Commercial Cleaning Checklist

April 28, 2023

Commercial Cleaning Checklist For A Spotless Business

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Maintaining a tidy and hygienic workplace is one of the fundamental duties of any business, irrespective of its size or industry. It not only helps in showing the professionalism of the business but also contributes to the well-being and efficiency of the employees who work there and spend maximum time of their day. 

A clean and pleasant environment makes the employees comfortable while they are at your workplace. On the other hand, it impresses the customers or visitors and presents your business in a good light. 

However, keeping every corner of your commercial space clean is challenging! With many places and things to clean, it is normal to skip one or the other. That’s it is useful to have a commercial cleaning checklist in place to ensure that every nook and cranny of your business space is cleaned, making it look unblemished and aesthetic. 

In this comprehensive guide, we have provided you with details of the business cleaning checklist and how to implement it to create a spotless space. Whether you own an office, a commercial building, a retail storefront, a supermarket, or a restaurant, following this checklist will make your space neat and hygienic. Take a read. 

How Does Keeping Your Workspace Clean Helps In Business?

A healthy and tidy workspace is the cornerstone of running your business successfully. Apart from reflecting your professionalism, it maintains an ambiance that fosters positivity and boosts the productivity of your employees. 

If you are the owner of a commercial space, learn about these inherent benefits of keeping it clean and hygienic all the time.

1. Happier and more satisfied employees

For every employee, the office or workspace is like their second home. That’s why owners need to keep it clean to ensure that the employees feel at home where they can be safe and comfortable. Considering that an employee stays for 8 hours in a workplace, you are further required to focus on cleaning it by following a detailed office cleaning checklist, regularly.

Also, employees are the representatives of your business or brand. They possibly talk about the office and their work environment in their circles i.e., among friends and families or on social media. If they are unsatisfied with the working environment, they are unlikely to talk positively about the business anywhere and help in its promotion. Though hiring professional commercial cleaning services can help ensure that your workspace is always tidy and presentable. Check-out our step-by-step process of hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business.

2. Makes your first impression count

A clean and posh business environment appeals to potential clients during their first visit! It makes them confident to make a deal or engage with your business because everything in the environment looks professional. Dirty floors, cluttered and dusty reception area, or foul smell shows an office’s negligence to create an inviting atmosphere for the clients and employees. 

Such a business environment shows that you lack professionalism and is a straightway red signal for the clients who came for some prospective deals or employees who came for job opportunities. 

3. Uplifts your brand image

No matter what products or services you are selling, a rational customer will always judge the quality of your products or services by the way your business space looks like. Thus, no matter what your space engages in, whether it’s a restaurant, selling retail items, or providing financial services, a potential customer will decide to buy from your business only if your space looks tidy and organized. 

So, never let a messy and dirty workspace turn away your potential customers and hence, your chance to make sales. 

4. Improves indoor air quality

Air quality truly influences the hygiene and freshness of a work environment and consequently, affects the work quality and productivity of the employees. Poor air quality also directly affects the health of the employees by causing airborne diseases, odors, suffocation, and breathing problems. Keeping you HVAC system clean & mold-free can improve indoor air quality.

You can explore our step-by-step guide on cleaning air ducts and the complete process of cleaning the air vents.

While polluted and smelly air is caused by dirt from shoes, dust from external sources, mold growths, etc., deep cleaning helps maintain cleaner air. For that, cleaning your workspace regularly by ticking off all the commercial cleaning tasks will ensure good air quality. Many workspaces also like to keep indoor plants for filtering pollutants and supplying the space with an additional level of oxygen. 

5. Avoids pests and insects

Dirt, grime, food particles, and any other litter in the office space make it a breeding ground for pests and insects. The corners of the chairs, desks, and furniture easily trap the insects and rot them. 

Pests and insects multiply if they get a favorable breeding environment and might go out of hand if their growth is not prevented. To avoid the situation from escalating, get your workspace deep cleaned by professionals who have the proper cleaning equipment to deal with any kind of insect or pest issues.

Costs Of Keeping Your Business Space Dirty

With the purpose to save some money, many businesses skip the part of getting their space cleaned by professionals. They get it done by their housekeeping staff instead. But, that does not include the necessary cleaning tasks of the commercial cleaning checklist for business such as refinishing floors, cleaning windows and glass panes, vacuuming carpets and rugs, and cleaning kitchens.
Even if some businesses hire professionals, they do it rarely to save their costs. But, they hardly realize that savings in the short term have serious repercussions that leave their business with some losses. 

The following section points out the hidden costs of cleaning your business space and keeping it dirty. 

1. Unhygienic work environment

Cleanliness is directly proportional to the health and safety of employees in a workplace! If any employee falls sick in unhygienic conditions or faces an accident like slipping over the dirt or liquid spill, he or she can seek compensation by filing against the company and pointing out the office’s neglect of cleanliness. 

So, to avoid any such hefty compensation, you should focus on regularly cleaning your work environment.

2. Brings down the company’s morale

A company’s morale is built by the overall satisfaction, perception, and confidence level of the employees. When morale is high, employee retention increases. It’s because employees feel contented about working in your office space, build relations with others, develop a positive outlook, and work efficiently. 

In contrary to this, employees feel demotivated to work in an untidy office space and that affects their productivity and hence, your profits in the long run. 

3. Results in a stressful environment

While work already creates tensions and stress for the employees, why amplify it by making them work in a cluttered and tidy workspace? An unhygienic environment can result in both short-term and long-term impacts on the employees’ health and so their productivity. They continuously fear getting sick when they have to eat/drink in an unhygienic cafeteria, use infected toilets, and work on dirty desks. 

Shabby and unhealthy office space not only stresses the employees but also the employers. It’s because the employees continuously react by criticizing and complaining about the work environment. Over time, stress reduces the motivation of both parties, resulting in a lower standard of work and poor quality products or services. Needless to say, your business can experience losses due to deterioration in product or service quality when the space is not cleaned and maintained. 

4. Higher absenteeism 

A filthy office environment gives spots or hotbeds for microorganisms to grow, including mold, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens. Working regularly for 7-8 hours in such an atmosphere will inevitably make some of your employees ill, leading to more sick leaves and absenteeism. 

Employees getting sick frequently cause an incompetent workforce, which declines the productivity of your business. To avoid loss in productivity, get your office cleaned at regular intervals and maintain its hygiene level to keep employees hale and hearty.  

Summing up all these costs certainly makes you realize why cleaning and maintaining your business space with the help of a professional cleaning team and a commercial cleaning checklist is necessary! There are productivity, financial, and safety issues arising from a dirty office environment. Thereby, all the costs you invest in maintaining the cleanliness of your work environment are worth it.  

The Tools Needed For Commercial Cleaning

No business is ever ready to face the costs of a dirty work environment and that’s why hiring a commercial cleaning company is the best decision ever. The outsourced professional cleaners come with a detailed cleaning checklist for business and several high-grade equipment and cleaning supplies. 
Here are listed some of the essential equipment and solutions that are required for cleaning a commercial space.

1. Commercial-grade vacuum

Office spaces have heavy carpets, rugs, a large number of chairs and sofas, and vast floor spaces that need to be vacuumed frequently. Therefore, a normal vacuum cleaner won’t be good enough but a commercial-grade cleaner is required. Some of the common vacuums that are used in industrial settings are Stanley’s Wet/Dry Vacuum, Sanitaire Force Upright Commercial Vacuum, and Hoover Commercial Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

2. Dehumidifier

Mold or mildew grows on the walls or shabby corners of the office space when the climate is humid or the space remains closed 24x7 which doesn’t let get any sunlight. Dehumidifier is useful for removing the excess water absorbed in the space due to damp or moist conditions. It reduces the humidity level to an extent that seems good for preventing mold growth or mildew.

3. Air scrubber

An air scrubber is one of the high-end cleaning equipment that is useful for removing any type of air pollutants, dust, pet dander, surface contaminants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It even catches micro-particles such as mold and bacteria, and thereby, purifies the air. 

Apart from the above commercial equipment, there are some basic cleaning supplies and tools that you need for cleaning your office.

  • Buckets
  • Mop
  • Dustpan and broom 
  • Dusters
  • Spray bottles
  • Plenty of microfibre cloths 
  • Rubber gloves
  • Squeegees
  • Gloves
  • Garbage bags
  • Cleaning carts

Also don’t forget about the staple cleaning solutions that you will need for cleaning, mopping the floors, and wiping the furniture and fittings. 

  • General surface sprays
  • Glass cleaning sprays
  • Disinfectant solution spray
  • Concentrate solution floor cleaner
  • Soap scum removers
  • Disinfectants
  • All-purpose cleaners

Commercial Cleaning Checklists For Your Business Space

The staff or employees spend 8-10 hours in the workspace for 5 days a week! Besides, there are frequent visits from clients and business associates, and a tidy office space helps create a positive impression on them. The importance of cleaning your office space regularly isn’t just limited to maintaining a clean environment for ensuring the health of the employees. It is also about increasing productivity, enhanced office asset longevity, higher morale, and better office reputation. 

To get your office cleaned thoroughly, the first thing you need is an office deep cleaning checklist. No matter what is the size of your office space or what type of work it’s involved in, its cleaning process entails a host of tasks. From the desks and common areas to kitchens and restrooms, every area needs to be tidied up. 

To assist you in your office cleaning process, we have curated 3 commercial cleaning checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning respectively. Relying on these checklists has helped our many clients to keep their commercial places clean and unspoiled regardless of the activities and foot traffic they experience. Take a look at each of our checklists!

Daily Cleaning Checklist For Office Space – By Area

A majority of areas in the office spaces have to be cleaned regularly because they get higher footfall or occupants. It mainly includes floors, desks, restrooms, reception areas, and a kitchen. Keeping these areas clean and hygienic is necessary to make the employees comfortable and stress-free, thereby improving productivity and output.

1. Work areas/cubicles

The most occupied sections of any office space are the work areas that include desks or cubicles, conference rooms, IT segments, CEO rooms, and other rooms. These areas are always occupied by employees who make these places hot spots of microorganisms, germs, and dirt. They carry dirt through their shoes and bags and create a mess of the desks with paper cuts, accidental spills of tea/coffee, and dropping food particles. 

Germs and allergens also float in such occupied areas due to sneezing, coughing, and physical contamination. Needless to say, not cleaning these places regularly will make employees vulnerable to illnesses. 

Thus, pay attention to keeping these areas clean and sanitary for protecting the health of your employees. 

Here’s a checklist for cleaning your work areas. 

  1. Dust the desks, drawers, and cabinets below the desks with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Gently dust the computer screens or laptop screens, keyboards, printers, phones, headphones, and other devices on the desk. 
  3. Dust the desk accessories including calendars, pen stands, notepad holders, photos, art and craft items, posters, etc.
  4. With the use of a quality sanitizer, wipe the desks, keyboards, mice, phones, lamps, and chair arms that mostly come in contact with the hands. 
  5. Take back any coffee mugs, plates, bottles, utensils, and any kitchen items that are left forgetfully by the employees.
  6. Wipe down the glass of windows, conference tables, and other glass surfaces including doors and partitions of the rooms with the help of a glass cleaner. 
  7. Sweep and then mop the floors with a good cleaning solution.
  8. Dust the computers, equipment, and cables present in the IT segment or room. 
  9. Empty all the trash cans placed anywhere in between the rows of desks and place new liners on them.

2. Reception or waiting area

The reception area or waiting area of the offices is not always occupied by a large number of people but gets footfall consistently throughout the day in the form of visitors, clients, job applicants, delivery boys, office members, and employees. 

Keeping the reception or waiting area clean should be a priority in your daily commercial cleaning list! It is necessary to make sure that none of the visitors, office employees, and the receptionist wait or spend time uneasily in the reception area. 

To help you tidy up the reception area, we prepared this comprehensive commercial cleaning tasks checklist. 

  1. Organize the items including decors at the reception area. 
  2. Dust the floor mats/entrance mat. 
  3. Sweep and mop the floors.
  4. Wipe the surfaces of the reception desks, cabinets, sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. 
  5. Empty the dustbins and place new liners. 
  6. De-clutter the coffee table and place all the items including magazines, paperwork, flower vase, etc. properly arranged in place. 
  7. Dust the tables, lamps, window shades, vents, couches, file storage units, and other furniture. 
  8. Apply disinfectant on high-contact surfaces like door knobs, biometric or security keypads, switches, and cabinet handles. 
  9. Use a deodorizer or air freshener to purify the air and make it smell too good. 

3. Restrooms

There must be a much greater focus on cleaning and disinfecting the restrooms or bathrooms.
Unhygienic toilets lead to the risks of severe infections and make anyone reluctant to use them. It is therefore must be a part of the daily office building cleaning checklist to prevent hygiene issues and make anyone comfortable using the toilets. 

Here’s a checklist for restroom cleaning regularly that will help you. 

  1. Sweep the floors and make them free of liquid spills, dirt, and litter.
  2. Mop the floors with a strong cleaning solution and then with a disinfectant. 
  3. Empty all the trash cans of toilet cubicles and replace them with fresh liners.
  4. Wipe down all the hard touch surfaces using a disinfectant. 
  5. Wash thoroughly the toilet bowls with a brush and strong cleaner, and follow it by disinfecting the seats. 
  6. Wash and disinfect all the sinks, basins, doors, door handles, and other fixtures in the bathrooms. 
  7. Refill the soap dispensers. 
  8. Wipe the glass surfaces such as mirrors and brass, with the glass cleaning solution to ensure that there are not a single streak marks present. 
  9. Refill the toilet paper or paper towel dispensers.

4. Kitchen/Break Rooms 

Break rooms or kitchens are shared office spaces, and it’s vital to keep them free of germs, trash, and clutter. Employees have their meals and drinks in break rooms and it is a common sight to see crumbs of food and liquid spills on floors and surfaces. 

Also, the kitchen areas have appliances like coffee machines, refrigerators, and microwaves which should be tidied every day so that none feels disgusted to use them. Food particles trapped in the surfaces or mats of the kitchen also invite critters, insects, and foul odor.  

While cleaning up your office’s kitchen areas seems challenging, this complete checklist will help. 
Remove all the wrappers, food crumbles, expired perishables, and other unwanted stuff from the kitchen tops and surfaces where employees eat.

  1. Sweep and mop the floors to make them free of spills or litter. 
  2. Clean all the utensils and put them in appropriate places in the cabinets. 
  3. Dust and clean the appliances. 
  4. Wipe down the kitchen sink and faucet, followed by disinfecting them.
  5. Check the coffee pot and replace any old coffee grounds with fresh grounds. 
  6. Ensure the water cooler is clean and there are drinking cups available.
  7. Empty the kitchen area of any unclaimed items including plastic bags, paper mugs, etc. 

5. Common areas

Common areas of business space include entryways, hallways, lobbies, and also parking lots. All these areas get maximum footfall in a day as they are visited and used by every member of the office. It is a mandatory duty of the business to keep these common areas tidy and comfortable because most employees stroll, gossip, or spend their free time in these areas. 

To keep your common places clean, follow these steps of the commercial office cleaning checklist.

  1. Clean the floors and make them free of dirt, grime, paper, and other mess. 
  2. Mop them with a disinfectant.
  3. Dust and wipe down the chairs, sofas, and other seating areas. 
  4. Empty the trash cans and replace them with new liners.
  5. Dust the wall hangings, paintings, signage, and other decor items placed in the lobby or hallways. 
  6. Sweep the parking lots and make them free of any debris that can hamper the wheels. 
  7. Cut, trim, and clean the excess plant growths in the flower beds of parking areas and entryways. 

Weekly Cleaning Checklist For Office Space – By Area

If you sincerely tick off every step of the daily commercial cleaning checklist, there are a few weekly cleaning tasks left for you. However, you must need a professional cleaning service provider to get the tasks done as some of the steps require high-grade equipment and cleaning expertise.

1. Work areas/cubicles

If you are organizing and cleaning the work desks or cubicles regularly, then these few cleaning duties are left to be done every week. 

  1. With the use of a quality sanitizer, wipe the desks, keyboards, mice, phones, lamps, and chair arms that mostly come in contact with hands. 
  2. Wipe down every nook and corner of the desks as well as the tops of the cubicle partitions using a damp microfiber cloth.
  3. Disinfect the computer screens, keyboards, and surfaces of other devices. 
  4. Dust the windows, window sills, blinds, and curtains.
  5. Vacuum the floors, and areas under the desks and tables. 

2. Reception or waiting area

The weekly tasks for cleaning the reception or waiting area that come under the business cleaning checklist are as follows. 

  1. Using a sanitizer, wipe the reception desk, telephones, computer keyboard and mouse, chair arms, and coffee table.
  2. Disinfect the table items like water bottles, water cups, notepad holders, pen stand, and phones.
  3. Wipe the glass doors and frosted glass dividers, windows, and window sills, with a glass cleaning solution and disinfectant.
  4. Clean and wipe the TV screens, phones, vases, lamps, photos, mementos, paintings, and other decor items. 
  5. Vacuum the carpets or mats, and areas under the sofas, desks, coffee tables, and chairs. 

3. Restrooms 

While restrooms must be cleaned regularly, there are only a few tasks to be done weekly, and nothing much is left as monthly cleaning tasks. The weekly cleaning duties involved for the restrooms or bathrooms of your business space include the following.

  1. Sweep the floors and mop the floors with a strong cleaning solution, followed by a disinfectant.
  2. Sanitize the tiles floors and walls, and clean thoroughly the grouts in the tiles.
  3. Check the faucets, hand dryers, and other equipment like soap dispensers, if any. 
  4. Vacuum the floors and mop them.

4. Kitchen/Break Rooms

Like restrooms, you need to tidy your office’s kitchen areas or break rooms regularly since they are exposed to higher footfall and heavy usage every day. 
However, there are some nooks and crannies that you are only required to clean once a week. Apart from that, there are no major monthly cleaning tasks left for the kitchen areas. Here’s a weekly cleaning checklist for the kitchen to follow.

  1. Empty the refrigerator, and dispose of unused/waste/perished food items.
  2. Clean the coffee machine, microwave, and water purifier in and out.
  3. Disinfect the kitchen table tops, eating surfaces, sink, and faucet.
  4. Vacuum the floors, cabinets, and places under the kitchen tops. 
  5. Polish the surfaces of the appliances to make them look cleaner. 

5. Common areas

Most offices or business spaces dedicate a lot of time once a week to cleaning the common areas while focusing on cleaning the rest of the areas daily. Weekly cleaning tasks of common areas include the following.

  1. Clear the cobwebs out the corners and walls of the lobby, hallways, and gateways. 
  2. Dust the windows, blinds, and curtains. 
  3. Pressure wash the floors of the entryways and parking lots. 
  4. Dust and clean the vents, lights, lamp stands, etc.
  5. Clean and vacuum the places under the chairs, sofas, and any hard-to-reach surfaces to make them free of dirt and germs. 
  6. Vacuum the carpets, rugs, sofas, and chairs.
  7. Wipe and polish the entrance gates, exit gates, boards, and signage.  

Monthly Cleaning Checklist For Office Space – By Area

There’s nothing much to include on the monthly cleaning list for business since the ideal way to maintain a tidier and healthier business space is to clean it frequently. That’s why most of the cleaning tasks are done regularly and weekly! Only the tedious office cleaning procedures that need professional assistance are made a monthly routine. Most of these procedures relate to cleaning large areas or areas that are difficult to reach. No doubt, it is best to rely on a commercial cleaning company for these hardcore steps of the monthly commercial cleaning schedule. 

1. Work areas/cubicles

Ask your dedicated cleaning service provider to do these tough cleaning tasks of cubicles or work areas on the checklist. 

  1. Deep wash the fabric of the furniture to remove spots, stains, spill marks, ink marks, etc.
  2. Clean and condition the carpets and rugs with shampoo or other reliable cleaning solutions. 
  3. Vacuum all the air vents.
  4. Dust the corners and bottoms of the desks, chairs, and devices to remove cobwebs.
  5. Rub thoroughly using a damp mop and a cleaning solution to make the floors look polished. 
  6. Deep clean the keyboards, mouses, screens, cables, copiers, printers, and other equipment.

2. Reception or waiting area

The reception area which is the inviting area of your business space needs to look supremely clean every day no matter what and must be able to create a positive first impression on the visitors. Apart from several daily and weekly cleaning tasks, these tasks are included in the monthly office cleaning schedule for reception areas. 

  1. Spot-clean the sofas, ottomans, and other fabric furniture to make them spotless. 
  2. Vacuum the places under the sofas, desks, and coffee tables. 
  3. Deep clean the floor surfaces and remove tile grouts. 
  4. Shampoo-wash the carpets and condition them.
  5. Dust and clean the fans/air conditioners. 
  6. Rub, wipe, and polish the hardwood surfaces (cabinets, desks, showcases, and coffee tables) to make your reception area look pristine and shiny. 
  7. Clean the walls and high-height windows with the help of special cleaning equipment. 

3. Common rooms

For all the common areas of your business space, we have enlisted the following cleaning tasks in your monthly checklist for office cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the carpets and welcome mat in the entryways.
  2. Clean the parking lot to remove any office scraps. 
  3. Remove twigs, dead plants, etc. from the flower beds.
  4. Inspect and remove all the obstacles including trash carts and unused vehicles from the entryways and parking lots to make them easily accessible to the employees and guests.   
  5. Clean the tiles and grouts of the lobby and other common walking spaces to make them look polished. 

4. Kitchen/Break Rooms 

Most cleaning tasks for your kitchen must be done regularly and weekly. However, hire a professional once a time in a month for the following.

  1. Deep clean the walls around the areas where food is eaten to make them look hygienic and spotless. 
  2. Replace or thoroughly clean the utensils and cutlery holders. 

5. Restrooms

Just like the kitchen, most of the cleaning requirements of restrooms or bathrooms are done regularly and weekly. However, take care of these few things with your cleaning provider once a month.

  1. Thoroughly polish the floor surfaces.
  2. Using a scrub, deep clean the toilet seats, followed by a disinfectant.

Best Tips For Implementing The Office Cleaning Checklist Effectively

Preparing inclusive commercial cleaning checklists is just the first step to cleaning and maintaining your office or business space. There’s a lot more for you to consider and do to make sure that everything on the checklist is ticked off. So, we thought of providing you with some tips for the implementation of the checklist.

1. Document the checklist

There are tons of tasks that you and your hired cleaners are required to do to make your office space spotless. But, don’t you think it is nearly impossible to remember all the tasks and steps of your checklist or schedule? To avoid skipping any step or area, it is best to document the cleaning schedule for your business space and distribute them to the janitors and concerned staff of your cleaning company.

2. Communicate your needs and expectations

When you are ready to start with the cleaning procedures of different areas one by one, make sure the concerned persons understand your expectations who could be office janitors or the hired staff. They should realize the importance of employee safety and hygiene in the office space.

3. Create policy/policies to organize the workspace

The more organized the workspace is, the faster and easier it gets to clean the space. Thus, kick off new policies from time to time that emphasize de-cluttering the workspaces.

4. Promote cleanliness

You cannot maintain cleanliness in your business space until the employees i.e., key occupants realize the importance of keeping their space sanitary and unblemished. It’s therefore crucial to continuously promote messages to establish a common mindset in employees regarding cleanliness. One of the effective ways to do that is by rolling out emails reminding them to keep desks, kitchens, and common areas clean. Also, appoint a supervisor who can find and hold employees accountable for creating a mess in a clean space.

Benefits Of Prioritizing Commercial Cleaning Tasks In Your Office

No room for doubt cleaning and sanitizing the office spaces is a priority not just for the well-being of employees but also for ensuring a productive work environment. 

Prioritizing the cleanliness of your commercial space also means getting it cleaned meticulously with the help of a specialized cleaning company. With them, you can make every nook and corner of your space shine while reflecting your professionalism.

Here are some of the prominent benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company and prioritizing the cleanliness of your workspace. 

1. Prevent sicknesses in employees and nurtures morale

Of course, your employees are going to fall less sick when they work in a super-clean and sterilized environment. Dirt, clutter, allergens, and odor in the work areas make it hard for the employees to concentrate. An uncomfortable environment naturally reduces the morale of the employees, which affects productivity. 

Thus, to avoid frequent sicknesses, nurture a happy and healthy environment where employees’ morale is high. For that, prioritize the deep cleaning of your office space

2. Maintain your office equipment and increase their longevity 

When dirt and dust build up on computers, printers, devices, and kitchen appliances, they are sure to become non-functional within a short time. For instance, food particles or liquid spills on the keyboard make the keys sticky that needs to be cleaned and repaired by the IT team. 

To avoid frequent, unnecessary, and costly replacements of your office equipment, you must keep dusting and cleaning every device in your workspace on a priority basis. 

3. Find issues and fix them on time

While cleaning devices, and appliances of your office according to a commercial deep cleaning checklist, the janitors or professional cleaners are sure to find one or few issues that could have gone unnoticed otherwise. 

For instance, they can discover mold spores in a damp corner or a pipe leakage while cleaning the faucets of the toilets. You can hence take care of these issues as soon as possible ensuring no convenience is caused to the employees.

4. Boost your reputation and brand image

Having a spotless and non-messy work environment makes your business looks like it’s progressing and succeeding. On the other hand, having stained walls, dusty furniture, and cluttered floors give the idea to the clients that you are not good at managing the property and hence, might not be with their project. 

An unclean office premise is surely not making them come back. Thus, to build a positive brand image and trustworthiness of your business, it is imperative to get your office cleaned regularly.

Why Give Your Cleaning Responsibilities To Professionals?

Getting your business space cleaned effectively by your housekeeping staff and supervising their duties can be daunting amidst a lot of day-to-day business functions. That’s why hiring a professional local cleaning company in NYC is useful. Assign them the duties of deep cleaning your business premise and get it cleaned thoroughly without any hassle!

Though it's suggested to consider the cost of deep cleaning services before taking informed decision.

By following an all-inclusive commercial cleaning checklist, they will tidy up every corner and stuff in your workspace with the best care. Here are some brief points explaining how assigning your cleaning responsibilities to a professional team will be advantageous for you.

1. They offer flexible contracts

Most reliable cleaning agencies offer flexible cleaning contracts that help businesses get their workspace cleaned adjusting to their work schedule, office space, and cleaning needs. Also, they can provide services daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

We have clients who require certain cleaning tasks to be done daily during the early morning hours while needing a few deep cleaning tasks once a week! So, we tailor-make our contracts according to their wants ensuring no inconvenience is caused to their business operations or employees. 

2. They bring high-end cleaning equipment

Professional cleaners have industry-grade specialized equipment for each type of cleaning activity. This enables them to deep clean your office space, making it look unblemished and fresh in a quick time. 

A noteworthy tool that they use for removing bacteria and microbes from the air by releasing a fine mist that reaches every corner and hidden place in your office. It was even quite effective in disinfecting commercial places during the COVID era. Thus, a professional cleaner will make your entire workspace hygienic for the well-being of the employees.

3. They are highly experienced

Trained and experienced cleaning personnel will not just use specialized tools to clean everything efficiently but also get everything done with a great level of attention and care. They ensure all the areas, furniture, fixtures, devices, and objects in your workspace are optimally clean, ensuring their usefulness and longevity. 

It is impossible to get such assurance for deep cleaning with your general janitors or housekeeping staff. 

4. They provide end-to-end services

When you hire a team of professional cleaners, they leave no task for your office’s housekeeping or cleaning staff. From carpet cleaning to organizing the space, assorting the waste to disposing of the waste, replacing liners in the trash bins to refilling stocks in the restrooms, they do everything following their office cleaning services checklist. 

Also, they bring all the necessary cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment with them. Thus, you never have to worry a bit when trained cleaners are by your side.

5. They ensure the safety of your assets

With a dedicated cleaning agency, you do not just get your office space deep cleaned efficiently but also be assured that your property and assets are in safe hands. They take special care in handling computers, appliances, and other devices. When it’s about moving the furniture and de-cluttering a space, they will do it cautiously. Also, they always make sure to use non-hazardous cleaning solutions that will make your surfaces polished without damaging or fading them.  

How Inspecting The Progress Of Your Cleanliness Will Benefit You?

Getting professional cleaning services from an expert cleaning service company is not enough until you keep inspecting your routine cleanliness. Inspecting the cleanliness of your business space from time to time will provide you with several benefits. 

1. Pristine clean ambiance 

Consistent inspections parallel to cleaning ensure that no area or spot is left untidy and resultantly, your office is pristine and hygienic. The hired staff may miss out on any room or area, or there might be some miscommunication that made them miss any of your cleaning requirements. 

When you check or inspect your space after the cleaning professionals have left, you can easily find areas that are still unclean or messy. So, you can request them for re-cleaning. Inspections also enable you to track the hygiene status of your workspace. For instance, if still stains or odors are lingering in the toilets, you can ask the company to come up with better cleaning solutions next time. 

2. Brings consistency to your cleaning standards

When the same cleaning procedures and cleaning solutions are used for cleaning your business space daily, you will be able to maintain certain cleaning standards. Most importantly, an experienced company works by following a commercial office cleaning checklist that helps to:

  • Keep track of areas and surfaces cleaned.
  • Meet expectations of cleanliness.
  • Make cleaning staff accountable.
  • Evaluate the performance of the cleaning crew.

3. Decide the frequency of cleaning

Inspecting the cleanliness of your business space after the team of professionals has done their job will help schedule your next cleaning routine. In other words, doing inspections in between your cleaning routines enables you to decide the frequency of cleaning your office or commercial space. 

For instance, if you check and find that common areas and reception areas look too clean and posh after deep cleaning, you may decide to do it again after 2-3 weeks. Thus, you could save up your costs by inspecting cleanliness and deciding the appropriate frequency for hiring professional cleaners.

DIY Tips To Help You Maintain a Clean & Spotless Business Space

While a majority of your office cleaning tasks will be performed by a professional cleaning company, you and your employees are also required to do some minor tasks daily to ensure a spotless and fresh environment is maintained. 

These DIY tips will help you and your employees to maintain a tidier environment all the time!

  1. Put desk items and devices in the places where they are supposed to be.
  2. Stack your endless files and paperwork in folders and keep them in appropriate places like cupboards and cabinets. 
  3. Use a brush or sticky materials for cleaning the dirt and crumbles in your keyboards.
  4. For disposing of paper and other small items off your desk frequently, keep mini dustbins at each desk. 
  5. Make it a habit for employees to clean their desks, dispose of paper cups in the bins, and wipe the table or eating area after having their lunch breaks. 
  6. Keep wipes within a hand’s reach for cleaning liquid spills anywhere in the desk or eating area. 
  7. Promote the use of sanitizers among your employees to avoid the spread of infections and germs among each other. 
  8. Keep coasters on the desk for protecting the surfaces from stains from coffee mugs. 
  9. Sort the hanging wires or cables from the IT devices by using wire bands, which keep the desks organized. 
  10. Make it a habit for the employees to rub shoes on the carpets before entering the workspace. 

How often should you clean each area?  

Frequent cleaning is the key to a well-maintained area. The cleaning process may vary from one area to another, for example, one area may need daily dusting and cleaning while another area may need just monthly deep cleaning. However, cleaning routinely makes the office look remarkably presentable. It is also a way to keep all illnesses at bay and eliminate disease-causing germs. 

How to maintain office cleanliness between professional cleanings?  

Between periodic professional office cleaning, and maintaining workplace cleanliness is necessary. You can start by organizing office materials, de-cluttering unnecessary items, using air fresheners more often, clearing litter from wherever you can, and dusting laptops, printers, and other technical gadgets. These small acts will help maintain a refreshing and welcoming office environment in between professional cleanings.  

Ideally, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are the best items that can be used to clean an office. The lesser harmful chemicals used, the better the work environment. But if one doesn’t find such products, try a damp cloth/towel, water, and normal soap water for some (not all) surfaces. You can ask a cleaning expert to guide you about it as every area needs different cleaning solutions. 

How to Make Use Of Your Commercial Cleaning Checklist Effectively? 

Checklists for commercial cleaning services not only ensure every part or space is cleaned efficiently but also help the cleaning professionals to do their tasks responsibly and optimally.  

Before you create a commercial cleaning checklist that helps in deep cleaning your office space and maintaining it, you should know how to use it. Keep in mind these surefire tips to make use of your business office cleaning checklist effectively.  

  • Include all the aspects of cleaning so that no area, space, spot, furniture, etc. that is included in the cleaning requirements of your business are left out.
  • You must establish on the office deep cleaning checklist what areas have to be cleaned, what is the criterion or standard of their cleanliness, non-conformity issues that must be checked, and the frequency of cleaning them. 
  • You should provide an additional section with each step of the checklist where cleaners can provide observations, issues, or difficulties faced. It will help the cleaners in the successivecleaning session.
  • Make use of your checklist to prepare a cleaning report on a daily or weekly basis and mention the progress /status of a cleaning task.

Hire Our Professionals To Use The Commercial Cleaning Checklist For Your Business!

Keeping your business top-notch clean surely brings a range of benefits to your business. Not only it enhances the well-being of your employees but also makes them more productive.

Also, a clean and posh work environment appeals to potential clients and leaves a brilliant impression on your business. So, you have got more chances to close potential deals and make way for more success! 
Deep cleaning your business space can be plain sailing for you when you have a dedicated team of cleaning professionals who make use of a comprehensive commercial cleaning checklist while delivering their services.

If you are looking for such professionals to get high-quality cleaning services for your business space, Sterling Cleaning Services is the one! We offer our cleaning services to offices and multiple commercial facilities across NYC ensuring to make their internal and external environment supremely clean and livable!

Talk and schedule the cleaning of your business space with our cleaning experts today.   

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