Professional School Cleaning Services In NYC

School and educational facilities are prone to day-to-day wear and tear. Classrooms, dormitories, restrooms, cafeterias, administrative buildings, canteens, etc., are the places that need to be cleaned regularly.

Sterling Cleaning Services is a special team of professional cleaning services in NYC. We have a group of experienced cleaners who help you maintain your academic facility hygienic, and sanitized. Especially, when it comes to the health of students, we adopt strong hygiene standards and align them with our services to bring the best results.

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The Importance Of School Disinfection And Cleaning Services

It's obvious for school management to ensure a clean and disinfected school campus. For this purpose, each school forms a group of members to take charge of the entire cleaning issues of the school premise. However, this is not enough to keep the school environment healthy and clean. As the school group might not have enough skills, time, dedication, and tools to provide the school cleaning service successfully.
Hence a professional school cleaning service provider comes to your rescue. It is necessary to appoint for their active service with expert skills and professionalism. If you are looking for expert services, hire Sterling Cleaning Services to get top-quality school cleaning and the best school disinfection services in NYC.

The importance of school disinfection and janitorial cleaning services in nyc includes the following:

Increase Productivity Of Teachers

If school management opts for an expert team of cleaners, it ensures the best way to maintain a healthy and organized environment in the school. As a result, all teachers will be motivated by a tidy environment and give their best performance. Proper disinfection will help decrease the risk of sickness among teachers, enhancing their performance.

Improved Learning Experience

To give all students a good learning experience it's essential to keep the overall school clean and disinfected. A tidy environment leaves a deep impact on how well a student is learning safely and securely.

Decrease Student's Sick Days

An untidy classroom grows an unhealthy educational environment for students. So, it's necessary to keep the entire school clean and disinfected to reduce the accumulation of mites and dust. This factor helps to decrease the risk of sickness among the students. 

Intake Of Good Habits

When students will be exposed to a tidy classroom, they will understand the importance of cleanliness. This factor will help all students build a strong sense of cleaning, and develop tidy habits themselves.

Long-Lasting Equipment

It is a universal fact that cleaning and maintenance help all types of equipment to last as long as possible. So, all equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected, properly. With this, we add longevity and durability to the product ensuring its safety when reused by students and staff.

Lift School Pride

If your school maintains standard cleanliness, it works to lift its pride. All teachers and students feel proud about showing off their school. It also builds a great reputation for the prospective students of the school and higher your chances of gaining new students.

What Is The Price Of School Cleaning Services In NYC?

When it comes to cleaning your school, you need to choose a reputed cleaning agency to get the best result you pay for. The exact price range of school cleaning services in NYC depends on various factors, including:

Per Square Foot Pricing

Some agencies providing green cleaning services in NYC for schools, offer per square foot pricing, which is a smart option to consider if your school is pretty new and small.

Hourly Cost Pricing

This type of pricing scheme follows an hourly rate. It requires you to pay according to the time your service provider has taken to complete their entire cleaning procedure.

Packaged Pricing Schemes

The cleaning service provider offers a fixed rate for the entire cleaning package, under this scheme. Sometimes provider offers customized cleaning packages too. Give a call at Sterling Cleaning Services and avail the most reasonable school cleaning services cost in NYC.

What Makes Us Different In Terms Of School Cleaning Services?

Along with standard quality education, of late parents are becoming much more concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of the school campus. So, it's mandatory to take help from professional cleaners for maintaining the health of the premise. 
At Sterling Cleaning Services, our professional cleaners offer the most trusted school cleaning services in NYC. With rich experience in the school cleaning industry, we are always ready to assist you with the best school facility cleaning services at an affordable rate. Our cleaners follow a unique way of cleaning to make your school as clean as possible. 
The following innovative steps of the school cleaning service help us to carve a distinctive identity from the other cleaning providers in the sector.

Primary Cleaning 

Our expert team of cleaners takes special attention to cleaning surfaces by removing all dirt and physical impurities. Every commonly touched object like tables, chairs, door knobs, switches, and desks is exclusively cleaned by high-quality cleaning products.

Deep Cleaning

At Sterling Cleaning Services, we provide the best deep in-school cleaning services. This excellent procedure not only improves the cleanliness of the school but also helps to reduce sickness levels among students and school staff. Our professional cleaners take special care to clean all the following targeted areas including: 

  • Staff room
  • Activity area
  • Locker room
  • Food service area
  • Window & doors of each room

Sanitization & Disinfectant

We use standard quality sanitizers and disinfectants in our cleaning services for school, which reduces the spread of bacteria in the entire school surroundings. It is our cleaning service that makes us stand tall as a school cleaning company in the NYC region.

What Do We Include In Our School Cleaning Services? 

Being the best school cleaning service provider in NYC, Sterling Cleaning Services has an expert team of cleaners offering detailed cleaning with advanced methods for all high-touched areas.
When it comes to the health issues among the students, the best school cleaning company in NYC uses top-quality products to remove all germs, bacteria, and dust from the entire school and make the organization the safest place for them. 
By hiring Sterling Cleaning Services for your school cleaning, you can experience the following services:

  • Carpet and floor cleaning service
  • HVAC unit cleaning service
  • Locker room & activity area cleaning service
  • Administrative & dormitory building cleaning service
  • Removing rubbish & trash bins
  • Wiping and cleaning the entire campus and walls
  • Maintenance of the drainage system
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting the washrooms
  • Detailed Cleaning of the cafeteria, washroom and all commonly used places


Experience Proficient School Cleaning Services

At Sterling Cleaning Services, we let our clients relax by taking the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on our shoulders. Being one of the best providers of deep cleaning services in NYC, we make sure that the schools and educational institutions are free from all kinds of infections. We try our best to keep at par with the standards of disinfection and sterilization guidelines whenever we get a new cleaning project.

Why Hire Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

Having a significant experience in school building cleaning services in New York, we are equipped with powerful equipment and accessories that allow us to suit the needs of every school we work with.

  • We have immense experience in cleaning different types of educational facilities and establishments.
  • Our team is well-trained and super-efficient in terms of professional cleaning services in NYC.
  • At Sterling Cleaning Services, we are concerned about your staffs’ and students’ health. Hence, we use natural, eco-friendly products for School Cleaning Services NYC.
  • Whether you need us for single or daily school cleaning in New York, we customize our commercial cleaning services, according to your needs.
  • Our skilled cleaners use only the latest and updated cleaning equipment and methods.
  • Safety, disinfection, and hygiene are the main objectives behind our School Cleaning Services.
  • At Sterling Cleaning Services, our clients are our priority and we ensure to provide them with 100% satisfaction.

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Our School Cleaning Services In The New York City

Being the best provider of school cleaning services in NYC, we, Sterling Cleaning Services, offer comprehensive educational facility cleaning services to our clients. Our deep cleaning of school equipment, doors, windows, walls, floors, furniture (chairs, desks, etc.), toilets, hostels, laboratories, etc., is catered to maintain a disease-free healthy environment. Our quality of services will leave your faculty members and students astounded.

  • The services mentioned below are included in our school cleaning package:
  • Sweeping and mopping all the hard surfaces.
  • Vacuuming the carpets, and floors in classrooms, administrative, and dormitory buildings.
  • Wiping and cleaning the windows, walls, rooms, and other surfaces all over the campus.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the toiletries in the public and dormitory rooms.
  • Maintenance of the campus drains to ensure that the drainage system works properly.
  • Use of natural and safe cleaning products in cafeterias, restrooms, and food preparation spaces.

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