Bank Cleaning Checklist

January 30, 2024

Bank Cleaning Checklist to Follow

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For several reasons, any commercial space, whether an office, business shop, retail outlet, healthcare center, or financial institution, needs high tidiness.

Cleanliness assures the health and safety of employees, but beyond that, it reflects the professionalism of organizations. A spotless environment appeals to clients and visitors, uplifting your business's image. A client perceives a company that maintains a cleaner atmosphere to be more responsible and seeks to deliver its services while assuring the comfort and health of their customers. 

However, maintaining a clean atmosphere in bank offices is an exhaustive job given their complex interior settings, vast areas with multiple cabinets and fixtures, many high-touch surfaces, and higher daily traffic. That is why you need to hire professional cleaners or janitors for the cleanliness and upkeep of your banking institution! 

The professionals will clean every nook and corner with a comprehensive banking cleaning checklist. 

A spotless banking environment fosters excellent customer relationships and makes customer retention an easy job for you.  

So, if you are in charge of a banking institution, research and find a dedicated cleaning service company in NYC that will proficiently clean your bank using a checklist catering to your needs.

How Commercial Bank Cleaning Services Help?

Cleanliness is a prerequisite task for banks or financial institutions as it conveys a sense of security and trustworthiness to the customers. It reflects the pride of your institution as your customers walk through fresh-smelling corridors and tidy floors and look around to see sparkling-clean kiosks, cabins, and seating areas. 

Such a clean and sophisticated banking environment will indicate transparency and professionalism – two essentials to gain the customers' trust in the finance sector. 

If you want to understand how maintaining a clean environment will benefit your banking business, here's our take.

Maintains a professional atmosphere 

First impressions always matter whether it's a business shop or an office like a bank. If your bank does not appear tidy and organized, people will hesitate to trust your organization with money or their financial assets.

Contrary to this, maintaining a hygienic and top-notch clean environment at your bank will instantly leave a great impression on the customers as they walk in. It makes your banking organization more professional and worthy to trust with their money and valuable assets.

Reduces the spread of infection and diseases

Maintaining cleanliness at your banking premises will inevitably reduce infections and the spread of germs, ensuring improved wellness of employees and customers. 

Hygiene is a prime concern in banks and other financial institutions because employees continuously handle customers' cash and papers. Since they take a lot of paper and stuff from people, there is a chance of spreading infections among employees or other customers. 

Given this, banks must maintain a hygienic and spotless environment every day, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. They need a proficient cleaning company that uses disinfectants or sanitizers to mop the floors and wipe the commonly touched surfaces.  

Decontamination of surfaces is a crucial task of their bank cleaning checklist, which they always succeed in doing! Thus, when you maintain a hygienic environment, employees are less likely to fall sick, improving productivity. 

Saves time for employees

By not having proper cleaning services at your bank from professional cleaners, you are advancing specific bank cleaning tasks to the employees, such as cleaning desks and monitors, organizing drawers, clearing tables after eating in the cafeteria, and so on. 

Doing all these cleaning tasks amidst their piled-up duties might overwhelm them. It can reduce their efficiency at their core job and, subsequently, the overall productivity of your bank. Considering this, hiring commercial cleaning experts or janitors who do every elementary bank's daily cleaning tasks will spare time for employees and make them more efficient. 


Bank Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Checklists to Follow

Banks that maintain a posh and cleaner environment are more likely to have greater customer footfall as they positively impact customers. Cleanliness and hygiene also result in an increased retention of both customers and employees. 

Employees working in a dirt-free, sanitary, and fresh-smelling environment boost their motivation and causes greater job satisfaction. Similarly, customers can get financial services comfortably and happily when your bank's counters and seating areas are tip-top clean.  

If cleaning your bank office in and out by a professional janitorial team is the next thing on your mind, give this section a read. 

Here, we elucidated the bank cleaning checklist for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning! 

Yes, we will be providing three types of checklists for bank cleaning, which will vary based on your cleaning needs. Daily tasks include cleaning entryways, disinfecting desks and high-touch surfaces, and cleaning restrooms. However, particular areas and cleaning duties require your time once a week or a month for upkeep, like carpet and vent cleaning. 

Use these checklists with our bank cleaning guidelines to ensure you maintain a hygienic and clean bank environment. 

Daily Bank Cleaning Checklist

The daily cleaning routine at your bank covers the preliminary tasks needed for maintaining a basic level of cleanliness. Many areas require dusting and cleaning regularly, from floors and countertops to seating chairs and restrooms to the cafeteria.

Your bank's daily cleaning checklist, therefore, includes the following areas.  

  • Entryway

How well the entryway looks depends much on your bank's professional image and reputation! Entrance is the first thing anyone notices when visiting your bank. Ensure the gates are clean, sanitize the door handles, and floors are dirt-free. 

The entryway of your bank also includes the parking space and sidewalks, where employees assemble during breaks. So, your cleaning experts must sweep those areas to remove litter, trash, etc., from their shoes. Also, you need to regularly clean and wipe the floors of the entrance area to ensure there are no spills and risks of anyone slipping off on the floor. 

  • Office Lobby

After cleaning the entrance, the next thing that must look tidy and unblemished is the lobby of the bank office. It is the common area of the bank where customers wait for your service and do paperwork. The seating areas, sofas, tables, and essential machines like check deposit machines and statement printing devices are in the lobby. 

Your cleaning experts need to wipe down the seating chairs, puff the upholstery of sofas, and dust the machines to maintain a hygienic reception for your customers. 

  • Break rooms

Unclean restrooms with food particles or litter become the breeding grounds of insects and unhygienic places for food consumption. The bank's daily cleaning checklist must include cleaning break rooms where employees have lunch and coffee breaks. 

From wiping and sanitizing the tables to cleaning the dishes and cutlery, there are multiple tasks that your cleaning professionals need to do. They should clean and sanitize the sinks and countertops, refill the dishwashing soap, and sweep the floors frequently to remove food particles and liquid spills. 

  • Restrooms

Cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms is a priority in the daily bank cleaning checklist. It's a prerequisite to take care of the hygiene and wellness of the employees at your bank. 

The tasks include intense cleaning and disinfecting the floors, toilet seats, sinks, and countertops. Your daily janitors should also check and refill the soap and toilet paper supplies. 

  • Trash bins

Remember to ask your dedicated cleaners to collect all the trash from the bins kept in restrooms, break rooms, lobby, and outside areas of the office or at the entryways. After emptying the bins, they should put fresh trash liners on them.

  • Storage areas

Banks have plenty of storage rooms that usually comprise closets and lockers for cash and other financial assets. There are shelves too for storing all kinds of paper files and documents of customers.  

Your daily cleaning checklist should also include a quick cleaning of the storage rooms to ensure that the valuable assets of the bank's customers are safe with them. 

Weekly Bank Cleaning Checklist

While we discussed the basic cleaning and maintenance tasks to do every day in your bank office, here comes the weekly bank cleaning schedule! It includes different room-specific and area-specific tasks that help elevate the professional image and corporate reputation. 

Also, most of the tasks that are tedious and take time find their place in the weekly checklists.

  • Entryways

Once a week, it is necessary to clean the floor mats and carpets! Vacuum the rugs or mats to wash away dirt, filth, or mud particles trapped in the course textures. 

Check the doors and windows, corners of the walls, and ceilings for accumulated debris and cobwebs. Wipe down the glass doors and windows to make them look spotless and translucent, as it helps to maintain your professional image. 

  • Lobbies and entryways

Your bank's weekly cleaning schedule also includes vacuuming the sofas, carpets, cabinets, and areas under the furniture. Brush down the curtains and blinds to make them dust-free.  

Sofas or upholstered furniture traps filth or dust coming with people from outside. If the hired cleaning professionals do not address these, they make the furniture dirtier and smelly. 

  • Hardware and other surfaces

Every bank operates with hardware devices, including desktops, laptops, communication systems, cash dispensers, receipt printers, card readers, etc. 

Therefore, check whether your dedicated cleaners are properly dusting and wiping down the hardware devices once a week. With that, ensure they wipe down the metal and wood surfaces, including door frames, handles, window frames, railings, and staircase railings. 

  • Teller stations

Teller stations are a vital component of the banking system! However, you can spare cleaning them regularly and ask your cleaners to clean them once a week. 

Cleaning the teller stations is a must to maintain their polished surfaces. While cleaning, you can bring any scratches or dent marks to the manager's notice and remove them. Since customers often come in contact with the teller stations, the cleaners should disinfect the surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria to employees and customers by handling paper, cash, and bills. 

The cleaners must also refill essential supplies like pins, staplers, files, folders, money-handling accessories, etc., at the teller stations to ensure optimal customer experience.   

  • Break rooms

A few cleaning duties in the break room need weekly attention. These are for maintaining hygiene and food safety for the employees. 

The professional team you hired for bank cleaning must clean the kitchen essentials, including the coffee machines, refrigerator, microwave, and aqua guard. Also, take everything out of the kitchen closets and cupboards and clean the insides thoroughly. It will prevent pests or insects from breeding in the corners and make the kitchen unhygienic for food storage and consumption. 

  • Restrooms

Once a week, scrub well the walls and floors of toilets to remove stains, greasy dirt, and tile grouts. Thoroughly wipe the sink tops and faucets, which get rot marks for being consistently wet. 

Also, check the insides of drawers and cabinets of restrooms for rodents, dirt, or cobwebs. Empty them and clean them inside and out. 

  • Storage rooms

In your weekly bank cleaning schedule, clean the storage rooms with multiple closets and cupboards for storing money, financial assets, and other essentials. 

Check the closets for dust and insects, restock the essentials as needed, update the inventory, and track down the assets stored there.

Monthly Bank Cleaning Checklist

There are many elementary tasks to include in the monthly bank cleaning checklist. These mainly incorporate tough and exhaustive cleaning jobs that are only possible for some housekeeping staff. It also includes hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling tops and HVAC or air ventilation systems. 

Thus, ask your professional cleaning services company to take care of these essential tasks once a month.   

  • Washing the carpets

Shampoo wash the carpets to deep clean them and dig out dirt and mud particles trapped in them for a long time. Let the carpets dry out in the open, or use a vacuum. Use shampoo or mild detergent to wash instead of any other cleaning agents to ensure the texture of carpets does not become coarser or rough after cleaning. 

  • Cleaning the HVAC system

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system needs cleanliness too, once a month to maintain the quality and freshness of the indoor air. Cleaning the air ducts and vents of the HVAC is inevitably challenging and needs special cleaning equipment, including a ladder, vacuum, rotary brushes, etc. which are handy at a professional cleaning company. Therefore, make sure that you clean the vents and ducts once a month when you hire a cleaning company.   

  • Pest control 

In your monthly commercial bank cleaning checklist, it's a must to include pest infestation services. It typically involves spreading pesticides and other chemicals on corners, dark or covered areas, parking, backyards, and trash dumps. 

  • Cleaning the staircases and elevators

If your bank operates on a multistory office building, include cleaning the elevators and staircases to eliminate cobwebs, dust, and dirty fingerprints on the staircase railings and elevator switches. 

  • Dust high ceiling fixtures

There are lights and different fixtures on the walls of the lobby area and office. It is necessary to clean the wall fixtures, lights, and high ceiling areas, including the top of the cupboards, once a month to make the interiors look pristine and clean. 

  • Check and clean the emergency fixtures.

Like any commercial center, a bank office includes mandatory emergency fixtures, including security alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and emergency gates. Check whether these are working correctly and clean them if they have collected dust or debris. 

Bank Cleaning Guidelines and Maintenance Tips to Always Consider

Well, no doubt, there are many bank cleaning tasks to do daily, weekly, and monthly. But, you need to understand why doing it without professional help will not result in optimal cleaning of your bank office. 

Any area or furniture with grime, stain, or smudge will make a wrong impression on your customers. Resultantly, this will question the trustworthiness or security of your banking services. Since you manage customers' finances, looking like a distrustful service provider with an unclean and shabby environment will only make you lose customers. 

Here are tips for maintaining a professional and top-notch clean environment at your bank office. 

Focus on cleaning the outdoors often

When maintaining professionalism is a prime goal while cleaning your bank, ensure you don't ignore the outdoor cleaning in your bank cleaning checklist. The outdoors of your bank is your customers' first point of contact, so it must be perfect in appearance. 

Most customers will perceive your service quality and trustworthiness by your exteriors. Also, the exteriors require regular cleaning because they experience the consequences of weather conditions like rain, snow, and dust. Therefore, only think of a single thing to go with cleaning the entrance gateway, corridors, sidewalks, and parking for a posh exterior look of your bank. 

Maintain shine on the floors

Your daily bank cleaning schedule must also include cleaning the floors thoroughly with proper cleaning agents and disinfectants. It's imperative to make the interiors of your bank office pristine and hygienic for the customers and employees. 

In other words, clean the floors regularly to leave them bright and shiny and create an everlasting impression on the clients! 

Whether your floors are tiles or hardwood, regular cleaning is necessary for maintaining sparkling clean surfaces. 

Keep pens away from desks

Bank officers must do a lot of paperwork and put signatures on documents, for which they keep pens handy. If they use ink pens and keep them on desks, the surfaces may get ink spills and marks. Since they can be hard to erase from wooden surfaces and destroy the tidy appearance of desks, we suggest keeping pens away from desks as the best thing to do! 

Keep pen stands as one of the main desk organizers so employees can keep their pens on them, avoiding ink marks or spills. 

Clean up spills as soon as possible

Customers or employees can accidentally spill liquids like tea, coffee, or juices while on floors or desks. While you can't stop them from having refreshments, the only way to maintain the cleanliness of your bank is to ask your daily janitor to clean up the mess as soon as it occurs. 

It's common to encounter water or liquid spills anywhere at the desks, floors, waiting areas, or staircases. If you don't clean them up immediately, anyone could trip over and fall, getting injuries. 

Organize cables and devices

Bank offices have numerous devices, from computers, printers, and routers to copiers and fax machines. What kind of mess do the wires or cables of these devices create at the main electrical supply point? 

Whether the main supply point where all cables come together is in a separate room or the main office, organize all the wires according to their type to make them look less messy. Also, collected cables help quickly clean the wiring arrangement once a month. 

Don't keep high-maintenance furniture

Even though making your bank look sophisticated and professional is the key, invest in something other than high-maintenance furniture. Those are heavy and difficult to move while deep cleaning the floors of the bank office. 

Also, hardwood furniture, specifically upholstered furniture, must be cleaned with a special cleaning agent to prevent tampering with the fabric or texture of the wooden furniture. Therefore, keep furniture made of plywood, lightweight metal, or fiber that is easy to clean, maintain, and move.

Hire an experienced professional cleaning agency

Undeniably, cleaning bank offices needs a planned bank cleaning checklist, expertise, and special equipment for particular cleaning tasks. Your bank's general housekeeping staff or caretakers can only undertake some cleaning duties to maintain supreme cleanliness and hygiene at your office. Only hiring an office cleaning company in NYC with expertise in cleaning all commercial facilities will ensure that! 

Why Hire Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Bank Cleaning?

A bank is a high-standard organization offering services to the public, and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the office is fundamental.

It is elementary to uplift your bank's professional image and aesthetic appeal to gain customers and retain the old ones. It is the key reason we recommend hiring a commercial cleaning company. 

Prevent the spread of infections

Only a commercial cleaning company can deep clean every area of your bank, exterior and interior, including the carpets, desks, floors, elevators, and staircases. Professional cleaners know the COVID-19 cleaning guidelines and use medical-grade cleaning solutions for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. 

Cleaning with medically approved disinfecting agents is indispensable for bank cleanliness because hundreds of people frequent there, hand over cash and other documents, and touch them here and there.  

Unsanitized surfaces and items at the bank become the breeding grounds of germs and lead to the spread of infections to employees. Therefore, hiring a cleaning company will help prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses! 

Don't let dirt or dust accumulate over time

When you hire a commercial cleaning agency, they assign specialized cleaning experts to clean your bank office. As experts dedicated to the job, they clean every nook, corner, and surface of your office, including carpets, furniture covers, blinds, etc.  

They will offer their cleaning services regularly, not letting dirt or dust accumulate anywhere or on any surface. Hiring a cleaning company will help you maintain a clean, spotless, and welcoming environment for employees and customers. 

Maintain the bank's professional esteem

When you keep your bank's indoors and premises exceptionally clean, it helps to maintain its corporate image and professional stance. So, your cleaning staff must understand this and go to any extent to keep your bank tidy, aseptically appealing, and spotlessly shiny.

A commercial cleaning service understands this and protects your bank's professional image by offering comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services. 

Provide a hygienic working environment for employees

Getting dedicated commercial cleaning services comes with many benefits! But, primarily, it will help you maintain a clean office environment for your employees. It will eventually improve their job performance as they can work comfortably in a hygienic space. 

With proper measures taken by the cleaning agency for sanitizing surfaces and preventing disinfection, bank employees don't fall sick and take fewer sick leaves. So, indirectly, commercial cleaning contributes to increased productivity of your bank services.   

How is hiring Sterling Cleaning Services beneficial for bank cleaning?

Cleaning your bank's premises and interior office spaces falls under elementary management duties. While the general housekeeping staff can do the basic cleaning tasks, what about the specific commercial bank cleaning tasks? 

Many tedious, complex, and minute tasks like vacuuming carpets, deep cleaning restrooms, washing curtains, cleaning vents, disinfecting touch surfaces, dusting hardware devices and desks, etc., are only possible for some housekeepers.  

Many of these tasks need expertise or advanced equipment, so hiring a commercial cleaning company is crucial. We at Sterling Cleaning Services can be your ideal cleaning service partner for many reasons.  

Here's how our cleaning services will help your bank maintain a spotless, professional environment!

Team of experts

At Sterling Cleaning Services, you don't just get cleaners. You get a team of proficient cleaners trained in various cleaning duties. They are adept at all the tasks under a commercial bank cleaning checklist. 

As experts, they are highly aware and trained in commercial cleaning and hygiene standards. They will clean every nook and corner of your corner, catering to your unique needs. 

Safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents

We do not use or apply chemicals or toxic cleaning agents to get spotless and shiny surfaces. We use natural agents, especially eco-friendly agents, which cause no smelly air or irritation on the nose or eyes after cleaning. 

Cleaning checklist

We understand the deep cleaning needs for maintaining banks' aesthetic and professional appeal. Also, banks need a pristine and hygienic environment for employees' and customers' health and safety.  

Depending on the bank's needs, we prepare a specific bank cleaning checklist encompassing cleaning all areas, objects, and surfaces.

Flexible cleaning schedule

You can choose a cleaning schedule at your convenience at Sterling Cleaning Services. You can select daily cleaning services at a particular time of the day, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning. We offer every cleaning schedule at affordable prices so that maintaining the cleanliness of your bank office keeps your bank's operational budget intact. 

Talk to Experts at Sterling Cleaning Services for Your Bank!

Banks are higher-level financial institutions that deal with people's finances or financial needs. These institutions need to develop trust in customers so that they can rely on them with their cash and financial assets. Thus, along with solid security checks, what's equally essential for banks is to maintain a hygienic and sophisticated environment that looks trustworthy to anyone. 

While the housekeeping custodians and maintenance clerks will help you with basic cleaning and upkeep of your bank office, many rigorous deep cleaning tasks and minor duties need advanced equipment or particular expertise. Hiring a professional cleaning company is thus a straightforward way to maintain your bank office's supreme cleanliness and professional appearance.

When it comes to professional cleaning services, look no further than Sterling Cleaning Services! We are a renowned and reliable commercial cleaning company in NYC offering all-round cleaning services to residential and business facilities for years.  

Our avant-garde cleaning techniques and inherent expertise help you maintain a healthy, unblemished, and professional-looking environment at your bank, enabling you to get more customers and satisfied employees.  

What are you waiting for? Reach out to our experts today for premium cleaning services at reasonable costs!

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