Importance of office cleaning

March 22, 2023

Importance Of Office Cleaning

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Imagine entering a place that looks untidy and chaotic. It is guaranteed that you won’t visit such a place again. Doesn’t feel good, right? It goes for any place you visit. But here, we specifically talk about offices. Your workplace is a huge focal point of your business. The staff spends at least eight to ten hours daily in the office for five days every week! Some associates and clients visit this place frequently as well. A messy space creates quite a negative impression. This affects the business to an extent where success may be at stake. 

While many understand the importance of office cleaning, most of them may still question it increasingly or ignore it altogether. They feel it’s not important and that cleaning a place takes lots of time, money, and energy. There are many reasons why it’s important to have a clean organization. 

Here, we share a few pieces of information related to office cleaning so that you know what’s best for your business. We give you insights into how frequently you should do it, a few guidelines on cleaning a workplace, and share in length, the importance of office cleaning. You will also know why hiring a cleaning company is better and how to choose the right one. 
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Office Cleaning Guidelines  

If you give just a little bit of significance to office deep cleaning, it will create a lot of difference in the long run. Due to the variety of components involved, it is additionally one of the specialized procedures that call for a high level of specific knowledge. It is an important task. That’s why businesses now favor qualified office cleaning services due to all the intricacies involved. 

Here is a guideline to show you what it takes to clean a workspace thoroughly-

1. Detailed Planning

The first thing that goes into cleaning any commercial place is knowing the requirements and creating a plan. Make a schedule and see if you have covered everything in the cleaning plan of your office. You can use it to cross-check the work for the final assessment and how to improve in the future. You can create a commercial cleaning checklist for better results.

2. Adherence To Procedures And Protocols

While cleaning for you, the cleaners must adhere to global standards. Organizations can meet this level by adhering to rules created by reputable international organizations. It is very advantageous for people's health and reduces the negative effect on our surroundings.

3. Tracking progress

Having a proper tracking system is a must otherwise, there may be severe repercussions. To ensure proper monitoring and transparency, make a worksheet that has all the to-do lists to check off one by one. This makes work easier and clearer rather than starting haphazardly.

4. Equipment and supplies

Did you know there are infinite cleaning supplies and equipment for different areas and materials? To do a thorough cleaning of the offices, you and your cleaners should know the importance of having updated office equipment. Make sure the cleaners possess suitable and updated tools and cleaning agents. Using the wrong supplies may cost you expensive upgrades and repairs.

After you have sorted the above, these are a few things that the cleaning team should cover in your workplace-

5. Common Cleaning

The general rule of maintenance entails using the fundamentals of cleaning- dusting, mopping, brooming, and vacuuming techniques to eradicate surface dust and stop it from accumulating. To make sure they don't overlook certain areas, your janitors can use an S-pattern of wiping, three bucket mopping methods, and other measures for superb results.

6. Covering High-touch Points

Make sure the cleaning team cleans the high-touch points. Due to heavy footfall, it should be cleaned daily or at least weekly. Clean and sterilize areas like flush knobs, switchboards, soap dispensers, elevator buttons, vending equipment buttons, or handrails of chairs in entrances.

7. Reorganizing

A professional cleaning crew should accomplish reorganization for you methodically if you want excellent office cleaning at your place of business. Without you needing to move a muscle, they ought to provide your premises with a fresh look.

8. Disinfecting and Sanitization

Follow the cleaning procedure constantly. There should be effective disinfection procedures as well. Disinfection will make sure that every bacteria hiding beneath the surface is fully dealt with and eliminated to ensure perfect sanitation. The process of sanitizing a workspace involves spraying all touch-prone surfaces with specific substances that function as a protective coating to stop the buildup of germs or cross-contamination.

9. Other Tasks

Window cleaning, removing cobwebs, and cleaning the carpet, elevator, washroom, and cafeteria need special attention. See that the janitors do it accurately, starting from top to bottom so that everything is spotless. Let them clean the office equipment with great care ensuring no damage. Remember that there is consistency in the cleaning process, or you may not see appreciative results.

Office Cleaning- How Often Should You Do It?

Each workplace has a different requirement for deep cleaning, thus there is no set schedule. It must be completed whenever your firm requires it. The following factors can help you determine if your workplace needs extensive cleaning or not-

Business Type 

How frequently the workplace has to be deep cleaned depends on the type of work it performs. Compared to bigger workplaces, regular to small enterprises require less frequent deep cleaning. On the other hand, workspaces in hospitals or those connected to factories require more regular thorough cleaning. They have to obey the clean work environment policy and the job accordingly. 

Number of Footfall

It is crucial to pinpoint the precise office spaces with heavy foot traffic. The corridors, pantry, and entryway are three good examples of high footfall. Employee traffic in these locations makes it likely that dirt and pathogens may accumulate there. So cleaning regularly is important in such areas.

However, this is not to say that spaces with little traffic should be given less importance. It is vital to quickly scan these spaces to see whether they are filthy and require cleaning.

The Weather 

Weather plays a huge role in the maintenance of workplaces. If your office is located in a place where you see harsh winters, it’s important to take strict measures. 

For example, winter salt has harmed office floors immensely; whether it's rock salt or chemicals used to melt snow, these substances can harm the floor if left on. Because of this, it's crucial that you thoroughly wipe the office's surroundings, especially the space underneath the workstation, to get rid of any salt or other waste.

During the monsoon season, it’s typical to observe wet and muddy footprints. If you don’t give employees a mat to clean their feet on, there will be soiled footprints all over the workplace flooring. This can be a safety threat. So cleaning according to the weather is highly advisable.

13 Importance Of Workplace Cleaning

In light of recent world events, keeping your workplace clean and safe should be your top priority, more than anything else. You keep the business up and running, and the cleaners keep everything else perfectly germ-free and disinfected. We give you 13 reasons why cleaning your organization is crucial-  

1. Decrease In Employee Sick Leaves

When office cleaning is not performed regularly, there will be a significant collection of spider webs, dust, and lint. This may inevitably result in respiratory issues among employees.

Moreover, disease-carrying bugs like ants, rats, and cockroaches might spread illness if there is no cleanliness of food particles. If a group of employees becomes sick more frequently, many tasks won't get completed in time. The employee would then fall behind in their performance too.

2. Better Productivity

The organization will fall behind schedule if employees keep getting sick due to irregular cleaning. A clean office often increases a person's productivity since they are proficient in easily finding a variety of things they need for their task. Daily cleaning clears the workplace of clutter, and staff members may easily come up with several solutions even when faced with numerous problems. There will be fewer chances of allergies and health issues when deep cleaning offices frequently. 

3. Good Professional Impression 

How your office looks, says a lot about how you do your business. It shows how you value the workplace. Having a clean office creates a certain image. If your office or agency is regularly disinfected and cleaned, possibilities are that you have a reliable and professional image. This may bring in more clients, and employees may spread the word about the impressive cleanliness. So maintain safe and clean work areas. It will go a long way.

4. Office Asset longevity

There are several office equipments that you have to give importance to. It can be the printing machine, lighting, floor, etc. Regular cleaning can improve the efficiency of some of your office tools. You can take the example of the lights. Dirty lights can reduce the brightness levels, which makes it difficult for your employees to complete their tasks. Clean light fixtures will improve light efficiency significantly. The same applies to other electronics. You may use company assets if you put off maintenance work for a long time.

5. Safer Organization

Due to improper cleaning and maintenance, there have been cases where a commercial area suffered severe damage and even loss of lives. They may not have followed the workplace hygiene guidelines. Yes, cleaning not only keeps your staff healthy, but it may also save lives. 

For instance, you don't want your personnel to be hindered by boxes in the hallways as they exit the facility in the case of a fire. Also, you don't want things that might catch fire, like paper and used cartons. Maintaining a clean facility will help you stay ahead of any problems that can arise in a crisis.

6. Better Cost Savings in the Long Run

Whether you hire janitorial office cleaning services or use your domestic janitors, office cleaning helps in saving money. This is the greatest importance of regular cleaning of a workplace. There is a significant long-term saving with regular cleaning. 

You should know that there’s a difference between deep cleaning once a year and regular cleaning. For example, it is very costly to remove molds and replace carpets every year. Removing excessive dirt once a year ruins the look of the office. Therefore, regular cleaning will not lead to all this, making it cost-effective.  

7. Maintaining The Office Reputation

A clean and safe working environment speaks a lot regarding your products, services, and company. As was already established, the atmosphere in your office will influence how others see you.  

Many of your associates and clients will use your workplace. Therefore, the environment should be perfect. They won't think about your business if it feels unpleasant and looks filthy. Without maintaining your workplace atmosphere, you won't be able to gain their trust even though you're providing the greatest product. If you'd like to please your clients, make sure your office is neat and orderly.

8. Well Arranged Workspace 

If you let hired professional cleaners or an in-house janitorial team clean your office, you’ll see that the place becomes more organized. You and your staff will know where are the particular documents, stationary, etc. Things will be easier to find, as items are now segregated properly. Cleaning will also help you know what needs to be fixed or replaced, like a machine or drawers. All of this leads to an undisruptive and time-saving work environment. Isn’t this a benefit of office upkeep?

9. Improves Client Health

Because of the enclosed environment, indoor air contaminants are far worse than those found outside. Although it's unlikely that your clients would spend many hours at your workplace, office cleanliness is still significant. Imagine the response you would receive if each time a customer walked into your company, they were ill or experienced respiratory issues. The major change visitors will see when you periodically clean your office is better air quality. Consider purchasing some plants to aid in purifying the air in your workplace.

10. Prevention of Contaminated Diseases

Many illnesses are more likely to spread in an unhealthy atmosphere. Your environment will be vulnerable to numerous illnesses if you don’t do regular cleaning and upkeep from the cleaners. If one of your staff has a health issue, it might transmit to other workers who use the same space and water supply. 

You can avoid this danger if the janitors keep your workplace and restrooms clean and encourage your staff to use hand sanitizer. If you want to build a healthy staff in the present climate, it's critical to keep your workplace clean. Give office cleaning some importance, because a healthy staff is crucial to any company's success.

11. Happy Employees, High Morale

We have read complaints from staff members having issues with the office's cleanliness. There have been instances where employees have resigned from a company solely because the environment wasn’t clean. It kept them demotivated and extremely distracted. For this reason, you need to give importance to office cleaning. 

It should include office equipment cleaning, dusting, mopping, and more. Adhere to workplace cleanliness policies and see miracles take place. A clean environment also makes room for positivity, much needed by employees and visitors. So having a neat and healthy workplace is a major cornerstone for a successful business.

Prioritizing the well-being of your employees goes beyond surface-level cleanliness; it encompasses promoting fitness as well. By encouraging your employees to engage in regular gym sessions, you can effectively maintain their health at its best. One key aspect to consider is maintaining impeccable hygiene standards within the gym facility, which can be achieved by adhering to a comprehensive gym cleaning checklist. By seamlessly integrating cleanliness and fitness, you make a significant contribution to the overall health and wellness of your valued employees.

12. Extra Storage Space

Decluttering not only clears the workplace and increases productivity but also helps create better space in the office. Efficient usage of space is a sign of a reliable business. Your cleaning team can help disinfect, clean, and organize your workstations so you can work more efficiently.

13. Easily Hire Employees

A neat and sanitary workplace attracts candidates automatically. A brilliant prospect may decline the job you are giving them if they detect an unpleasant odor in any area of the workplace or discover dirty marks on the walls. They are an immediate turn-off for most of them. This is one reason to emphasize the importance of a sparkling organization.  

Why Hire Professional Office Cleaners?

Many don't give much importance to a clean office. But it’s time office-owners should emphasize it. You now know about the importance of office cleaning, but how do you do it? A professional cleaning company is your best bet. Confused? Here are a few reasons why you should hire one-  

1. A Professional Cleaning Service Will Give You the Best Results

Since professionals have better expertise in doing their work, it will be a good decision to hire them. They know how to carry out a task in a particular way that a regular janitor or a layperson wouldn’t know. Because of their experience, they will give outstanding results for your company.

2. Professional Cleaning Services Are Flexible

When employing professional cleaners, there are no hard restrictions. You can use a cleaning business frequently and make them complete as many duties as you wish. Whether you want deep cleaning monthly or a maintenance cleaning every week, you have the choice to set a schedule that's most suitable for your requirements.

You may also decide which individual tasks or areas you want to complete. As most businesses maintain lengthy business hours, you may arrange a meeting without interfering with your current process. Now, don’t you wait any longer for a pristine-looking office!

3. Professionals Can Do The Dangerous Task

Some cleaning tasks need extra precaution and understanding, which is better done by professionals. You don’t have to put your in-house janitors at risk who are good at doing routine cleaning tasks. Aside from using heavy machinery and harmful chemicals, one could get hurt while trying to wipe a hard-to-clean space. 

4. Professionals can do dangerous tasks flawlessly

If you use your in-house janitors and they get hurt, there could be financial issues too. Save yourself from all this trouble and stress. Professional cleaners are not only good but don’t harm your organization from damages and injuries that happen due to civil liability insurance.

How To Choose An Office Cleaning Firm? 

With a plethora of options in this industry, it can be quite challenging to hire the best cleaning company. Several of them offer numerous cleaning services. So how does one choose? Don't worry, we can help you- 

1. Quality Check

Know how the company functions under a contract. Call their previous clients, if you can, and find out how they have worked. It will help let you choose the perfect one. 

2. Affordability

Money matters a lot. Find out what the firm has to offer you at the price range they quote. Some charge high but premium quality work, while others charge high but provide disappointing results. There are also a few that charge low but do an excellent job. Know about these aspects and then finalize one. 

3. Experience

Know the general level of experience of the cleaning services. Experience will show their capability of handling any cleaning-related issues and that they've got a rock-solid system in place.

4. Brand Reputation

A fantastic approach to understanding a cleaning firm's brand image is to read reviews and ratings. To delve deeper, contact the business's current clients by telephone, email, or social networking sites and inquire whether the solutions they offer are trustworthy and dependable.

Shun A Dirty Sight

To maintain a clean and secure workspace, you have to give professional office cleaning some significance. The cleanliness and hygienic conditions of your office space have a noteworthy impact on the accomplishment of your company. A fresh and tidy environment is a must if you need your business to grow. Naturally, you might try to instruct your in-house cleaning team on how to carry out the chores. Yet doing so would take a lot of time that could be spent on other, more important duties.

Your workplace needs a team of qualified and experienced cleaning specialists.

If you believe your office requires proper cleaning, call Sterling Cleaning Services to receive a high-quality office cleaning service. Enjoy a spotless and shiny workplace soon!

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