Apartment Building Cleaning Checklist

February 7, 2024

Apartment Building Cleaning Checklist

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Your apartment is not just a space; it is your haven, a reflection of your lifestyle. Keeping it clean is up to individual taste. For some, it is overwhelming; for others, it's next to nothing. 

No matter what, cleaning an apartment building can be challenging. There are several areas to look into. Hence, hiring a professional is better as they make the work easier. They constantly have a systematic approach to cleaning, making a significant difference. 

As cleaning specialists, we curate a comprehensive apartment building cleaning checklist that goes beyond the basics. From the entryway to high surfaces, we have everything noted for you. It will leave your apartment building looking the best. 

Discover practical tips, effective cleaning hacks, and a structured approach that will turn your cleaning routine into a satisfying and efficient ritual.

If you are in charge of the apartment building and its cleaning is the next thing on your mind, find a responsible professional cleaning team. The team would clean the building using this apartment cleaning checklist and cater to your needs.

Why Clean the Apartment Building? 

Keeping the apartment building well-maintained and clean is a must for people responsible for the property. It can be a time-consuming task, considering the extent of the cleaning.  

Here is why you should keep the apartment building clean-


Hygiene is the first and foremost factor in maintaining and keeping cleanliness in the apartment building. Imagine having a foul-smelling, unhygienic place. No one would want to enter at all.

Therefore, regular cleaning helps eliminate germs, bacteria, and allergens. It creates a more therapeutic living environment for the people in the apartment building and visitors.

Proper sanitation in shared spaces, such as lobbies, washrooms, gyms, and hallways, prevents the spread of illnesses. Cleaning these areas would create a safe and sterile atmosphere for everyone.


Our first impression of anything comes from how clean that item or place is. A neat appearance matters a lot, especially in public areas. There is no better feeling than stepping into a spotless-looking location. 

A well-maintained and sparkling apartment structure improves its overall look. Neat common areas and well-kept exteriors create a positive image, making residents proud of their surroundings. 

A visually appealing environment also attracts potential tenants, adding to a favorable reputation for the property.

Prevent Accidents

Have you heard of people tripping because of unkempt corridors or stairways? Regular cleaning helps prevent accidents by eliminating potential hazards. Clear walkways, well-lit common areas, and appropriately maintained facilities reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Promptly removing spills and debris ensures safe surroundings for residents and visitors. It reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Prioritizing safety through cleanliness is a proactive measure to protect everyone living and visiting the apartment building.

Save money

If you want to save money on heavy repairs and damages in the apartment building, it is best to do regular cleaning. Often, we neglect essential cleanliness, which may lead to a big crisis. For example, water leakage is something cleaners must pay attention to and take action before it is too late. Cleaning around the leak isn't a solution; fixing the source is vital.

Investing in professional cleaning services may seem like an added expense, but it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Regular cleaning prevents people from requiring extensive repairs and replacements caused by neglect or deterioration.

Additionally, maintaining a clean and well-functioning property can reduce the frequency of resident turnover, saving on marketing and vacancy costs. Ultimately, this promotes financial stability for owners and a more affordable living experience for others.

Cleaning Supplies for Apartment Building Cleaning

Cleaning an apartment building requires an all-inclusive approach and a well-stocked arsenal of cleaning supplies. It ensures that every nook and cranny is immaculate.  

Here is a detailed list of essential cleaning supplies needed to maintain the sterility of an apartment building.

Make sure the professionals have these with them-

  • All-purpose Cleaner- Cleaning anything without looking at the cleaning products could be problematic. An all-purpose cleaner is a versatile solution that cleaners can use on various surfaces, including countertops, floors, and appliances. There should be cleaning products that are effective against all kinds of material, removing filthy and aggressive grease, grime, and stains. 
  • Disinfectant Wipes or Spray-  Disinfectant is a much-needed item on the cleaning list, especially after the global pandemic. In crowded areas and high-touch surfaces, disinfecting is crucial. Disinfectant wipes or sprays containing antibacterial agents help destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses, enabling restorative living conditions.
  • Glass cleaner- Apartment buildings have glasses that need regular or at least weekly cleaning. Hence, specific glass cleaning items are crucial. It keeps the windows, glass doors, and mirrors sparkling clean—products with streak-free formulas to guarantee a professional finish. 
  • Bathroom Cleaner- Bathrooms come in different floor surfaces. Keeping them protected is a must. A specialized bathroom cleaner is essential for tackling hard water stains, soap scum, and bacteria in restrooms. Ensure it is safe for porcelain, tiles, and chrome surfaces.
  • Floor Cleaner- Many apartment buildings may come in hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpet. Different floor surfaces require separate cleaning agents. Having a suitable one for each of them would be wise. 
  • Mop and Bucket- A sturdy mop and bucket are essential for efficiently cleaning and maintaining floors. Microfiber mop heads are ideal for trapping dirt and debris. Using high-quality products would be better than the cheaper ones.
  • Broom and Dustpan- Dust spreads everywhere more quickly than we can imagine. Keeping the corridors and common areas devoid of dust is vital. Dust causes allergies and other health issues that one may be unable to bear.A durable broom and dustpan set would do the work. Professionals should consider a broom with bristles suitable for the type of flooring in your building.
  • Vacuum Cleaner- Vacuuming is a huge part of the cleaning process. Hence, a powerful vacuum cleaner is necessary in areas with curtains, upholsteries, carpeting, or rugs. Regular vacuuming helps remove dirt, allergens, and pet hair, adding to a healthier indoor environment. 
  • Trash Bags and Bins- There should be ample black trash bags to dispose of all the waste. Having a well-placed, durable, and appropriately sized bin in common areas is advisable. Professionals must regularly empty them to maintain cleanliness.
  • Gloves and Protective Gear- The cleaning staff must have protective gear, including gloves and masks. With these gears, work should start. As apartment building supervisor or owner, ensure cleaner's safety while handling cleaning chemicals or potentially hazardous materials. 
  • Microfiber Cloths and Sponges-  Microfiber cloths are excellent for dusting and cleaning surfaces without leaving lint or streaks. Sponges are handy for eclectic cleaning, from wiping countertops to scrubbing tough stains. These items are a must-have among every cleaning team. 
  • Dust and Allergen Control Product- People are susceptible to allergies because of dust and season-changing allergies. For this reason, having specific products is a must. You do not want apartment building dwellers to fall sick and complain, right? The products designed to control dust and allergens, such as air purifiers or dusting sprays, create a healthier indoor environment. Let it be in the apartment cleaning list of supplies.
  • Odor neutralizer- We hate it when coming across gross-smelling items or areas. Addressing unpleasant odors to maintain a pleasant living environment is critical. Supplies like air fresheners, deodorizers, or odor-neutralizing sprays are a few things that save everyone from foul smells and post-cleaning chemical smells. 
  • Storage and Organization Supplies- Keeping cleaning supplies organized with storage containers, shelves, and caddies makes everything easy. It ensures quick access to the necessary items and promotes competence during cleaning tasks. 
  • Safety Signage- This is the most indispensable item for cleaning professionals.Providing warning signs or cones when cleaning floors or using wet cleaning methods is necessary. There should be "wet floor," "cleaning in progress," "danger," or "watch your step" boards. It will prevent accidents and guarantee the safety of residents and staff.

Apartment Building Cleaning Checklist

There needs to be a systematic approach, no matter where it's happening, for the best kind of cleaning. Chaotic actions will only lead to more mess than before. The work process will be smooth with an appropriate apartment building cleaning checklist.

We have divided the checklist into daily, weekly, and monthly checklists. It will go with your professional cleaners and apartment cleaning guidelines. 

The Daily Building Cleaning Schedule

The daily cleaning consists of simple tasks. The cleaning team ensures it is done diligently without a day's miss. The day-to-day focus on common areas provides a consistently clean and inviting environment for everyone in the apartment building. 

Here are some of the daily cleaning tasks for the apartment building-

The Common Areas

  • The maintenance team should diligently sweep and mop hallways, entrances, staircases, lifts, shared bathrooms, and all communal spaces to ensure a pristine and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the communal refrigerator, kitchen surfaces, and sink (if present in the apartment building). T
  • Wiping down frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, handrails, and elevator buttons is essential for hygiene. The daily focus on common areas ensures a consistently clean and inviting environment for everyone in the apartment building. 

The Entrances and Exits

  • Entrance and exits to the apartment building are focal points for visitors, residents, staff, and others. The cleaning staff diligently sweeps, cleans, and sanitizes the entry and exit points daily. It includes the glasses, doors, floors, knobs, handles, and channels. The people arriving have a positive first impression. It is about creating an environment that residents and guests feel good about. 
  • Ensuring the foyer or entrance areas remain clutter-free is equally crucial. A clear pathway adds to the satisfaction of the living or visiting experience. This daily routine helps keep the areas visually appealing. It contributes to a sense of order and comfort for everyone in the apartment complex. 

Trash Disposal

  • Accumulating trash will lead to foul smells, ridding people of and causing more complaints and disposing of the garbage from every area, including every floor, standard rooms, bathrooms, gyms, libraries, corridors, etc. The apartment building will be devoid of unpleasant odors and maintain a tidy appearance by routinely emptying trash bins from shared spaces. 
  • Professionals should dispose of the trash in separate bins. For instance, it is segregating dry and wet garbage or non-biodegradable and bio-degradable items segregation. It would come under green cleaning practice. 


  • The cleaning team should thoroughly disinfect surfaces like sinks, countertops, and mirrors. It is about creating a space that promotes well-being and comfort. 
  • Maintaining the functionality of the restroom amenities is essential. It includes the routine task of refilling soap dispensers to guarantee residents have access to proper hand hygiene. 
  • Checking for the availability of hand towels contributes to a seamless restroom experience. 


Weekly Apartment Cleaning Checklist

The weekly apartment building cleaning checklist has a more profound cleaning method than the daily ones. They take far more time and need attentiveness to minor details. Here is what and how to clean an apartment building every week- 

Lobby and Reception Areas

  • The lobby and reception area look welcoming for everyone. Therefore, professionals must dust and clean the furniture in these areas. They tend, sweep, disinfect the table, chairs, and phones, and organize the workspace. 
  • The team should vacuum rugs and carpets in the space to eliminate dust accumulation. The cleaners can clean the upholstery and examine the curtains and blinds, if any. 
  • Checking everything is working correctly. 

All Glass Surfaces and Windows

  • Every week, cleaners should direct special attention to the windows and glass surfaces within an apartment building. The cleaning team should use specific cleaning materials to clean the windows and glass doors. It ensures a crystal-clear view for residents and visitors. 
  • Additionally, dusting and wiping window sills of the entire building are essential tasks in this weekly routine. Using appropriate cleaning agents would be suitable for the best outcome. 

Washing Trash Bins

  • The daily cleaning consisted of emptying the trash bins of every designated area. But in the weekly duties, the trash bins must look squeaky clean. Hence, washing the bins with a unique pressure washer would be good. 
  • Cleaners should wash the interior and exterior of the bins thoroughly with soap and water and dry them. After drying, put a suitable trash bin plastic bag and cover it correctly. 

Outdoor Area

  • Cleaning the interior is more important than cleaning the exterior. But that is not true. Sweeping the parking lot, walkways, and garden (if any) is equally crucial. Cleaners can use the broom to dust the outdoors and wash it nicely. 
  • The cleaning team should clear the way of leaves and rubble and create a walkable space. Removing debris and unruly stains from the outdoor common space would be good.

Monthly Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Under the monthly building cleaning schedule, there are other things to look into. Here, the cleaners must ensure everything is clean, plus focus on any grievances area-wise.

Fire Exits

  • Every month, cleaners should focus on the cleanliness and accessibility of fire exits. It involves a careful examination to see that these exits are clear of obstructions. They make it easy for residents to swiftly and safely exit the building during an emergency.
  • There is a specific emphasis on verifying the visibility and functionality of emergency exit signs. It is about confirming these signs are present and in good working order. It is a simple yet critical detail that adds to everyone's safety. This routine task is a vital aspect. It creates safe living conditions for everyone in the community.

General Inspection and Repairs

  • Inspection- Every month, a significant part of maintaining an apartment building involves inspecting and repairing. It consists of analyzing various areas of the apartment to identify any maintenance or repair needs. Think of it as a careful health check-up for the building. It assures everything is in good working order. For instance, the team may inspect plumbing, electrical systems, and structural elements that catch the eye for issues early on.
  • Correction- Once they identify the potential issues during the inspection, the next step is addressing them promptly through necessary repairs. It can be fixing a leaky faucet, repairing a broken door, or addressing wear and tear. Cleaning companies offer repair and maintenance work, too. These repairs add to maintaining the general functionality and aesthetics of the property.

Deep Cleaning of Some Areas

The deep cleaning of every surface in the apartment building is necessary for several reasons. It eliminates visible dirt and is more thorough than daily or weekly cleaning. It is a standard service many companies provide. Here is a deep-cleaning apartment checklist that includes the following-  

  • Dry cleaning and washing carpets/rugs, sofas in the common area, and standard equipment like phones, switches, doors, and windows, and treat the walls wherever necessary. 
  • Detailed dusting, cleaning, and disinfecting should take place during this phase. It could be for areas like staircase, lobby, parking area, mirrors, cobwebs, fixtures, etc. If the trash bins are broken or old, replace them with new ones. 
  • Cleaners must fill up soap dispensers in every bathroom, wash all the surfaces, mop the floor, and dry them. They can spray odor neutralizers after finishing the work. Wash ventilation areas in the bathroom and other areas of the building. Cleaners must flush the drains, treat the grout, treat any molds, and change all the foot mats. 
  • The cleaning crew must scrub, sweep, and clean all the surfaces inside the lift and clean the channel using a special brush. If there is glass or a mirror, they should clean it using a particular cleaning substance. 
  • For general spaces, deep cleaning should cover cleaning furniture, wiping fixtures and ceiling fans, mopping and vacuuming upholstery, and dusting the decorations. It may also include dusting lamp shades, sanitizing garbage bins, cleaning doors and window frames, wiping the vent, and scrubbing walls. For extra care, scrubbing the walls, vacuuming edges and crevices, and polishing furniture (optional) could be done.  

Seasonal Apartment Building Cleaning 

After all the scheduled cleaning mentioned above, you must remember the seasonal changes and cleaning requirements. Seasonal cleaning is tricky as windows get stuck due to snow or mold growing in the humid rainy season. So, talk with expert cleaners and call them as you may require. 

If there are vacant apartments, professionals must clean them as per the building norms. There should be separate cleaning of the exteriors of the building. It can be pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning before rainy seasons and winter. 

Make it a point to have the gutters cleaned at least twice yearly or more often if the property has trees nearby or within. Cleaning the leaves that drop during the fall season is a must. 

If it snows or rains heavily in your location, make sure the cleaners clean the entryway, exits, windows, gutters, and parking areas accordingly. They should clean the HVAC and look into any blockage related to snowing or due to other circumstances like storms. 

Tips to Clean Apartments Building

Apartment buildings need a lot more maintenance than you might imagine. So, choose a suitable janitorial service in NYC for perfect results. The process may seem easy unless you are a property manager or landlord, then it is tedious. That's because of tons of paperwork related to contracts and taxes. 

Keeping the apartment building clean is challenging but also makes room for a better market. Here are a few tips that may come in handy to keep the building clean-

Create Schedule

Having a well-curated schedule makes some tasks easy to deal with. There is no chance of missing or forgetting tasks. Thus, having a clear building cleaning schedule is vital. That is why there should be an inclusive cleaning schedule. It should have the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It ensures that cleaners address every area of the building regularly.

Schedule with the help of alarms. Divide the work day-wise and area-wise. It would help keep things organized and not neglect anything.

Having Enough Supplies

Having enough cleaning supplies and tools to clean apartment buildings is essential. Make sure there is everything cleaners need in advance for regular cleaning. Buying things like brooms, clothes, mops, and cleaning products in bulk can even get you a discount.

An investment in electric cleaning equipment, like a commercial vacuum, would be ideal. It makes cleaning faster and decreases the need for disposable cleaning materials that wear out quickly with constant use.

The Top-to-Bottom Mantra

The entire area should be cleaned, from the top to the lowest surfaces. Why? Because the dust and dirt would accumulate downward, making it easy to collect and clean.

Cleaning is uneven when one starts cleaning from bottom to top as dirt repeatedly falls on the ground, making the process longer. So starting with the top areas that are hard to reach and moving down would be wise.


Cleaners usually gather abandoned items in a storage room while cleaning an apartment building. However, if there are vacant spaces, it's okay to throw away things that are not needed anymore. During the apartment cleaning schedule, make it a point to discard items for a cleaner look. 

If something in the building is unusable or torn, it's -better to put it in the garbage. Keeping damaged items turns them into unnecessary trash if you keep storing them. Throwing away any redundant clutter for more space is a good idea.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Imagine a ghastly reaction after using the wrong product on an imperfect surface. It may lead to problems between apartment dwellers, cleaners, and you. It may also lead to legal hassles.

Therefore, use high-quality and suitable cleaning products for different surfaces and materials within the building. We have mentioned earlier to include products like floor-specific cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants, and eco-friendly options if desired.

Communication with Residents

Promote open communication with residents whenever a building cleaning schedule happens. After all, they should know what's happening in their living space!

Notify them in advance of any significant cleaning or maintenance activities. It reduces disruptions and deals with specific cleaning requests or concerns.

One could send notice via an online group or put it up on bulletin boards. Alerting the residents will create fewer accidents.

Green Cleaning Practice

We are currently living in a world that has severe concerns regarding the environment. Any plans connected to protecting the planet are rising. So, one may include it in cleaning practices, too.

Professional cleaning companies or in-house cleaning teams must consider implementing eco-friendly cleaning products. These are minimal ways to promote sustainability. Such a practice can be attractive to environmentally conscious residents.

Regular Inspection

Conduct regular inspections to identify maintenance issues or areas requiring additional attention. Addressing problems helps maintain the general cleanliness and functionality of the building.

For instance, if a soggy floor or leakage happened for days that remained unnoticed, it would pose issues. So, make sure there are surprise inspections in the apartment building.

How Professional Apartment Building Cleaning May Help?

Cleaning apartment buildings has several benefits. People would visit more often, with proper hygiene and an excellent overall impression. While it's okay to make it happen by in-house cleaners staff, professional cleaners from reliable companies would do a better job. 

Professional Apartment Building cleaners may help in the following ways-  

  • Thorough Cleaning- Professional cleaners are experts in their field, providing a holistic cleaning of your apartment building. They pay attention to every detail, reaching every corner of the property that one might neglect during regular cleaning. It helps in achieving a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene. You will have fewer minor or recurring problems, in general. 
  • Professional Skill and Tools-  The cleaning professionals possess the expertise and use specialized tools to tackle various cleaning challenges. They may have creative ideas for some specific issues. Whether it's stubborn stains, hard-to-reach places, or unique surfaces, their skills and tools would be efficient and effective. It guarantees that your space looks clean and is also well-maintained. 
  • Time-Saving Assistance- We all are wound up with several tasks in hand that become overwhelming. Professional cleaners provide time-saving help by taking care of the cleaning tasks on your behalf. It lets you focus on other priorities while enjoying a clean, relaxed environment. 
  • Knowledge About Guidelines- We have worked with several cleaning companies and confirm that most have thorough information about legal cleaning guidelines. They know how to go about it and take appropriate measures. They abide by standard cleaning methods and use tools alike, giving sparkling results.

Radiating Apartment Building with Sterling Cleaning Services

Now that you know everything related to the apt building cleaning checklist, it is time to start the work as soon as possible. Apartments need high-level cleaning, and having a trustworthy cleaning team would help. 

In-house cleaners may help you with daily cleaning. But for a deeper and more detailed job, hiring a professional company is the best option. They take less time, bring better results, have advanced tools and expertise, and work organizationally. 

Having a professional cleaning service for apartment cleaning does wonders. There is a sense of relaxation once you hire cleaning experts. 

For top-notch professional cleaning services, choose Sterling Cleaning Services! We are a well-known and trusted commercial cleaning company based in NYC that has provided comprehensive cleaning solutions for many years.

Our progressive cleaning methods and far-reaching experience ensure that the apartment building maintains a healthy, clean, professional appearance. The results are attractive and keep everyone content. 

Why wait? Contact our skilled professionals today for high-quality cleaning services at affordable prices!

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