clean them too. We take special care while doing retail window cleaning by using ladders or proper safety equipment. 

5. Façade cleaning

We understand that a supremely clean facade is essential to showcase what’s in your store to the people passing by. Our cleaners make sure to clean your facade deeply and make it as translucent as possible to catch the attention of the customers. We can even do pressure washing if the façade includes a store sign, brand message, and images.

4. Restroom cleaning

Restrooms or washrooms of your store have the highest risk of spreading germs and infections, if not cleaned regularly. Our trained technicians thoroughly clean the restrooms, including floors, sink basins, taps, toilet seats, mirrors, and doorknobs. We clean and sanitize everything to ensure the hygiene and health of the shop employees. 

Cost of Our Retail Store Cleaning Services

The cost of our cleaning services depends completely on your storage facility i.e., its area, number of shelves, restrooms, dressing rooms, windows, and façade size. However, to know how much retail store cleaning will cost you, call us directly, and our experts will evaluate your store. This allows us to provide you with an accurate quote for your services. 

Some of the crucial factors on which the costs of our retail store cleaning services depend are:

  • Square foot area of thestore
  • Averagefootfall or traffic 
  • Frequencyof cleaning needed
  • Anyrooms/facilities that need any specific equipment or cleaning methods

Why Should You Hire Our Retail Store Cleaners?

Sterling Cleaning Services is a reputed retail cleaning company today that offers premium-quality retail cleaning services to make your store look hygienic and stunning in every way. 
Here’s why you should pick us for the cleaning of your store. 

1. We are industry experts

Having years of experience in cleaning commercial services, we are specialized and efficient in our job. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques that make our job swift and smooth. Each of our cleaners is industry-trained, and that helped us reach a higher level of quality and provide consistent cleaning services all over the NYC region. 

2. We offer tailored cleaning services

Our retail store cleaners will thoroughly evaluate your store’s facilities, floor spaces, foot traffic, shelving, etc., to provide customized cleaning services. If it gets extremely high traffic and needs a deep cleaning, our expert cleaners will do that too, whenever needed.  

3. We work at flexible hours

Whether you need to clean your retail at an early hour before the store opens or later in the evening after it is closed, we will do that. We are available on daily basis as well as a weekly basis. 

4. We offer competitive pricing

We offer our commercial cleaning services at affordable rates so that every type and size of a retail store can afford us. We will discuss and work with you to provide a suitable cleaning plan according to your store and budget. 

5. We use eco-friendly cleaning products

Our professional cleaners make sure to not use any harsh chemicals as cleaning substances that are harmful to health. We contribute to making your retail store greener, cleaner, and healthier for your customers and staff.   

Get Trusted Retail Cleaning Services at Sterling Cleaning Services!

At Sterling Cleaning Services, you get top-notch retail cleaning services in NYC. Our trained and reliable cleaners fully understand the cleaning needs of retail stores and provide tailored cleaning services to fulfill them. We know the importance of keeping your stores pristine and unspoiled for providing customers with an amazing shopping experience. Our expert cleaners strive to assure that with our services.   

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