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Many businesses are reluctant to ask for help with janitorial cleaning services in NYC. It is however a service that is required by all. Thus, hiring the best janitorial service provider in NYC- Sterling Cleaning Services, guarantees a high-end cleaning service with the latest equipment and products.

Our excellent janitorial services for offices in New York ensure business owners get rid of the headache of getting their workplace cleaned. Our expert janitorial cleaners receive expert training and have relevant experience in meeting your business requirements.

Catering to your cleaning and disinfecting needs, we ensure to provide a safe work environment with health-tested products. Our work process is on time, so you can rely on us for unhindered productivity of your employees.

Hire the expert cleaners of Sterling Cleaning Services and get, set, go, on a journey of clean and tidy office space!

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Say Hi To A Clean Commercial Space With Our Janitorial Services in New York!

Our janitorial cleaning services in New York are known for their cleanliness and top-level hygiene. We understand that your employees deserve a safe and clean place to spend the major part of their day, and work. Hence, we provide the best and neatest environment possible, through our janitorial services for commercial buildings in New York.

What Are Janitorial Cleaning Services?

Janitorial cleaning services are a type of commercial cleaning service that handles various cleaning services to tidy up and maintain your property. The scope of the service varies according to the facilities that need to be cleaned. For example, the requirement of an office cleaning service will be different from that of the medical facility cleaning service. The janitorial services for building, janitorial services for office, and janitorial services for commercial building or other centers and professional areas, although, sounds similar is different from one another. The expert janitorial cleaning service provider ensures to deliver the best range of services across different buildings. 

People providing you a complete janitorial service are often referred to as “janitors”, or cleaners, who are experts in what they do.

Are Janitorial Cleaning Services Different From Other Cleaning Services?

The janitorial services often encompass cleaning services that include housekeeping and general maintenance. It requires the janitors to perform their cleaning tasks every day and maintain a constant level of cleanliness at your commercial place.

Other cleaning services, on the other hand, are often referred to as a more comprehensive service that takes care of your demanding chores and heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

The main difference between the janitorial services and other cleaning services is the former occurs almost daily, while the latter is hired less frequently.

Why You Need Janitorial Cleaning Services?

If you are interested in managing your property and looking for a property maintenance service through cleaning, then the Janitorial Cleaning Service in New York is the one for you.

For the best janitorial cleaning services in NYC, call Sterling Cleaning Services, when:

  • You need to take out the trash daily.
  • You need regular commercial cleaning for your office premise.
  • You need a professional resource to keep your office facility clean and presentable.
  • You need your home or office to look organized every day.      

What Are The Duties Performed By The Janitors of Sterling Cleaning Services?

Being specialized and highly skilled, the janitors of Sterling Cleaning Services are widely known for fulfilling a different range of small and everyday cleaning tasks. Some of their everyday duties include:

  • Changing or cleaning lights and bulbs
  • Restocking toilet supplies
  • Disinfecting items employees frequently come in contact with
  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor
  • Dusting the desks
  • Gathering trash and emptying the trash cans
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Cleaning toilets.

There is often a wide range of janitorial cleaning service requests that we often come across and fulfill diligently. With us, you can rest assured of experiencing a customized janitorial service for commercial office cleaning.

What Are The Benefits of Janitorial Office Cleaning Services?

The use and popularity of the janitorial office cleaning services as delivered by the professional cleaning agency, Sterling Cleaning Services, are mentioned below:

  • Creates a great impression on your employees and visitors.
  • Ensures a comfortable atmosphere for your clients and employees.
  • Assures a safe and hygienic workplace.
  • Brings peace of mind to the workplace, which promises to enhance productivity.
  • Free up your storage space.
  • Save your time, energy, and money.
  • Prevents costly repair.

What is The Cost of a Janitorial Cleaning Service in NYC?

The janitorial cleaning service in NYC offered by the proficient cleaning agency, Sterling Cleaning Services, ensure to keep your premise bacteria, dust, and virus free. Maintaining a hygienic and sanitized environment, the New York janitorial services and its needs vary according to business to business or individual to individual.

Hence, the cost of the janitorial cleaning service in NYC also varies. With the right support and experienced team to meet your needs, you can experience the best services at the most affordable rate. The cost of the service also varies according to the cleaning requirements that you put forward.

Janitorial Cleaning Tips from The Expert Cleaners

Research has proved the efficiency and effectiveness of a clean work environment for employees through the Janitorial cleaning services. Putting together a wide range of services that would cater to meet all your janitorial cleaning services, we are committed to providing you with the best cleaning experience.

Here are top janitorial cleaning tips that we have compiled from our expert janitors to ensure you can uphold your office pride:

1. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

Keep all your cleaning supplies easily accessible to the janitors. Storing all the cleaning supplies in a central location, ensure that the janitors need not move around the office in search of it.

2. Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule

 Office cleaning and maintenance must be a part of your company’s routine. Establishing a regular cleaning schedule is required to ensure cleanliness and hygiene for your business.

3. Sanitize High-Touch Spots

With the use of disinfectant spray or wipes, ask your janitor to sanitize the high-touch points, such as switches, door knobs, drawer handles, etc.

4. Strategize Before Cleaning

Although cleaning appears to look like a random job with no particular strategy in mind. The reality is it requires careful planning and strategizing. Before starting the cleaning, the janitor needs to carefully plan the way it needs to be done.

5. Clean All Electronics And Appliances

 Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and so every office has its share of electronics and appliances. It needs to be managed, maintained, and wiped thoroughly every day to ensure it is germ-free and ideal for use.

6. Hire a Team of Experts

Although people might claim to give you good results when it comes to janitorial cleaning services in NYC, you must always make it certain to hire a team of expert, who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Why Hire Our Janitorial Cleaning Services In NYC?

When it comes to janitorial services in Brooklyn, New York, Sterling Cleaning Services, is a well-known name. We deliver exclusive and customized janitorial cleaning services to commercial properties New York, ensuring to leave the premise, safe and hygienic.

  • Our janitorial service staff members are professionally trained for delivering standard services.
  • We offer our janitorial services to all companies across New York, regardless of their size, or premise.
  • You can customize your commercial cleaning services in New York, based on your needs.
  • Regular or one-time janitorial services, we provide you with services that satisfy your requirements.
  • We guarantee to deliver the most convenient janitorial cleaning services that align with your schedule.
  • Our team ensures to maintain a high-quality, safe and clean place to work for your employees.

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Our Janitorial Cleaning In New York City

Whether you are looking for a regular or one-time janitorial cleaning service in NYC, Sterling Cleaning Services is the name you can rely upon. With our experience and expertise, we have satisfied the need and demands of our commercial clients, and have reduced their stress of maintaining cleanliness on the premise. We take responsibility on our shoulders and provide you with exclusive janitorial cleaning services.

We provide the following janitorial cleaning services in NYC:

  • Dusting of furniture
  • Cleaning Kitchen/Break room fixtures and appliances
  • Dust air vents and ceiling fans
  • Vacuum carpeting and spot cleaning
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Empty trash receptacles

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