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April 7, 2023

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Commercial Space: The Professional Guide

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A clean workplace not only creates a positive impression on visitors and clients but also ensures the health and safety of employees. Adorning your workplace with a carpet can add an extra element of beauty to boost the overall appearance. And according to a few studies, carpet floors are the safest choice for several business environments. 

However, cleaning carpets in a commercial setting can be challenging, as they tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and stains quickly. 

Proper carpet cleaning techniques are necessary to keep your office carpets looking clean and fresh. Whether the property is furnished with wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, or a peculiar collection of carpet tiles, you got to clean it. Well, you can do it on your own or seek help from professional office cleaners.

So why not clean it professionally and give it a longer life?

In this blog, we will provide some useful tips and tricks for effectively cleaning carpets in a commercial space. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your office carpets remain in good condition and contribute to a healthy and productive work environment.

So let’s get started!

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important?

Cleaning carpets and rugs is essential for many reasons. For example, carpet fibers contain allergens and termites that should be removed. Vacuuming regularly takes care of the dirt, debris, and fallen hair, but one also needs to deep clean. 

Deep cleaning will help remove bacteria, mold, and fungi. There are various other reasons to have a clean carpet and ways to clean them if done correctly. 

We give you a few detailed reasons to opt for a professional carpet cleaning-

1. Protects People’s Health

Maintaining clean carpets is crucial for a healthy and hygienic indoor environment. Carpets, providing a comfortable flooring option, can harbor numerous unwanted particles and microscopic organisms if not kept in good condition. These include pollen, dander, dust, and even dust mites that can flourish in unclean carpets. Moreover, dirty carpets can promote the growth of mold and fungus, which can lead to health hazards. Hence, it's essential to prioritize regular carpet cleaning to eliminate these allergens and prevent any potential harm to health in commercial settings.

2. Improves Air Quality

In recent years, air quality is changing drastically in cities and towns. While we have some control over improving the air quality outside, we can do a few things to improve the same inside our properties. Professionally cleaning a carpet is one way to better the quality of air. Not only do repulsive things grow in an unclean carpet but, they float in the air too. And we have seen people catching allergies in a commercial space, and it hasn’t served well.

Regularly cleaning the carpets and upholstery in your office is crucial for creating a healthy environment for your customers and employees. Neglecting this vital task can result in the accumulation of mold spores, allergens, and harmful substances such as cockroach allergens, pet dander, toxic gases, and lead, which affect the air quality in your workplace.

Maintaining a clean carpet and upholstery will prevent people from inhaling these harmful substances and promote a healthier and safer environment. After all, you don’t want an increasing number of sick leaves in commercial places, right?

3. Enhances Look And Feel

We have often seen commercial places either highly clean or super messy. We have witnessed clean reception desks and windows, but the fully carpet-laden property threw us off. It looked horrendous. It felt like stepping on a century-old building and wanting to return.

This is not an impression you want to put about your commercial place. You want a property, be it a home or office, to look welcoming. No matter how everything looks clean, a dingy carpet will make a look unkempt.

With proper carpet care, the flooring would not only look good, but it would feel soothing too. It may not seem like a vast difference, but the staff and employees will highly appreciate walking on such a carpet. It's better than a dirty and tamped-down one. 

4. Removes Unpleasant Odor

Have you ever had olfactory fatique? It is an incident where one gets used to a type of odor and cannot smell them any longer. Our point is that sometimes a visitor or client comes across a smell that you may become unaware of. It is more noticeable to them than you trying to spot it. 

Does this seem scary? Imagine your guests coming across abhorrent odors in a commercial area and complaining about it, but you don’t have a clue. The easiest way to eliminate it is potentially through frequent maintenance of carpets. Ask professional cleaners to create a carpet care schedule and see the difference. 

5. Extends Lifespan

Carpet is a long-term investment. You don’t want to ruin it quickly. Proper expert carpet care and maintenance are a must for its longevity. Other variables, such as the amount of foot traffic and the quality of the backing, can also affect its lifespan. Neglecting routine carpet cleaning, however, can significantly decrease its durability.

By establishing a consistent cleaning regimen, a carpet can last up to fifteen years. High-traffic zones should be vacuumed daily, while areas with less footfall may only require vacuuming two to three times per week. It is also important to arrange periodic deep cleaning sessions via professionals for your carpet.

6. Protects Your Investment

Premium carpets cost a lot if you buy them for commercial purposes. If the carpets have to be replaced more often, then that means something is wrong with their cleaning and maintenance. One of the best ways to make sure that the investment is on point- treat the carpet with care. 

Many of you may think that it doesn’t make a difference whether the carpet is clean or not, it will whether away sooner or later. But that’s not true. If you look after it, it will last for years! 

Maintain a daily or weekly schedule to let trained persons clean the carpet and preserve the flooring for years to come.

7. Removes Stains and Spots

Whenever someone enters a commercial space, one reason is also because of its cleanliness levels. And that includes carpet spots and stains too. We have entered malls and cinema halls where carpets made us squirm negatively. The negligence towards it was unfathomable. Therefore, having spotless carpets is critical. 

Understandably, carpets in high-traffic areas can have lots of stains, but taking action to clean them is equally vital. The stain may be of coffee, ink, grease, sauce, or anything else. So go for skilled carpet stain removal and get rid of the ugly spots. Nothing will make a room more professional if cleaners focus on the spot cleaning.

Experts know some great hacks to remove carpet stains easily. Call them and have a detailed talk on what they can offer and see the magic it creates in a business space. 

Advantages Of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning  

Carpet floors are quite the preferred ones in commercial setups. This is because it is adaptable and sustainable, enhances aesthetics, muffles sound, and reduces spill-and-fall incidents. To add to that, it is environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives and warms a space phenomenally. 

So, having them proficiently cleaned will only improve its life and therefore, reflect the company’s image.

Cleaning professionals utilize efficient and speedy techniques to clean commercial carpets, employing powerful equipment as a key component of their process. This proves to be beneficial for many businesses and organizations. 

Here are some examples of the equipment commonly used by these skilled technicians- 

1. Large truck-mounted extraction system

Professionals have a huge advantage in using efficient machines. By using a large truck-mounted extraction system, things become easier and better for large industrial areas. This cleaning device handles big tasks. It is a highly effective carpet-cleaning machine. There is a water heater and extraction system that pulls out the dirt with great depths. 

This device has a hot water-based substance that forces itself into the carpet fibers. It is then taken out from the carpet, which simultaneously pulls up loose soil and dirt. The suction has a lot of power to clean the carpet deeply leaving no dirt behind. 

2. Convenient hot water extractor 

Portable hot water extractors are compact machines that can accomplish the same tasks as their larger truck-mounted counterparts. They are specifically engineered to access spaces that are inaccessible by bigger systems. It can go to certain corners, which makes it great for professional deep cleaning.  

3. Usage of carpet dryers  

Another device for a professional and meticulously clean carpet is the dryer. By producing a powerful stream of air, carpet dryers enable commercial carpets to be rapidly dried, allowing them to be used immediately after cleaning. Professionals can use this commercial cleaning device easily for fast results. 

Carpet dryers can take between one to four hours to complete the process depending on the device model, amount of moisture, and so on. When the trained expert cleaners finish their work, you or the staff members of the commercial building can ask when to start walking on it. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips For Commercial Spaces

Some carpets need special care, while others have a common cleaning system. We’ll deal with the cleanliness of different carpet types later and first discuss some common professional carpet cleaning tips in this section. 

Here are a few tips for you- 

1. Vacuuming Regularly

In our experience, the ideal time for cleaners to vacuum the carpets is once or twice a week. But the frequency also depends on various factors like traffic, weather, carpet type, and more. 

Thanks to revolutionary technology, we have several kinds of gadgets that can come in handy for almost anything. The same goes for carpets too. Hire professionals to make sure they use the best vacuum cleaners to clean every inch of the carpet. 

Look for particular needs that meet the carpet cleaning guidelines. See if they adjust the device to its necessary settings according to height, type, etc. Having an updated vacuum cleaner can be easy for the janitors to use whenever possible. 

2. Instantaneous stain removing  

Removing carpet stains is essential in any place of trade. You have to get rid of it immediately. If you let a stain stay for a long time, especially when dealing with hair dye stains on your carpet, it will penetrate deeper into the fibers. Professionals know about carpet care and can achieve cleanliness goals easily. 

To tackle stains, experts should use carpet cleaning products that are designed for the type of carpet you have. Alternatively, one can create a home-based carpet cleaning solution to effectively eliminate the hideous spot. However, homemade ones may not be a great option for large organizations. It is impractical and tedious work. 

3. Using carpet protectors

You must have heard of mattress protectors, but have you come across carpet protectors? Carpet protectors serve the purpose of shielding carpets against oil-based and water-based stains, thereby preventing them from seeping through the fibers. This results in stains being less persistent and simpler to eliminate. By establishing a barrier against stains, spills, and debris, carpet protectors help to sustain the carpet's appearance and keep the color intact. 

The carpet or rug protectors will save you lots of money and time on cleaning it. It’s time to use it in any organizational environment soon.

4. Intensive cleaning

All of us know the importance of office cleaning, and intensive carpet cleaning is a huge part of it too. Unclean carpets tend to have negative repercussions. The fibers become matte or scrape away and the viable life reduces quickly. Therefore routine maintenance is correct in its place, but intense carpet cleaning annually or thrice a year can be beneficial. 

Routine cleaning, includes temporary low-moisture cleanings, daily vacuuming, annual, or quarterly water extraction, and some restorative processes by a certified cleaning team. 

Intense cleaning includes scrubbing the carpet and using a carpet steam cleaner to eliminate waste, dust, and stains straightaway from the carpet. All of this can be done by a professional cleaning team with a proper strategy that makes the work fast and efficient. 

Carpet Tiles Cleaning Tips 

Carpet tiles are extremely popular among homeowners and business setups. It is great for high-traffic areas too. With such products, treating stains and spills is also easier. Many even choose it because carpet tiles are easy to replace if damaged beyond repair. This is better than replacing the entire flooring. 

Though such tiles are low-maintenance and durable, cleaning commercial office tiles are a bit different than conventional carpet flooring. Professional cleaning is the best option for you. 

Here are a few tips you should know before hiring a team- 

1. Vacuum the tiles

Regular vacuuming is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet tiles, as well as any other carpets on the premises. It is recommended to vacuum carpet tiles at least once a week, or more frequently depending on how much foot traffic the area receives. If you are using carpet tiles as a rug over hard surface flooring, professionals may need to vacuum them more often, as dirt tends to accumulate on the soft surfaces. Consistency and proper technique are key to effective vacuuming.

2. Use manufacture-approved carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaning machines are a great tool for removing stains and cleaning carpet tiles, but they can become a problem if they cause discoloration. To prevent this issue, it is recommended that an expert carpet cleaning team refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for using cleaning machines. Experts must perform a test in a concealed area, such as a closet or under a large piece of furniture, to avoid having horrid stains in high-traffic areas.

3. Blot, and blot

Just like normal floor carpets, the same goes for carpet tiles too. When hiring professionals, see that they don’t scrub. Blotting is the best method to eliminate stains but they should use suitable agents on the tile and blot it till it looks clean.  

4. Periodic deep-cleaning of carpet tiles 

All flooring, including carpet tiles, can occasionally profit from a thorough cleaning. Carpet tiles can be deep cleaned by removing them carefully. Several individuals choose to hire a professional cleaning service once or twice a year to ensure that every bit of the embedded grime and detritus gets loosened and eliminated. Experienced carpet washers can also handle challenging problems flawlessly and quickly. 

5. Removing carpet tiles carefully 

Many carpet tiles can be washed by removing them. But this doesn’t go for every tile. If there are specifications and instructions on how to remove the tiles, only then should the carpet tile cleaners go ahead with it. Removing a tile and cleaning it makes a lot of difference from normally cleaning the carpet. There is a focus on every piece making it as good as new. Make sure that professionals have used suitable materials to clean the tiles in the right way after removing them. 

6. Set a carpet cleaning schedule

The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests cleaning every kind of carpet and rug every six to twelve months. But as with every cleaning process, the schedule may differ depending on the number of people, carpet tile type, and warranty of the tile. Commercial setups should clean it quarterly or bi-annually. 

Carpet Types And How To Clean Them 

There are various kinds of carpets found in the market. The forms are endless to mention. With years of experience and knowledge, we have seen one common mistake- using the same technique or cleaning agent for all types of rugs. This MUST not be done. That’s why we will give you the necessary tips to clean different carpets. They are as follows-

1. Cleaning tips for woollen carpets

If there is a wool carpet in your organization, it's important to avoid using bleach or any other high-alkaline cleaning products. Bleach can be particularly damaging to wool fibers, and attempting to use it to spot clean stains may result in patchiness or discoloration. Similarly, avoid the use of high-alkaline cleaners like ammonia. They have similar effects. 

When it comes to cleaning wool carpets, it's generally best to use gentle, low-alkaline cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated for use on wool fibers. Be careful, and ask the cleaners to avoid using harsh chemicals can help ensure that your wool carpet remains in good condition and retains its original color and texture. 

2. Avoiding scrubbing Berber carpets 

Berber carpets and rugs have large loops that do not absorb dirt at any cost. It is unlike other carpet styles. It is like a dream to keep it clean because it seems unachievable to keep it spotless. For such rugs, if it gets stained, cleaners should not start scrubbing over them. Instead, let them blot it from the outer edges. This will prevent the stain to spread further. Scrubbing will only change the material or make a hazy spot. 

3. Cleaning tips of sisal carpets

Did you know that sisal rugs are made using fiber made out of agave leaves? This makes the carpet a natural material. It is popular for its versatility and durability. The disadvantage of such a carpet is that it’s not friendly for those walking on its bare feet. The natural fibers do not react quite nicely to surplus moisture. Keeping this in mind, the cleaners should make sure to avoid water substances on the carpet. To clean it, using a vacuum would be a good option. It will suck in the debris and dirt. Blotting on any liquid spillage with a completely dry paper towel. However, do not scrub anything on the fabric, or you may have to buy a new rug. 

4. Polyester carpet cleaning tips

Polyester has a high stain resistance. But that does not mean such a carpet does not need regular and deep cleaning from time to time. For proper maintenance of the polyester rug, expert cleaners can use the impressive steam cleaner. Hot water extraction can take a day to complete the process. This method shall remove the severely embedded dirt from the fibers. Make sure it's done at least twice or thrice a year professionally. 

5. Olefin carpet cleaning guide

 Olefin, a synthetic fiber also known as polypropylene, can be produced from recycled plastic. Although it is an affordable choice for carpeting, it lacks durability and resistance to soil. Consequently, cleaning residues and dirt can easily accumulate in the olefin fibers, leading to unattractive discoloration. To prevent soiling, it is important to rinse the carpet thoroughly after cleaning. Additionally, it is advisable to install olefin carpets in areas with low foot traffic for added protection. If the professionals do clean such a rug, they should ensure that they have adhered to these guidelines. 

Factor To Consider Carpet Cleaning Frequency 

Whenever people start a business, the first thought is of creating an affirmative image of the brand. Cleanliness is one way to gain that positive image. It plays a huge role. Thus, the rugs that you use need to look pristine and inviting. When that happens, people automatically assume that you own a productive business. But carpets in business organizations have to withstand debris, sprinkling, and other kinds of dirt, especially under high traffic. 

We don’t have a particular number on the cleaning frequency, but our cleaning guidelines can help decipher it. Here are some factors that involve making a clean schedule. If every business follows it, there would be fantastic results. 

1. Carpet color

The color is one factor to take into account. But it's not just that, the pile type, density, and nap influence the frequency of cleaning as well. Isn’t it obvious? If the carpet is of light color and has a higher nap, you will have to call professional cleaners often. 

2. Warranty terms on a cleaning schedule

When you hire professionals to clean your workplace, you have to look into the warranty terms of their cleaning schedule. Companies may have different ones. Find the best for your commercial space and start with it. The terms may depend on the cleaning standards, location weather, etc. Read them carefully before signing up with a company.

3. Amount of traffic 

Rugs with high traffic will need more frequent cleaning than rugs with lower traffic. Analyze your office’s footfall daily. Include everyone in it, like employees, visitors, clients, etc. Incorporating consistent cleaning practices is essential to make high traffic carpets look new.

4. Types of business 

The type of commercial organization creates a difference in cleaning frequency. Some may have less traffic while others have more.

We’ll discuss some of them -

A. Bars and restaurants

Such places have a high number of people coming every day. It is crucial to have such places spic and span. Protect the carpets in bars or restaurants all round year. Expert cleaners can clean it quarterly. This is because you never know how much people would spill on it. Additionally, the grease also gets in from the kitchen. 

B. Nursing homes/medical facilities

Medical cleaning has many regulations that owners have to follow strictly. Sanitization and cleanliness are taken seriously in such commercial spaces. Because of the high levels of airborne diseases, you will need an increased cleaning schedule to deep clean the carpet. 

C. Retail stores

Retail stores have a lot of traffic every day too. If you own a retail store, have cleaners clean and protect the carpet every three months. This will create more scope for people to come in and shop at ease. This will also increase the store's image people will spread the word about its cleanliness.

Check-out our retail store cleaning checklist, designed to enhance overall cleanliness and hygiene standards.

D. Office buildings

Depending on the number of employees, clean the carpets in office buildings every 6 months. Make sure the condition in which the staff enters the building is appropriate. Keep in mind the seasonal changes. During rainy days, mats should be cleaned every week. This will ensure no moist dirt goes in. 

E. Schools and churches

Schools need carpet cleaning every six months. For churches, the carpets need to have protectors and cleaning once a year on each carpet. However, entryways need extra care and should be done multiple times depending on their sizes. 

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

We have seen several people make huge mistakes while the cleaning process. Mistakes are natural to happen. It takes place in every field of work. The point is to be aware of it and do it right the next time. 

Here are a few expert mat-cleaning tips in terms of what to avoid-

1. Keeping the rug extremely wet

Many times we tend to oversaturate a carpet. It creates a damp underfelt and hence may never dry fully. This may lead to the growth of rot and molds. It can also be harmful to get the top fibers excessively wet, particularly if the mat’s fibers are wool. The result could be gross discoloration.

For carpet cleaning, professionals should use a squeegee or well-wrung-out towel. If water drips from your towel or sponge, consider it too damp. Blot the region with a dry cloth or paper towel if you unintentionally get the rugs too wet.

2. Not conducting spot tests

Whenever it comes to using a new rug cleaning solution or buying a new carpet, doing a spot test is essential. How does one do that? Let the cleaners take a tiny spot and do a patch test. It’s better to spoil a small patch than ruin the whole carpet. A solution that is not right will cause fiber loss and bleaching.

3. Using the wrong carpet cleaning equipment

Whether cleaning commercial carpet tiles or proper full floor mats, using the right equipment is important. Never rent equipment for your workplace, especially when you have no idea what it is. Using faulty or cheap cleaning gear may lead to severe patchiness, fiber damage, and foul results. Instead, leave this work to the professionals. They have the expertise and experience on using the right equipment. Even if you hire a tool, make sure it's from a renowned company. 

4. Applying excessive force on carpet stains

Using hard-bristled brushes to scrub carpet fibers can result in damage, such as fraying caused by untwisting fibers. Additionally, excessive scrubbing may cause dirt to be pushed deeper into the fibers, making it more difficult to effectively clean the carpet. 

If you want a solution for this, we have a proven one for you. Blotting paper, sponge, or cloth on the stained portions is the answer. Gentle rubs are fine, but if the stain still doesn’t go away, do not get the itch to forcefully scrub. You can hire professionals if it seems like a lot. Another word of caution- do not use colored cloth. The color might transfer to the rug.

5. Selection of wrong cleaning products

Using a cleaning agent that is not suitable for carpets may create irreversible damage. For instance, some products are only appropriate for synthetic mats, but others are made for natural fiber rugs. Before using any products you or the trained cleaners must know the fabric of the rugs and then use a product. Knowing the type helps in finding the correct solution. If you have doubts, talk to experts or research and find a gentle, all-purpose cleaner. 

6. Less frequent carpet vacuuming

We have already mentioned a few times that regularly vacuuming the rugs will keep things spotless and healthy. When you don’t do so, the accumulation of dust may make everyone sick in a commercial setup. 

Using a premium vacuum cleaner for superlative results. You will get several options in the market. Therefore choose sensibly. 

7. Not hiring professionals when needed

We have noticed many of our clients call professionals as a last resort. They have tried a lot to save money and their precious rugs, but it goes in vain. We understand that saving money is crucial, but at what cost? The more you wait on hiring a proficient team, the bigger your cleaning bill. Neglecting the upkeep and cleaning creates ruined carpet flooring leading you to collect an interesting variety of dirt and allergens.

If the price is holding you back and you don't have any idea how much carpet cleaning costs, consider going online or contacting a professional carpet cleaning company.

The Joys Of Clean Carpets

Effective cleaning and upkeep of carpets in busy commercial settings necessitate a more comprehensive approach than simply using vacuums or carpet extractors occasionally. Professional commercial carpet cleaners implement a multifaceted strategy that encompasses usual cleaning, provisional maintenance, and deep restoration.

To achieve optimal results, it is crucial to possess top-of-the-line, well-maintained equipment, and employ skilled and experienced carpet cleaners. Recent advances and awareness of professional carpet cleaning have greatly enhanced the look of commercial spaces, ensuring superior outcomes.

Doing all the cleaning on your own can take a lot of time and is not feasible in a commercial setup. It’s best to call experts who know some exceptional carpet cleaning hacks and do the work rapidly. If you are looking for expert carpet cleaning, look no further than Sterling Cleaning Services. With the best equipment and a trustworthy team who can do the carpet cleaning in a jiffy, be sure to get beautiful and fresh rugs and carpets everywhere. 

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