Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services in NYC

December 13, 2023

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services in NYC

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Maintaining a clean and orderly commercial space can often feel like an uphill battle. This is especially true for New York- the busiest and most populated city. It leaves little room for the meticulous upkeep our spaces truly deserve. 

It is where the invaluable assistance of professional cleaning services steps in. In the past few years, we have seen how the demand for cleaning professionals has grown. With vast experience in the cleaning industry, we know how things work. There are several benefits to hiring them in several aspects. 

The decision to recruit professional cleaners in NYC can be a game-changer for your business. Here, we delve into the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services in NYC. 

Know the advantages in a way like never before. Let's get rolling!

What is a Professional Cleaning?

A professional cleaning is a legal service that helps keep personal property, commercial space, or any required surface clean. A professional cleaning company works on a contract or freelance basis, abiding by all the cleaning laws and regulations of the state/city. 
Professional cleaning needs skilled and experienced cleaning staff who use specialized tools to do their work. The cleaning tasks may vary for every project a professional cleaning company takes. It may include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning services, janitorial cleaning services, specialized cleaning, event cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and more.

There are several advantages of hiring professional cleaning services in NYC for individuals and businesses that want a high standard of cleanliness.

10 Key Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services in NYC

Many businesses hesitate to hire an external cleaning team for their space. There can be many reasons- some valid. It can be about trust, finances, the extra headache of managing them, etc. But there are some advantages too- we say this from our professional experience in this industry. 

From expert-level cleaning solutions to the assurance of a protected investment, we delve into the top 10 benefits of and clear your hesitations. Here we go-

1. Professional Level Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning is not as easy as you think. It is not just about dusting and mopping on the surface level. Cleaning is a task that needs careful attention. It requires looking into every corner, every inch of the space to remove dirt. 

The effort to reach specific areas is sometimes quite tough. That is why some businesses require a team to make it work fast with high proficiency. When you hire professionals for your cleaning needs, you are not just getting a basic wipe-down- it is a real deal, an expert-level cleaning. 

The professionals have the best tricks up their sleeves, or rather, in their cleaning kits. For example, there is a mystery stain on your favorite couch. No worries! The cleaning maestros have the perfect potion to make those stains vanish.

Expert-level work means using the right solutions correctly- to ensure your space is not just clean but sparkling like magic. With experience and knowledge, professionals guarantee their clients with excellent services. 

2. Saves Time 

Our concern about time, in general, is a never-ending one! It is a struggle for most of us to manage time when it feels short, especially when handling a business. It would be wise to hire a professional cleaning team like ours- aware of this job and know what customers want. The work is fast and perfect. 

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent scrubbing and sweeping like a novice! When opting for a professional team, you are welcoming time-efficient persons. Professionals turn what feels like a cleaning marathon into a quick, breezy sprint.  

Instead of wrestling dust and grime, let the experts like us handle it promptly. With specialized tools and different expertise, the team zooms through tasks that might take non-experts ages. 

Time is everything in today's dynamic world, so you might as well use it judiciously.

3. Create Healthy Environment

When you bring in the pros for your cleaning needs, you are not just getting a spick-and-span space- you are getting healthy environment. These cleaning specialists have the equipment to ensure the space is safe for everyone.  

How? Think of it this way: professional cleaning teams know the ins and outs of keeping your space free from harmful substances. We help maintain hygiene. Clients appreciate such work without a flinch.

We have used the right tools and cleaning agents to banish invisible dirt, causing allergies or making you sick. It's professionals like us becoming your shield against the unseen scary microbes.

Moreover, experts minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. No slippery floors or shaky situations- just a clean, safe environment for everyone visiting the space. 

Hence, when you opt for professional cleaning services, you get a safety upgrade for your space. As experts ourselves, we confirm this information word for word. Safety first, always!

4. Convenience of Service

Sometimes, it is all about ease and convenience. Businesses do not have to worry about buying cleaning products, safety checks, etc. If you hire professionals, they will work around your schedule, ensuring your office gets the attention it deserves. They do it without disrupting your daily life. Imagine walking into an office that exudes cleanliness- all without lifting a finger.

The convenience extends beyond how you think. Professional cleaners bring their arsenal of top-quality cleaning supplies and equipment. We have noticed how customers feel when spared the hassle of maintaining an extensive cleaning toolkit.

So, in a city where convenience is king, professional cleaning services reign supreme. Specialists in the commercial cleaning sector offer you the gift of a simpler, more elegant living experience easily.

5. Overall Satisfaction

Humans require satisfying results in every sphere of life. It can be satisfactory living, food, or cleanliness. One of the sweetest benefits of bringing in the pros for your cleaning needs is the overall satisfaction that comes with it. It feels like a breath of fresh air.
It's about that sigh of relief and contentment when anyone steps into a room with a professional cleaning touch. Professional cleaners take the stress for cleanliness, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. You don’t have to sweat about it. It is like having a magic wand waved over your space, leaving a trail of satisfaction!
Your mental satisfaction is the team’s priority. They take pride in delivering a job well done. So, when you choose professional deep cleaning services, you invest in cleanliness and an overall sense of satisfaction.

6. Cost-Effectiveness 

Money plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. It’s natural to think about savings in every way possible. As we mentioned, many businesses don’t hire professional cleaners because of the expenses. Why choose a team we don’t know when they could use their staff? 

But the staff is well-trained to clean the property like professionals. They may make additional mistakes, which could lead to extra costs for repair. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service is cost-effective. 

Imagine the hours and money you will regain by letting the experts handle the cleaning tasks. Plus, you do not need to worry about replacing worn-out cleaning tools! That is one less thing on your task list. All-in-all, it’s a savvy investment- you get a hygienic and motivating space. You make a smart move.

7. Consistent Results

Consistency is a vital term. Whatever we choose to do for positive results requires consistency. Will your in-house amateur cleaning staff be able to handle consistent results? If the answer is no, you better hire a professional team. They give you the benefit of consistent results. 

Professional cleaning services bring a touch of reliability to the cleanliness game. The experts ensure that every visit leaves your space unfailingly pristine. No need to cross your fingers for a good cleaning day- we guarantee this. Because we know it is a tried-and-true routine to maintain the sparkle of your commercial space. 

You have a dependable cleaning ally, making sure your space stays as beautiful as the first day every time. 

A Consistent result? It is the secret recipe to a perpetually sparkling environment.

8. Reduced Stress

Did you know that a poor working environment leads to stress on another level? Our society has so many issues that lead to stress. Let not unclean spaces add to the stress, right? Cleaning takes time, which adds to the stress of finishing tasks. 

Sure, there might be stress for other distinct reasons, but untidiness leads to psychological issues, too. Thus, when hiring leading cleaning services in NYC, things become less stressful. There is free time and energy by delegating the cleaning tasks to the pros. No more worrying about squeezing cleaning supervision into your already busy schedule.

By hiring a team, you take the cleaning burden off your shoulders and create an unperturbed atmosphere. With professionals on the job, you can focus on the things that truly matter. Reduced stress is the ultimate gift of professional cleaning.

9. Customized Cleaning Plans

Does your commercial property work in different time shifts, or does it have a much larger square foot than the usual size? Does it need special cleaning instructions? Well, there may be distinct requirements for every business. And this is where cleaning companies come in handy. 

When you choose a professional cleaning service, it's not a one-size-fits-all deal. The experts do not just bring a mop and a broom; they come armed with customized cleaning plans.

Customized cleaning may mean using fewer chemicals. It may focus on reducing allergens or avoiding specific rooms/furnishing. It could also have added tasks like floor waxing, repolishing, window washing, hard surface care, etc.  

Of course, the team and clients discuss and then go ahead with their plans. There could be flexibility in budget, scheduling, and other specific requirements for custom cleaning. It is an upside when you ask yourself, why hire a professional cleaning service?

10. Your investment is protected

When you choose to bring in a cleaning professional, it is not just about getting a tidy space- you also secure your investment. How? Well, it is all about protection.

In simple terms, companies are "bonded and insured". It means they've got your back. If, for some reason, an accident or mishap occurs during the cleaning process, your money will be safe.

These companies have a safety net in place, ensuring that any unexpected incidents won't leave you high and dry. But don't take our word because we have a professional angle. Other clients have been there and experienced the protection firsthand.

When you invest in a professional cleaning service in NYC, your space gets what it deserves. You get the assurance that you are covered, protected, and worry-free. Now, that is a wise investment in a city that never sleeps. The services like ours have the quality you deserve.

These were the top 10 benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company. There are many more, but these ten points are what you should take into account.

Cost Factors To Include When Hiring Certified Cleaning Services

Several businesses need cleaning services. If you have decided to hire professional cleaning services in NYC, considering the cost in various aspects is crucial. Currently, there's an estimated CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.3% from 2023 to 2030 in the commercial cleaning market.

This notable growth is fuelled due to more emphasis on safety and cleanliness in workspaces. It reflects a sharp awareness among businesses and affects the cost. 

Here are a few other factors to consider when hiring a cleaning company-

Scope of work

In our expert view, this factor comes on top. Some clients have asked for several kinds of cleaning work. Some have been elaborate, while others are small. Hence, the size and complexity of the cleaning job will significantly impact the cost. 

Consider the rating system (one-time, hourly, per square foot basis), number of rooms or bathrooms, and requirement of specific cleaning tasks. More scope means higher costs. It could also mean the cleaning company may give a discount, but this depends from company to company.  

Work frequency

How frequently do you want to get your commercial space cleaned? Determine how often you need cleaning services because it can be a regular or recurring service. 

Depending on the frequency, there will be different pricing structures than one-time or occasional cleanings.

We have had clients who want seasonal cleaning, bi-annual cleaning, etc. Hence, discuss your cleaning needs and whether you want a temporary or permanent contract- it will determine the cost.

Type of cleaning

Did you know there are different cleaning service types in the commercial sector? There are deep cleaning, janitorial servicesgreen cleaning services, building cleaning, medical cleaning, and more. Each has a distinct feature catering to specific cleaning tasks, and costs differ. 

Therefore, when you hire certified cleaning services, know what type you need. We know cleaning isn't just one-size-fits-all; Some cleaning processes are quick and regular. Others are more detailed and deep with special cleaning for carpets or windows. 

So, when you talk with the cleaning service, understand what kind of cleaning to look for. It helps the team to give you suitable pricing and good results. 

Your Location 

The geographic location of your commercial property can affect cleaning service costs. Rates may vary based on the local cost of living and business operational expenses. It would include regional supply costs, local regulations, competitive market rates, and local economic conditions. 

Understanding how these factors relate to your location can help anticipate the costs associated with certified cleaning services. It's always wise to communicate openly with the cleaning service to ensure clarity. 

Sometimes clients have had misunderstandings regarding these matters. So discuss it thoroughly- there should be no confusion around it.    

Training and Certification Criteria

When you get trained cleaners for your space, you know they will use the correct techniques and products. Certified and trained cleaners indirectly say they know the tricks of the trade to do a good job. The government recognizes such cleaning companies for doing quality work.

Having trained and certified cleaners might mean you pay a bit more, but it is a worthy investment. You get good and dependable cleaning service.


Ensure that the cleaning service has liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage. The insurance cost is reflected in the overall service fee. You might be wondering, how does insurance affect cost? Well, think of it like this: the cleaning company needs to pay for their protection, a bit like how you pay for car insurance to be safe on the road. 

Hence, part of the money you pay for the cleaning service goes into covering these insurance costs. You pay a bit extra for peace of mind. It gives an assurance of protection in case of unexpected bumps along the way.

So, when you see insurance mentioned in the overall service fee, it's like knowing they have your back in case anything unexpected happens.

It’s a smart move, but also means you pay more. So contemplate carefully. Is it okay with or without insurance cover? 

Taxes and Fees

When you hire certified cleaning services, it's a good idea to understand the "taxes and fees." These may be extra bits you might need to pay on top of the main cost of the cleaning service. 
Cleaning services might include additional fees to cover administrative costs or local regulations. It's important to ask the cleaning company about these upfront so there are no surprises later.
Knowing about taxes and fees helps you budget better. It ensures awareness of the total amount to pay for the cleaning service. 
Pro tip- Before finalizing an agreement, request detailed quotes, thoroughly read the contract, and communicate openly with the cleaning service. It is to avoid any misunderstandings about costs.

Superlative Commercial Cleaning Services- A Healthy and Pristine Space with Sterling Cleaning

The number of businesses is rising every day. It makes it easier to spot places that could benefit from professional cleaning services. Some firms have specific cleaning needs that do-it-yourself methods might not handle well. 
If your business needs dependable and adept commercial cleaning services, Sterling Cleaning is here to help. We offer personalized commercial cleaning solutions using advanced tools and methods. Our team ensures your office is safe, clean, and looks its best.
We understand that cleaning for businesses can take up a lot of time and energy. That is why we urge you to contact us. We provide customized details tailored to fit the unique needs of your company.
Are you ready to decrease your stress levels and relish the benefits of a cleaner workspace? Let our skilled experts take care of the cleaning workload. With Sterling Cleaning, you can trust that your workspace will be in top-notch condition, creating a positive and professional environment for everyone visiting the space. 

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