19 janitorial cleaning tips

December 1, 2022

19 Professional Janitorial Cleaning Tips for a Fast & Effective Cleaning

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A tidy workspace is essential to make all employees feel comfortable. It aids to enhance the productivity level of the workforce and makes a positive impression among all clients. But keeping an office or commercial space neat and clean is no child's play. Only trained professional cleaners can assist to keep an office pristine with the highest efficiency. For this reason, many organizations assign top-graded janitorial cleaning services to ensure that their establishment is well-kept.

A janitorial cleaning service requires some crucial steps to follow for going beyond traditional cleaning. Professional cleaners always need to grasp new techniques and concepts for offering the best service.

What Is Janitorial Cleaning?

An office is a place where so many employees work together. The perfect appearance of a workspace affects the overall professionalism of everyone working in it. Establishments should maintain clean premises to lift the energy level of all employees. It assists to create a positive impression among all clients and visitors. But cleaning an office or commercial space is a crucial task to complete with immense proficiency. It's the best option to assign a professional team of cleaners for availing of standard janitorial cleaning services. Professional cleaners always follow upgraded janitorial cleaning tips and techniques to offer top-level cleanliness.

Janitorial cleaning service is an exclusive cleaning procedure to remove all dirt and dust from a corporate setting. This service aids to clean all commercial properties. A janitorial cleaning service can manage the day-to-day cleaning jobs efficiently. This cleaning service is extremely beneficial to make a business look its best. The cleaners who provide all the services in the janitorial cleaning are called janitors or custodians. These professionals give enough attention to perform everyday cleaning tasks carefully and maintain the standard level of neatness for a commercial facility.

The role of a janitor varies according to the space that needs to be cleaned. Sometimes they need to show more concern in their cleaning service to fit the specific needs of the clients.

The tasks a janitor needs to take care of include the followings:

  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming the carpet area
  • Taking out all trash
  • Dusting all furniture
  • Changing light setup
  • Disinfecting all commonly touched places
  • Cleaning and sanitizing washrooms and so on

Key Steps To An Effective Janitorial Cleaning

To deliver an accomplished janitorial cleaning for commercial space, it's necessary to follow some key steps. These steps assist to ensure a better cleaning process and achieve the goal of cleaning your commercial premise.

A perfect janitorial cleaning service includes the succeeding steps for effective results:

1. Scrape

Scraping is an essential step in the janitorial cleaning process. This step assists to remove sticky dust from all hard surfaces. Scraping can be done manually or with the help of an electronic machine. Using of latest tool can be more beneficial for this step to offer better results for a long time.

2. Rinse

Rinsing is an indispensable step to follow in janitorial cleaning. It helps to eliminate all loosened dirt and debris from the surface. For an effective result, it's preferable to use lukewarm water and squeeze. It's an imperative step to destroy entire microorganisms and maintain perfect tidiness.

3. Apply Detergent

Detergent is the most effective and common cleaning agent. It's easy to remove dust and stain with the correct use of detergent. There are various types of detergent available in the market. It's requisite to choose the best one for a better result. Detergent can be mixed with water if it is liquid. But for powder detergent, it's the best way to sprinkle a required quantity of detergent on the surface. After that leave the space as it is for a few minutes. Finally, the detergent needs to be vacuumed away. The entire procedure aids to remove tenacious stains and dirt from the surface.

4. Final Rinsing

The fourth step of janitorial cleaning is the final rinsing. After scraping, rinsing, and applying detergent it's obligatory to follow this stage. Final rinsing assists to abolish all leftover unwanted particles from the surface with clean and cold water.

5. Sanitization

Sanitizing is another crucial step to follow in janitorial cleaning services. After completing the final step of rinsing, sanitization is mandatory. It assists to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the commercial space. In this step, it's obligatory to sanitize all commonly used equipment also. This process aids to destroy unwanted microorganisms completely and minimizes the risk of spreading germs.

6. Dry

The final stage of janitorial cleaning is drying the whole space appropriately. After completing all the above-mentioned steps, it's vital to assure that the entire space is dry enough to use. Paper towels or clothes can be used to dry the space. But make sure that the cloth is the new ones. Never use the same piece of clothing again and again to dry the commercial setting. Damp clothes can become a breeding ground for bacteria and increase the chances of contamination. The air drying process can also be followed, wherever possible.

19 Best Janitorial Cleaning Tips

To keep a large office space neat and clean janitorial cleaning is a suitable option. Hiring a team of professional janitors is immensely favorable to maintaining the cleanliness of the workspace with the highest coherence. Your commercial space needs to be pristine and clean to represent your business ideally. In NYC, people understand the necessity of clean commercial spaces, and hence, the demand for office cleaning, commercial cleaning, or hotel cleaning services is always high. You can explore the list of businesses that need cleaning services and make sure your business is on the list.

Being the experts, these professionals always follow some upgraded janitorial cleaning tips for delivering brilliant cleaning services.

Some excellent tips for the top-class janitorial cleaning services are the following:

1. A Cleaning Plan is Important

One of the most inevitable janitorial cleaning tips is drafting an ideal plan. When you have a clear-cut structure of cleaning it will be easy to provide the best cleaning service. It helps to match the client's demand and urge for cleanliness. To ensure a flawless cleaning service it's mandatory to create a cleaning plan according to the client's requirements. Ensure to keep all cleaning products and tools available. As a result, it will be a simple task to tackle bacteria and grime head-on.

2. The Cleaning Materials You Need

Cleaning materials are the most needful things to have with a professional janitorial cleaner. It can be a smart option to have a carry bag with all the required cleaning materials. When a custodian has all the essential cleaning tools and solutions available it will be trouble-free to perform the entire cleaning task efficiently. Try to avoid backtracking, it's one of the biggest reasons for time waste.

The cleaning materials which are needed to be available for janitorial cleaning are the following:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Scrubbing pad
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Wiping tools
  • Long-handled cleaning brush
  • Broom dustpan
  • Trash holder
  • Multipurpose cleaners
  • Floor care
  • Detergents (Powder/ Liquid)
  • Disinfectant wipers
  • Sanitizers
  • High-quality room freshener

3. Create A Regular Cleaning Checklist

An office or commercial facility is a busy place lots of people visit here every day. As a result, it's obvious for a workspace to become untidy and clatter. But cleaning an establishment is not a simple job. There are many tasks to perform for a janitor to clean an organization. It can be a wise decision for cleaners to make a to-do list or a regular cleaning checklist. This facility assists all cleaners to lower the chance of skipping any of their essential piece of work.

The checklist can be made in the following ways:

A. Cleaning Checklist For Office Cubicles

  • Cleaning of computers, and other electronic gadgets.
  • Remove garbage from all trash cans.
  • Cleaning, and mopping the floor near the desk.
  • Dusting all desks and cleaning office chairs.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing the entire cubicle space.

B. Cleaning Checklist Of The Kitchen, Rest Room And Conference Room

  • Cleaning all utensils after use.
  • Throw out all unwanted food and wrapper to maintain the freshness of the refrigerator.
  • Clean and disinfect all the high-traffic areas.
  • Sanitizing the appliances, which are used by all employees frequently.
  • Removing the trash from garbage bags.

C. Cleaning Checklist Of Reception Area

  • Cleaning the desk and chair
  • Vacuuming the carpet area
  • Dusting and moping the entire space
  • Keep all the books and other materials in an organized way
  • Empty the recycle bins
  • Using sanitizer and disinfector to maintain the freshness
  • Spraying room fresheners for a pleasant ambiance

D. Cleaning Checklist Of Washroom

  • Moping and sweeping the washroom floor
  • Cleaning the mirror with a cleaning solution
  • Removing all watermarks and stains from the entire washroom space
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet pan and sinks
  • Replace all toilet essentials
  • Checking all electronic appliances to make sure that they are in good condition or not

E. Checklist For Cleaning The Outside Area Of The Commercial Facility

  • Removing leaves, branches, and all other unwanted debris from the entrance.
  • Throw out all trash from the outdoor trash bin.
  • Cleaning all glass doors and windows with the cleaning solution.
  • Vacuuming the welcome mat and make sure to place it in the right way.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the parking lot.
  • Make sure to remove all obstacles from the entrance gate and parking lot to make it easily accessible for all employees or clients.

4. Start Cleaning From The Top

It's the best option to start the janitorial cleaning from the highest point. As a result, after dusting the ceiling fans and walls, all the dust will pile up on the floor. Next, when the custodian will start to vacuum the entire floor, it will be easy to remove all dirt and grime. This step is beneficial for all cleaners, as they do not need to vacuum and clean the floor twice.

5. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

When a janitor will have all the needed cleaning supplies with them, it will be the most advantageous. With the help of all essential cleaning products and equipment, it will be a simple task to eliminate all filth quickly. It aids to minimize the chances of wasting working time. Cleaners can complete their task more proficiently. Make sure that you keep all the cleaning supplies in an easily accessible place to make them easily available for the cleaners.

6. Follow A Pattern For Dusting And wiping

For any cleaning process, it's highly needed to remove dust from every corner perfectly. In that case, it's imperative to follow a particular pattern for dusting and wiping, the entire space. Many often it happens that the cleaner has started cleaning from a certain point, just to come back to the same later. It means they are wasting their precious time on some extra steps unnecessarily. Plan for the right pattern, according to the shape and size of the working space. It can be beneficial to complete the entire cleaning task fluently. Choose an "S" pattern for dusting and wiping. It aids to wipe the entire commercial facility in a consistent pattern and ensures better cleaning.

7. Sanitizers Are Necessary

After sweeping, mopping, and dusting, it's very necessary to eliminate all impurities and bacteria from the surface. Sanitization is a vital step of janitorial cleaning. It assists in minimizing the risk of spreading germs and diseases. Proper use of standardized sanitizers aids in increasing the hygiene level of a workspace. It is mandatory to use high-quality sanitizer for enhancing the healthful living of any commercial space or establishment.

8. Cleaning The Floor Surfaces

Cleaning the floor surface with proper care is requisite to deliver a top-notch janitorial cleaning service. It's a time-consuming task to remove all germs and debris from the surface, perfectly. Use the latest cleaning equipment and the superior-quality cleaning solution for cleaning all floor surfaces. When it comes to cleaning a large floor, it's obligatory to set a goal and charge up the energy level. Cleaners use a long-handled brush or electronic scraping machine for better results.

9. A Different Plan For Restrooms

A restroom is a place of an organization that has a high-traffic and hence high level of germs and bacteria too. It's highly needed to pay special attention to cleaning the restroom. Make a plan to maintain the freshness and purity of the restroom.

Firstly, you need to use some disinfectant cleaning products to remove dirt and germs from all the appliances. Secondly, it's crucial to follow the advanced technology of cleaning procedures for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the restrooms. Perfect sanitization and disinfection can add more spark to the tidiness of the area.

You can follow our comprehensive restroom cleaning checklist to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected.

10. Use A Neutral Cleaner For Effective Cleaning

Now, another important janitorial cleaning tip to deliver proficient cleaning service is using neutral cleaners. When it comes to cleaning an office or commercial space, it is highly recommended to use a high-quality cleaning solution. The ph level of the cleaning products affects the health and safety of all employees. Sometimes the more acidic cleaners leave a stubborn stain on the floor. As a result, it's preferable to use an ideal neutral cleaner for the janitorial cleaning service.

11. Use Less Harmful Chemicals

Using less harmful chemical products for cleaning purposes is extremely beneficial. Sometimes chemical products can affect the health issues of the employees. They may experience inflammation, irritation, and so on. On the other hand, environment-friendly cleaning products are perfect to offer effective results without harm and health issues. It's advisable to use less harmful chemicals to keep alive with a quality cleaning service.

12. Cleaning Electronics And Appliances

Among all others, one of the most predominant janitorial cleaning tips is wiping all electronics and appliances. It aids to preserve the cleanliness of the entire workspace. All electronic appliances act like a magnet to attract germs and bacteria because multiple people use them daily. From the office cubicle to the washroom, it's obligatory to clean and disinfect all electronic equipment. Follow the latest technology and use advanced tools to eliminate all smut or filth from electronic appliances.

For cleaning gadgets, a custodian can use the following steps:

  • Firstly, they can use a brush for dusting the equipment.
  • Compressed air or cleaning wipers can be used to remove the grime.
  • As all the appliances are used by multiple users, using high-quality disinfectant or sanitizer is mandatory to enhance hygiene.

13. Cleaning The Walls

Walls are the major part to clean in the janitorial cleaning service. If walls are not cleaned properly, dirt will start to store, and wall paint will start to fade day by day. The entire establishment loses its pride and glamour. Make sure to add more care for the wall cleaning, in the janitorial cleaning services. It is an integral cleaning task. Never forget to use the latest wiping tool for removing the fingertips and scuffs from the wall paint.

14. Dust Removal

There is no doubt that any commercial space is a busy place. Lots of people gather in a workspace every day. It's quite obvious for an organization to be a breeding ground of soot and dirt. In that case, removing dust is one of the most compulsory janitorial cleaning tips. Using a high-filtration vacuuming tool can be the preferable solution for removing grime from top to bottom. Sometimes floor carpets also hold filth after dusting walls and ceiling. Custodians need to do special monitoring to terminate dust from everywhere.

15. Cleaning The Bathrooms

One of the most challenging cleaning tasks for janitorial cleaning is bathroom cleaning. Janitors need to be careful to remove all stubborn stains from the washroom sink and floors. From the toilet pan to the floor, the entire space should be wiped with superior-quality disinfectant and cleaning solution. Using an air freshener with a pleasant fragrance can add more inventiveness to the ambiance of the washroom.

Janitors can also use eco-friendly cleaning materials and cleaning equipment to reduce the harmful effect of hazardous cleaning materials. You can go through our blog about green cleaning tips to learn more about it.

16. Vacuum Carpeted Areas And Mop The Hard Surfaces

Proper vacuuming and mopping are crucial parts of the janitorial cleaning service. It is the best option for janitors to use flat mops with dust-attracting microfiber heads. These kinds of advanced tools are extremely useful for eliminating dust from all hard surfaces. Excessive filth and soot start to be stored in the carpet if it is not vacuumed, properly. A high-quality vacuuming tool is the right option to remove grime completely from the carpeted area. It's beneficial for all janitorial cleaners to upgrade their cleaning equipment for providing remarkable results.

17. Trash Removal

Trash removal is another important tip for janitorial cleaning. Every commercial space is highly needed to maintain freshness and novelty. When it comes to delivering an exclusive janitorial cleaning service, every cleaner need to be more careful about removing trash. It aids in eradicating odors from the establishment and maintaining the ultimate freshness.

18. Using Mats To Keep The Floor Clean

Here is one of the most effective janitorial cleaning tips - using mats to keep the floor clean. It's an innovative way to maintain the cleanliness of the office. If a mat will be installed, all dirt debris and other unwanted particles will be stored on it. In that case, it will be a simple task for the custodians to collect all filth easily and keep the entire space tidy.

19. Don’t Forget to Deodorize

After completing the whole process of janitorial cleaning for commercial space, the most imperative task for the janitors is deodorization. Make sure to finish all cleaning tasks with proper sanitizing, and then follow this tip. Whenever people come to a commercial facility, a fresh and pleasant smell can easily impress them. It also assists the establishment to enhance its reputation and pride. This is one of the most innovative janitorial cleaning tips to make the workspace smells as fresh as it is.

Some Janitorial Cleaning Hacks For You

Keeping an organization clean and tidy is too beneficial. It assists to increase the productivity level and promotes a positive vibe in the entire space. But getting rid of the sticky dust and germ is not easy.

A professional janitorial cleaning service provider knows the unique way to destroy all filth and offer a tidy workspace. Sometimes it's advantageous for all janitors to follow some extra grime-beating hacks for better results.

Some exclusive janitorial cleaning hacks are the following:

1. A Pillow Case Can Save Ceiling Fans

Cleaning a ceiling fan perfectly is not a simple task. But an innovative technique can work miraculously to assist a custodian in achieving the cleaning goals. A pillowcase can be a wonderful weapon to clean all grime and dust from the blades of ceiling fans. Drag the open end of the pillowcase to remove all dirt from the length of the blade. It will allow the dirt to get stored inside the case. Follow this hack to get a magical result without harming the fan.

2. Remove Furniture Marks with steam

The primary motto of an expert team of custodians is offering spotless cleanliness for a commercial facility. A little dent in furniture can affect the appearance of a well-kept establishment negatively. To remove all stains or marks from the furniture, the best solution is to use the benefits of steam. Take a piece of damp cloth and steam it with iron for a few minutes. Use the cloth on the specific mark with the help of a fork or spoon. The mark will vanish amazingly.

3. Use Cotton Swabs For keyboards

For offering an exclusive janitorial cleaning for office, it's mandatory to clean soot from all the gadgets and equipment. If the computer keyboards are not cleaned perfectly, the keys will not function actively.  It's a challenging task to remove all the loosened particles from the keyboards. A cotton swab can work effectively for eliminating all dust from the keyboards. Dip the swab into the cleaning solution and use it to clean the space in between the keys. After cleaning the dust make sure to air dry the keyboard before using it again. Be careful about using any alcohol-based cleaning solution. Alcohol can remove letters from the keys.

4. Use Pumice Stone To Remove Stubborn Stain From the Washroom

The most challenging task of janitorial cleaning for commercial space is to make the washroom look sparkling. In a workspace, a washroom is used by several people frequently, and it becomes too dirty. It's not easy work to remove all stubborn water marks from the entire washroom. Follow this hack to remove yellow water stains and end the cleaning task perfectly. Take a pumice stone, wet it, and rub it on the stains. After a few minutes, wash the place with clean water. All strong marks will go away shockingly.

Things To Avoid In Janitorial Cleaning

The key factor to improving the workforce of an establishment is maintaining its cleanliness and hygiene. A perfect janitorial cleaning can assist an office building to level up its tidiness. Custodians have exceptional knowledge to utilize advanced tools. They follow some unique janitorial cleaning tips to provide the best cleaning service according to each business. But sometimes janitors do some common mistakes in their cleaning tasks. These mistakes need to avoid in the janitorial cleaning service for better results.

The things that need to avoid for the custodians are the following:

1. Spot Cleaning Procedure

Spot cleaning is not the ultimate solution to cleaning a commercial facility appropriately. Sometimes cleaner choose these steps to save time. As a result, the workspace can look tidy and glittering instantly. But with time smut and dirt start to build up at every corner of the establishment. It's better to avoid spot cleaning and give more focus to thorough cleaning. Only a rigorous cleaning procedure can build a healthy work environment in an office.

2. Neglect Disinfecting

Disinfecting is an integral part of cleaning. Cleaners often skip this step but it's a big mistake. After completing the whole cleaning procedure, disinfecting is a much-needed step. It not only aids to eradicate all germs but also minimizes the risk of spreading diseases. Hiring an experienced team of custodians is preferable to ensure the highest level of hygiene in a workspace. Professional janitors have adept knowledge of perfect sanitization and disinfection.

3. Skipping High Traffic Areas

An organization or a commercial space can easily become the breeding ground of germs and bacteria. As all employees come from different places and it's easy for them to carry various dangerous germs from the outside world. From the conference room to the washroom, all commonly used places can become the hot spot for dangerous germs. If these hot spot areas will be neglected, a workspace will never reach its ultimate cleanliness goal. Custodians should never miss this step to deliver efficient cleaning service.

Benefits Of Janitorial Cleaning

An exceptional janitorial cleaning service can aid a business to stay tidy and well-maintained. People love to work in a clean work environment. A clean establishment can easily enhance the energy level of the employees. Maintaining perfect cleanliness assists a workspace to move on with its ultimate fame and pride. A well-kept office easily grabs more business deals to achieve its purpose.

Assigning a team of professional custodians is highly recommended to experience exquisite janitorial cleaning for a commercial space.

The benefits of outstanding janitorial cleaning services includes the followings:

1. Build Good Impression

When an establishment appoints a team of experienced custodians, it's simple to maintain the tidiness of the workspace. A fresh and well-organized office space makes a good impression and helps the business in rapid growth. It helps to drum up new clients and customers.

2. Create A Healthy Work Environment

Professional janitorial cleaners have expert skills to follow all the advanced janitorial cleaning tips and tricks. They know the best way to maintain the health and hygiene of the workspace. It aids all employees to experience a downfall in their sick days. Even a tidy work environment increases the productivity level of all employees. As a result, janitorial cleaning is highly advantageous for a commercial facility.

3. Enhance The Employee Morale

To run a business successfully, it's mandatory to ensure the safety and security of all employees and clients. A team of experienced custodians has exclusive knowledge to offer ultimate cleanliness for a workspace. A fresh and tidy work environment makes all employees feel happy. It aids to improve employee morale. Always remember happy employees can work more productively.

4. Save Money

It's preferable to assign an expert team of custodians for a commercial space. Janitors have enough knowledge to provide the best cleaning service for making an office building tidy and rejuvenated. As a result, the official authority does not need to invest extra money in cleaning, anymore.

5. Professional Cleaning Touch

An organization always needs some extra shine and spark to achieve its ultimate business goal. Some places in a workspace need a special touch of cleaning for offering a professional look. A team of experienced and professional janitorial cleaners has in-depth skills to provide top-class cleaning services. Custodians have a proper understanding to abolish dust from the coffee area, kitchen space, restroom, washrooms, and so on. To enhance the professionalism of a workspace the best option is to hire exclusive janitorial cleaning services.

Wrapping Up

It's a vivid fact that maintaining cleanliness in a workspace is not a matter of joke. But appointing some trained custodians can make this task trouble-free and facile. An exclusive janitorial cleaning service for commercial space can provide the ultimate tidiness to keep an organization well-kept. In NYC, Sterling Cleaning Services is a top-notch commercial cleaning service provider. Our cleaners have industry-based efficient knowledge to offer outstanding janitorial cleaning services.

If you read this blog till this section hope you gather enough knowledge of some marvelous janitorial cleaning tips and techniques. These innovative tips can work magically to create a germ-free and tidy business space.

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