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February 27, 2023

13 Green Cleaning Tips For An Office That Sparkles

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The covid-19 pandemic has left people more concerned and aware of their surroundings. The apprehension towards the environment has also grown rapidly. People today are worried about the environment around them and its cleanliness. The pandemic has left us with a new era of sustainability, where our surrounding has emerged to be our prime focus.

Gone are the days when people were impersonal towards the ecological dangers and damage around them. But, one thing that the pandemic taught everyone is to care for and nurture the ecology surrounding them.

So, people prefer to use natural and recycled products to maintain cleanliness in their homes. Although cleaning households and maintaining high standards of cleanliness is extremely easy. But what happens to the office or commercial places?

We live in an era where a clean and hygienic workplace is in market demand. The demand to upkeep sustainable office space is high. And office owners prefer to contribute to sustainability by using safe and environmentally-friendly products and services.

Meeting your needs and giving you an exact idea of eco-friendly cleaning, here in this blog, we provide you with in-depth details and information about green cleaning. Let’s continue to read and be informed in detail.

What is Green Cleaning?

So, before we dive in, we need to know about green cleaning. Sustainability being your foremost priority, what is your idea about green cleaning? Let us help you gain details about the same.

Green cleaning refers to the cleaning method using products and methods that guarantee environmental health. It is also a cleaning method that focuses on the optimum use of resources guaranteeing the health and hygiene of the surroundings and the environment.

Office green cleaning relies on the following:

  • Use of natural cleaners
  • Reusing and recycled items
  • Making the best use of biodegradable materials
  • Low-toxicity chemicals
  • Environmental-friendly techniques and procedures
  • Non-allergic substances
  • Using products with organic ingredients

Why Is Green Cleaning Better Than Common Cleaning Procedures?

We have come across many office owners, who have no idea or clue about the difference between green cleaning and common cleaning procedures. We tend to inform them and help them understand the harm that the conventional cleaning process has over the skin, eyes, lungs, and other body parts, along with the hardness that it adds to the environment. These chemicals affect their soil and contribute to environmental pollution.

Being commercial cleaners, we prevent our clients from harming their employees while using these cleaners. The best way out of this complicated situation that we offer to our clients is to switch to green cleaning products. With a reputed team of green cleaners, you can protect your business and also your employees, and the environment’s health.

Let us give you a clear idea of why Office green cleaning is better than the common cleaning procedures:

1. Making your office safe

General and common cleaning products that are used for office cleaning are rich in harsh chemicals and non-biodegradable substances that are difficult and unsafe for the environment. The chemical components available in these cleaning products often lead to soil, water, and environmental pollution. They are toxic when consumed by living organisms.

But with the help of green cleaning products, you can avoid all the above-mentioned circumstances. Green cleaning products comprise biodegradable chemicals, which are easy to break down in the environment. It ensures to keep the environment is safe and clean. With the help of these green cleaning products, you can be assured of a functional and safe office environment.

Nowadays many janitorial cleaning services use eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning equipment to keep offices and commercial buildings constantly.

2. Cleaning up the indoor air

It is not uncommon and unknown to us that the air quality within our office is more toxic than the air flowing outside. It so happens that the windows are not kept open in commercial places or offices, which doesn’t allow the fresh air to move in. In such an environment, the use of traditional cleaning materials might increase the toxicity of indoor air quality.

Using eco-friendly products allows you to keep indoor air quality high. Unlike regular cleaners, green cleaning products never release harmful chemicals that might pollute the air. It also keeps your office free from any kind of unpleasant chemical odors or scents.

3. Cost saving

Compared to standard cleaning procedures, green cleaning helps in saving money. There is a myth that we have always come across, regarding the cost of eco-friendly products. People consider it to be costly. But the reality is different.

Green cleaning helps you to save money in many ways. If you follow some green cleaning tips shared by the experts of the market, you might save a lot of your investment in the cleaning process. Cheap cleaning ingredients are easily available in the market, which significantly reduces your overall cost. Embracing green cleaning practices in the workspace lessens the waste itself. It decreases water and energy expenses and encourages your employees to recycle and reuse the products as much as they can.

4. Easier cleaning process

The process of cleaning turns out to be much easier and healthier with eco-friendly green cleaning products than the general ones. Moreover, it is also much easier to take care of general cleaning than the whole arsenal of toxic products.

Even cleaners prefer using and working around with green cleaning products. It ensures their safety too. And even they don’t have to worry about any accidents occurring around them as they work with dangerous chemicals.

5. Support the environment

When you choose to use green cleaning products for your office cleaning, you are deciding to protect the environment. The eco-friendly cleaning products carry all sustainable ingredients and are non-toxic. Using these products, you can support the environment and reduce the negative impact that harsh chemicals have on them.

Some conventional cleaning products contain toxic, hazardous, non-biodegradable, and non-renewable that adversely affect the ecosystem of the earth. Hence, it is taking a back seat in office cleaning services.

6. Less coarse and leave no stain

As we all know, common cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that leave a stain on surfaces. These chemicals cause the surface to erode with time. They are also known for rapidly damaging the surfaces of floors, walls, and others.

In contrast to these, green cleaners are gentle alternatives. These are non-abrasive and leave no stain on the floor. So, they play an important role to maintain the health of your office buildings and the surfaces within, along with keeping them clean.

What should you look for in green cleaning?

When you opt for office green cleaning services, you might consider looking for the following ingredients:

  • No dyes, chlorine, or hypochlorite
  • Phosphate free
  • Non-toxic
  • Label of active and inert ingredients
  • Bulk packaging
  • Recycled content containers
  • Natural fragrances

Why do green cleaners need eco-friendly cleaning tools?

For a distinctive and high-end eco-friendly office cleaning service, green cleaners must have eco-friendly tools at their disposal for efficient and reliable cleaning. These tools ensure the clients the following features:

  • It ensures high performance and flexibility.
  • It offers impressive service life to the floor.
  • Disposing of them is safe with no environmentalconsequences.
  • They reduce the cleaning time and hence saveenergy and costs.
  • Effective in removing dirt and dust.
  • Using fewer chemicals, offers better cleaningopportunities.

What Types of Products Are Required For Office Green Cleaning?

When we are looking for office green cleaning services, we consider products that contain no hazardous chemicals. With fewer chemicals around us, the likelihood of health risks also reduces. Low risks ensure to provide you with great productivity as the number of sick leaves your employees take would reduce significantly.

The eco-friendly cleaning products are less hazardous to the environment and more suitable for use around people with weakened immune systems.

The market is full of a wide variety of cleaning products that are promised to be eco-friendly and a healthier option than its traditional alternative. the different type of products that your cleaners will have with them includes the following:

1. All-purpose cleaners

All-purpose cleaners are used for various cleaning tasks in and around the house. They are particularly suitable for all light cleaning activities. These cleaners are best known for their eco-friendly cleaning features. It is available in liquids, sprays, and even wipes. The choice of its form depends on the need of the cleaners and the area they need to clean.

These multipurpose cleaners are known for providing the following benefits:

  • Good skin compatibility
  • Appropriate foam
  • High-cleaning performance
  • Residue-free drying of the surface
  • Protects the surface
  • Leaves a pleasant smell after cleaning

2. Eco-friendly scrubbers and brushes

When you decide to switch to eco-friendly options, you ought to make everything right. In case, you are looking for some helpful eco-friendly products for your day-to-day use, scrubbers, brushes, and sponges should be on your list. Ditch your old, dirty plastic brushes and switch to eco-friendly options to make a better planet.

Using bamboo brushes and shampoo is the most sustainable option that you can ever have. These eco-friendly scrubbers and brushes are popular for:

  • It is gentle enough on all surfaces
  • Tough for any mess
  • Provide intense scrubbing power
  • The entire brush/sponge is compostable at the endof life

3. Air fresheners

Eco-friendly air fresheners are the best alternative to conventional air fresheners. Made with pure essential oils derived from natural ingredients are safe from harmful chemicals, and they come in a variety of aromas to suit your taste. Being eco-friendly products, they eliminate all the risks of allergic reactions and keep your office smelling fresh all day long.

With the use of eco-friendly natural deodorizers or natural air fresheners, are popular as:

  • They are safe for sensitive skin and lungs
  • It contains eco-friendly ingredients
  • These are never tested on animals
  • It is available in eco-friendly packaging, whichis also biodegradable

4. Eco-friendly toilet cleaners

Toilet cleaners can not only be harsh and harmful to the environment, but they might also be extremely toxic to your health. If you are trying to switch to green cleaning, you need to make your bathroom an eco-friendly place too. The cleaning products that you use in the bathroom might need an upgradation.

Using eco-friendly toilet cleaners, you can add a drop of a non-toxic element to your office premise. It is good to keep the septic system safe.

  • The eco-friendly office cleaning toilet suppliescome in disposable packaging
  • It is made up of natural ingredients
  • These natural products freshen your bathroom andleave your toilet sparkling clean
  • It reduces the amount of toxicity within youroffice

13 Green Cleaning Tips for Your Office

In this age of modern living, we all are moving towards greener and more sustainable living at home and office. The use of toxic chemicals is restricted at home cautiously. However, it ought to be followed in the office cleaning procedure as well. We understand and value that toxic chemicals are dangerous for the environment, and hence the choice of eco-friendly cleaning products is rising at a rapid pace.

Following these 13 green cleaning tips for ensuring the nontoxic cleaning of your office or commercial building, will help you develop a greener, cleaner, and healthier office environment.

1. Schedule regular green cleaning

The best way to keep your business premise clean, and tidy is by scheduling regular green cleaning. Your office gets affected and untidy every other day, due to the heavy traffic and footfall it receives. With so many people coming in and out, it becomes necessary for you to keep the area clean.

Scheduling frequent green cleaning ensures keeping your premise kempt and in perfect condition. With no disturbance or interruption in your organization’s workflow, this green cleaning tip serves to be a perfect way out for you.

2. Green cleaning for common areas

If you run an office and want to keep it clean and neat, you ought to take special care of the common areas. If you are willing to provide an enjoyable and healthy work environment for your employees, giving them an ideal and tidy workplace should be your priority.

Cleaning the common areas, like the gym, kitchen, cafeteria, etc., needs to be taken care of by the experts. With green cleaning services, you can experience regular common area cleaning that enhances your overall office environment.

3. Keep your office space clutter-free

Keeping your office desk and space clean and clutter-free is one of the most effective green cleaning tips that you will ever come across. It might though sound too obvious and generic, but it is an imperative step to maintaining cleanliness. The more items are there on your desk, the harder it is to clean the place.

Try to neatly pile your paperwork and minimize the number of items on your desk. It will also reduce the risk of bacteria or viruses around your surface and help you keep the area clean easily and effortlessly.

4. Encourage your employees to keep their spaces clean

If you wish to keep your commercial green cleaning cost down, then probably it’s time to encourage your employees to keep their spaces clean and tidy. The process starts with preventing the source of dirt or dust accumulation around the office.

The kind of facility your office flaunts depends on the activeness, and willingness of your employees in keeping your premise clean and tidy. Set a standard for them to follow and stress the importance of cleanliness that impacts their health and happiness. With your encouragement, your employees keep their space clean, and hence develop the norm of a clean and tidy office premise.

5. Pay Attention to keeping ceilings and walls clean

When we talk about keeping the office clean, we are not just referring to the floors or desks of your office. The ceilings and walls are also included. To flaunt a perfect and outstandingly clean office premise, pay close attention to keeping the walls and ceilings clean. Like any other area of your office, your ceiling also needs tender love and care to look bright and best.

Little do you know that your ceiling might be a breeding ground for harmful germs, dirt, and debris that increase with time. If proper attention is not given to the walls, and ceilings, the cleanliness of your office premise will be questioned and vigorously affected.

6. Keeping office windows clean regularly

Do you have any idea that clean and clear office windows can do wonders for your business? The condition is you have to keep them clean. You must keep a track of how often your office windows are cleaned. The frequency might depend on your office location, the size of the window, and the number of people who work there. However, don’t forget, the office windows are the display of your business.

The reality is windows do get dirty quickly, if you do not clean them regularly, you will have a window smudged with dust. With a regular window cleaning schedule, you might increase the overall beauty of your office building, giving a positive impression to them all.

7. Keeping office furniture clean

A clean work environment is a tangible benefit for the employees. Being an entrepreneur, you might be putting great focus on keeping your office a healthy space. But are you giving enough attention to the office furniture?

Office furniture is used daily and heavily. If not cleaned properly, it can deteriorate the quality of your office’s cleanliness and your employee's health too. As a general rule, you must clean and maintain the office furniture every week. Be aware of the different materials the furniture is based on, and you can plan your furniture cleaning accordingly.

8. Emphasize on recycling

Create a recycling program and encourage your co-workers to consider the environment, every time they think of wasting anything. The specific areas of the office where your recycling program will be extremely beneficial are your canteen, kitchen, and office supply areas. Create an office recycling program and encourage your employees to minimize their waste.

Have an individual office recycling bin in every cubicle of your office. It eases dry and wet waste segregation and encourages waste management. Proper recycling also needs you to have the right recycling items used in your office premise. Prefer using eco-friendly coffee mugs and papers that would switch on your eco-friendly way!

9. Keep indoor plants in your office

Office greenery plays an active role in increasing the happiness quotient among employees and hence also boosts productivity. The power of nature is what we need to leverage. Adding a feeling of relaxation, a tranquil and sterile environment, and the indoor plants in your office help in relieving mental stress among employees.

Using the indoor plants in your office interior is also n essential green cleaning tip that you ought to follow. It has often been proved and recommended that office greenery helps individuals replenish their attention capacity and also heightens the sense of accountability. It adds a green touch to your office.

10. Utilize natural light as much as possible

When your employees are exposed to natural light, there is a significant drop in health issues like headaches, strains, and blurred vision. These symptoms might lead to fatigue and encourage more health issues than others. Employees tend to feel more engaged when they work in natural light and it increases collaboration and productivity.

Adding more natural lights to your workplace also helps in decreasing the dullness of your office and prevents germ and bacteria accumulation in and around.

11. Implementation of the proper ventilation system

You might be wondering about the role of the ventilation system and why is this even being considered a green cleaning tip. To add to your amusement, let us also tell you that the ventilation system even adds to the productivity level of your workplace. Surprised? Okay, now let us explain the scenario to you.

Lack of fresh air circulation, no means of escape from indoor pollution, and pollution drawn from outdoors- everything might affect the overall health and well-being of the employees. It also plays an active role in promoting the growth of mold on the office premise. To prevent such a situation, you need to start improving the air quality, and build a ventilation system that encourages a free flow of air from the indoors to the outdoors. It is essential for improving the air in your office. With an efficient ventilation system, you can also avoid mold and bacteria growth within the premise.

12. Considering energy-efficient cleaning equipment

Consider energy-efficient cleaning equipment in your office. Green cleaning or sustainability requires you to curb your energy efficiency and use the products that work that have the best rating and certification for energy efficiency.

For taking your step towards eco-friendly measures, you need equipment that will support your vision. From monitors and printers to energy-efficient equipment, businesses can invest in more such supplies that restrict energy loss and prevent you from harming the environment.

13. Reduction of using single-use disposable products

Reduce or preferably stop the use of single-use disposable products at your workplace. The level of damage it creates through its production, disruption, and litter causes it to be a major threat to the environment and human health. Encourage the use of reusable items, and you will cut off a major chunk of the environmental pollution.

Ask your employees to reuse their items instead of immediately disposing of them. It creates a sense of responsibility and awareness among the employees. Discard the items in an environmentally-friendly manner to reduce their impact on nature. You will be surprised to see the level of assistance; it provides you in your measure to achieve green cleaning.

Embrace Sustainable Cleaning For Health, Productivity, And Happiness

Traditional cleaners are overloaded with toxic chemicals that affect the health and heart of humans and the planet. Hence, sustainable cleaning has emerged as a reliable non-toxic method to clean the office. Reducing the waste level of your office, sustainable cleaning allows you to ensure a completely green and clean atmosphere.

For such detailed and excellent cleaning solutions, contact the best green cleaning service providing company in NYC, Sterling Cleaning Services, and meet your office cleaning needs without any hindrance. The well-trained and excellent cleaners make you happy and keep you informed about the green cleaning tips that suffice your cleaning requirement.

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