How to Hire a Deep Cleaning Service in NYC

December 22, 2023

How to Hire a Deep Cleaning Service in NYC [Complete Guide]

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A clean and pristine workplace ensures productivity. Your employees spend a major part of their day in your office. When maintained in its prime condition, productivity heightens, and so does the health of the staff. 

Every workplace in NYC maintains a specific cleanliness standard through regular cleaning operations. The need for deep cleaning once in a while remains intact. Hiring a deep cleaning service in NYC ensures the workplace stays healthy and clean. 

If the workplace is shabby and untidy, it hinders the efficiency of the employees. Deep cleaning of the entire office/workplace is a daunting but necessary task. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to hire a deep cleaning service in NYC and achieve a sparkling workplace. 

With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we know the requirements and the importance of a clean office. Our experts have shared their insights, tips, and expertise through this blog, ensuring to transform your office into a pristine environment. 

Let us dig into the details and focus on achieving the sparkling beauty, you desire. 

The importance of deep cleaning for your workspace

Your employees are often so engrossed in their office hours that they lose track of time, spill coffee along the way of hitting the printers, run past colleagues to make it to the meetings, and so on.

It is just a glimpse that the workplace can be more chaotic. Amidst such chaos, nobody might care about the office's deep cleaning. Even the janitors might overlook the deep cleaning factor. They might do the cleaning but forget about the hidden food crumbs around the corner or the carpet.

Dirty toilets and kitchens might also be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So, we recommend a thorough deep cleaning service for your professional premises to ensure health and hygiene standards. 

To give you a good insight into the importance of deep cleaning services in your office, we have compiled the following points:

Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Boosts Productivity- Employees feel more productive when the work environment or conditions are great. The sick leave application drops significantly with a clean and pristine workplace. Spending money on office deep cleaning service is a great investment ensuring a significant return on investment (ROI) as the sick days of your employees lessen. 

2. Healthy and Safe Work Environment- Office cleanliness and sanitation help in maintaining the health and welfare of your employees. The day cleaners eliminate the hidden germs and bacteria from the workplace. It stops the spread of viruses and bugs across the area. 

3. Your Office Looks Brand New- Shiny new things look beautiful and gratifying. According to research, the human brain is designed to be attracted to novelty. The same office, when starts looking beautiful and shiny, beams with a new face-lift. It gives the employees a sense of fresh surroundings every time. 

4. Discover Unknown Issues- You never know what can happen due to hidden sanitation problems. With deep cleaning services for your office, you can discover the unknown issues affecting your employees or the overall work environment. 

5. Increased Pride in the Office- A positive work culture makes your office a great place to work. It also earns an increased pride for your office. When employees are proud of their office, the engagement increases, and your workplace becomes the talk of the town. It easily attracts more employees to join your organization. 

How is Office Deep Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

Office deep cleaning and regular cleaning services are different from each other. Any professional regular cleaners provide excellent cleanliness however, pay less attention to details. They know they are not expected to provide a pristine clean environment as is expected from the office deep cleaners. 

A regular house cleaner will tidy your office, clean the floor, dust the spots, and take out the trash. A NYC office deep cleaning company will deep clean the entire area with meticulous professionalism. They maintain a specific standard of cleanliness. 

For upscale luxury cleaning services, commercial places opt for professional office deep cleaners. They value your space, furniture, and fixtures. 

Some of the things included in the deep cleaning service that are not available in your regular cleaning services are:

1. Cleaning the rugs/mats and below them. 

2. Reaching out the hard-to-reach surfaces for cleaning. 

3. Switch, lights, and fan cleaning.

4. Thorough sofa and carpet scrubbing and vacuuming.

5. Bathroom sanitation.

6. Disinfecting the kitchen countertops and cupboards. 

Office Deep Cleaning Checklist

 To ensure no area is overlooked during the cleaning process, professional deep cleaners maintain the following checklist:

1. Cleaning the Front-End Desk Area

Vacuuming the floor

Wiping down the windows and glass surfaces

Dust and clean the reception desk

Clean and disinfect the high-touch surfaces

2. Workstations

Organize desks and clean it

Dust the desk surfaces

Clean the computer screens

Empty, clean, and sanitize the trash bins

3. Break Room

Wipe down the tables and chairs

Clean the floor below the tables and chairs

Clean and disinfect the countertops and appliances

Sweep and mop the floor

Empty and sanitize the refrigerator

4. Conference Room

Dust and clean the tables, chairs, and other furniture

Clean and disinfect the presentation equipment

Wipe down the electronic devices

5. Common Areas

Wipe down the windows and glass surfaces

Clean and disinfect the shared equipment 

Clean the furniture and below them


Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Organized Office

Deep cleaning your office is not enough. You need to maintain the cleanliness by following a particular maintenance routine. Here are some amazing tips to help you maintain the area’s cleanliness and excellence.

1. Encourage cleanliness

Promote the level of cleanliness among your employees and team members. Ensure proper guidelines on keeping the work environment. 

2. Regular cleaning 

Prepare and follow a cleaning schedule. It is important to keep every corner of your office premises clean. Plan a schedule and assign tasks to your cleaning team. 

3. Organizational workstations

Encourage your employees to keep their workstations organized. Make them avoid keeping any used paper cups on their desks or too many items that would make the area look clumsy. 

4. Implement organization system

Make organizational items like labels, stickers, storage bins, and filing systems easily available. It would encourage the employees to use them and make the entire area look beautiful and organized. 

5. Regular inspections

Conduct regular inspections to ensure your guidelines are thoroughly followed and people around the office uphold your idea of cleanliness. It also addresses any maintenance issues that might occur. 

How often should Deep Cleaning Services be done?

The frequency of office deep cleaning services depends on the area of the workplace, the number of employees working, and the cleanliness quotient. It needs to be done as often as your business premise requires it. 

Some factors that influence the frequency of this professional cleaning service also include the following: 

1. Foot Traffic

The number of employees in your office or the visitors you receive every day affects the deep cleaning frequency. More employees/guests/visitors/clients would demand frequent deep cleaning sessions. 

2. Business Type

The type of your business affects the deep cleaning session. Small or regular offices require less frequent deep cleaning, whereas dedicated workplaces such as salons/gyms/ healthcare centers will need deep cleaning services frequently and efficiently. 

3. Seasons

Surprisingly, not many of us consider this as a reason for the increased need for deep cleaning. Seasons play a determining role in the need for deep cleaning services. 

A change of season might increase the dust and dirt entry to your workplace. The chances of increasing the spread of pollutants within the office premises remain high during the season change. 


How to Hire a Deep Cleaning Service in NYC (step-by-step process) 

Office deep cleaning service is essential for your business premises. It also involves a huge investment. Responsible for creating a significant impact on your clients, customers, and employees, this service makes or mars your impression. 

The best way to keep it clean is through maintaining a thoroughly cleaned office premises. Hire the best professional company to keep your premises clean and pristine. 

Below are the steps to hire a professional deep cleaning service in NYC. Follow it to get the best service at your disposal. 

1. Ask Around

You might agree with us on this. One of the best ways to find out about the professionalism of a company is by asking around. Talk to your associates, fellows and other people to know the best professional commercial cleaning companies in NYC. 

Your colleagues can be a major source of information here. This step is helpful to narrow down your list and focus on the few potential companies you find suitable and reliable. 

2. Check out the reviews

Taking this next step requires you to do some research. You should make sure to read the reviews of each of the shortlisted commercial cleaning companies. It would make you understand the positives and negatives of each business. 

Check out their Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Facebook profile and go through the review section. And if you do not find any reviews about them, beware and skip the company. You do not desire to be the first to explore someone’s cleaning capabilities. 

3. Jot down your business needs

When you are in this step, we want you to jot down your business needs. Now you have a few selected companies, and you have clarity of what you want from the selected one. It gives you a clear vision. 

Every business should understand its requirements, before following these tips to hire a professional deep cleaning service. It helps you to know the kind of tools and equipment the cleaners will need to clean the premises and the cost you might experience. 

4. Choose Experience

One of the best ways to hire deep cleaning services in NYC is to consider the experience of the company. The cleaning company’s capabilities and experiences affect the result you desire. If you can, then connect with the previous companies that have hired these professionals. 

It will give you a great idea about their experience and the expertise of the company. Established cleaning companies should have a loyal customer base. And you should trust them to get your work done. 

5. Connect with the company 

It is time to connect with the final companies you have shortlisted. Share your requirements with them, give them an idea of what you desire, and ask for their quotes. 

The professional commercial cleaning company will be transparent with the cost and pricing. They will inform you about the kind of solution the service will include and the cost estimate. Connect with them about the safety measures they would take to protect your confidential matters and office equipment.

Learn if the company is insured and licensed. Also, make sure to learn about the chemicals, equipment, and tools they might use while doing their task.

6. Select and Finalize the Contract and Terms

In this last step, you are likely to select the company and finalize the contract and terms of the cleaning procedures. With this final step in place, you can be assured of the kind of service you will receive.

Your cleaning company will accommodate your schedule and requirements and keep your business priorities in mind before delivering the solutions. Finalizing the terms ensures your satisfaction and also builds your trust in the company.

Following the above steps, you can get the best service possible for cleaning your office in NYC from the best company.

For a fresh and clean workplace, you need to have your employees work to their full potential. And it is the professional cleaning company that makes this a reality. For such a win-win situation, spend some time going through these steps and follow them diligently. It is a one-time effort that will bring you the desired outcome every time!

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Deep Cleaning Services 

You need to recognize not every professional cleaner operates in the same manner. You need a cleaning company that would provide you with the ultimate results and satisfaction you might experience. 

However, to make the best use of the office deep cleaning service in NYC, we advise you to ask the company the following questions:

1. Is the Company Insured and Licensed? 

You have a commercial area, and you need a deep cleaning service for that. But what happens if any accident occurs? Is the cleaning company insured and licensed to provide you with the service? You need to find the answer to this question for peace of mind. 

2. Do They Pre-Screen Employees? 

It is really important. You don’t want any stranger and unverified person within your premises. It is your area of business and might contain some crucial and confidential information. You need to learn if the company does a thorough background check of their employees or not. 

3. Does the Company Have Past Client Reviews? 

How old is the company, and how many clients has it previously worked for? The answer to this question is in the reviews and feedback. Ask the company about their previous clients and their reviews. Scrutinize them carefully and then decide if you want to move forward with their service. 

Similar to these, the list of questions you might ask is plenty. To find the perfect partner, you ought to ask difficult questions and make them realize your expectations. 

Hire the best deep cleaners for your office in NYC

Meeting all your cleaning requirements, and providing you with the best opportunities to flaunt a clean premise. The success of making and maintaining a pristine name for your organization depends on the kind of professional you have chosen to work with. 

With experts like Sterling Cleaning Services, you can never be disappointed and can always look forward to enjoying a spotless office. Delivering a high-quality professional office deep cleaning service, we exceed your expectations and deliver the best experience within your budget!

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