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May 18, 2024

Nursing Home Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Guide

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Every property has a standard maintenance and hygiene protocol to follow. The protocols became even stricter after the Covid-19 pandemic. Like hospitals and medical centers, keeping a nursing home hygienic is vital for the health and welfare of the people in it.

It is a space where elderly and disabled persons stay under professional nurses' care with medical aid. Bright, clean rooms are essential for everyone’s health- residents, visitors, and the workforce.

Having a proper checklist can ensure that every corner is clean and sterile. Here, we provide a comprehensive nursing home cleaning checklist, breaking it into daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

Whether you are a nursing home cleaning team, caregiver, or supervisor, this checklist will help everyone. It will maintain a protected and relaxing setting for everybody in the facility.

Importance of Nursing Home Cleaning

Cleaning is eliminating dirt and microorganisms that might cause illness in humans. It is wise to review all the general cleaning guidelines and plan accordingly. One big reason for cleaning is to stop the spread of germs. If cleaners clean these surfaces regularly, we can kill those germs and prevent them from spreading.

Some nursing homes may have people more susceptible to illness, such as elderly individuals or those with medical issues. Thus, it is critical to keep the area tidy to keep them safe. It is crucial to clean nursing homes to maintain everyone's health and safety.

Another reason to have a clean nursing home is to prevent infection. In nursing homes, where many senior citizens and disabled individuals live close together, infections may spread quickly. That's why the cleanliness of everything, from bathrooms to floors and shared spaces, is crucial.

Cleaning nursing homes also means keeping a refreshed and welcoming atmosphere as people spend most of their time here. Sometimes, cleaning staff takes distinct measures to clean the facility during the flu season or other unforeseen situations to eliminate the spread of infection.

Why Use a Cleaning Checklist?

Using a cleaning checklist for nursing homes, cleaners can ensure that they don't overlook anything. The checklist is comparable to a cleaning schedule plan. As they proceed, they cross off everything from the list for the cleaning task. You will be sure the cleaning team has done their job systematically using the checklist.

Here are a few reasons you should use a checklist for nursing home cleaning-

  • Organized- Checklists for cleaners are helpful as they can keep things organized. They can adhere to the checklist rather than attempting to recall everything they need to clean. Cleaning is now less challenging and taxing as a result. Cleaners can stay organized using a checklist to remember when they completed specific activities. When they finish the task, they can record the date next to it. These professionals can determine when to repeat it in this manner.
  • Well-segregated- If they are sweeping with others, cleaners can also assign responsibilities to each person using a checklist. Everybody checks what work they need to finish and ensures it is completed on time. Divided work ensures no repetition or clashes on the job, leading to a smooth work process.
  • Time-saving- Don’t we all want to save time? Cleaning checklists can help. The cleaning team would not have to waste time remembering what needs to be cleaned next or returning to finish a task they forgot. They will do all the tasks effectively and know what they need to do without appearing blank.
  • Promote consistency- Another advantage of a checklist for cleaning a nursing home is consistency. By adhering to a fixed schedule of duties, you can ensure that the care home gets regular, effective cleaning and stops filth and grime buildup. How consistent the work has been will depend on whether you want long-term maintenance and an organized home.

A cleaning checklist helps ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly, conserving time, maintaining organization, and checking the cleaning schedule. 

Nursing Home Cleaning Procedures

Because nursing facilities see a high volume of incoming and outgoing visitors, it's critical to maintain a clean environment. We suggest reaping the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services. There are specific procedures to keep the nursing home safe and hygienic; only professionals can do so.

First and foremost, they must routinely clear the trash cans. After that, every surface where bacteria and viruses reside needs to be cleaned, including counters and tables. To keep everything spotless, they clean the floors and walls.

It is also indispensable to maintain clean restrooms. Experts must frequently clean and sanitize to stop the spread of germs.  They should also clean up trash lying around and disinfect frequently touched items like railings and doorknobs. These places require specialized cleaning personnel to ensure that germs are at bay.

You can follow a checklist to make things easier. But how do you prepare it?

  • You assess the cleaning requirements
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Break down the work into sub-tasks
  • Create a cleaning schedule
  • Customize the checklist

Sticking to the rules for effective cleaning through a checklist is the key. It would help if you kept realistic goals for the cleaning requirements so that no one feels overwhelmed by the tasks.

The Daily Nursing Home Cleaning Guide

Daily cleaning is easy to do. Here is the daily cleaning nursing home checklist that professionals should cover meticulously-

  • General cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces, including skirting boards, railings, windows, doors, radiators, windowsills, chairs, tables, chandeliers, light switches, and other areas often touched or utilized, should be in the cleaner’s job.
  • In nursing homes, furniture should be polished daily to keep it sparkly and spotless. This makes the place look neat and hospitable.
  • In nursing homes, clean the mirrors and glass doors daily, removing debris or fingerprints. This keeps the doors and mirrors spotless, providing an uncluttered and welcoming impression.
  • Visitors and doctors come to nursing homes very often. When suitable for people’s safety, spray some nicely scented air freshener daily. It will keep every room smelling fresh and welcoming.
  • The professionals should vacuum carpet areas in the nursing home and brush the hard floor surfaces as dust accumulates fast.
  • Use a disinfecting cleanser to mop all hard surfaces, including those in bathrooms, since people use it frequently.
  • Throw away recycling materials such as cans and plastic. Clear any rubbish so that the risk of foul smell is low. It will also keep them from attracting insects.
  • The experts must clean and sanitize all bathrooms, including urinals, hand dryers, countertops, and fixtures. They should use top-quality disinfectant and proper cleaning tools. They should change all the sanitary waste and refill soap dispensers, shampoos, and toilet roll.
  • Lastly, cleaning and disinfecting kitchen appliances and surfaces of nursing homes is vital. It should include ovens, fridges, and microwaves. 

The Weekly Nursing Home Cleaning Guide

Weekly cleaning is a more detailed process than daily cleaning. It touches several areas that one cannot cover daily. There may be separate tools for weekly cleaning work. Here is a weekly checklist for nursing home cleaning -

  • Professional cleaners should vacuum cushions and furnishings, clean the blinds, and wash the drapes weekly to keep the space neat and hygienic.
  • Experts should check the bulbs and wattage and update them whenever necessary. They must also dust difficult-to-reach spaces, such as top shelves, spaces above cupboards, and chandeliers.
  • Clean and organize the general store rooms, kitchen, and pantry weekly. Updating the items in the kitchen would be good.
  • Polish sliding doors, windows, doors, and glass room partitions with a suitable tool. If there is a permanent stain, ensure the cleaners remove it. Cleaning all the wood and metal doors is a must.
  • Though not a cleaning task, the team should check all the locks, door stops, and hardware for the safety of the nursing home residents.
  • Inspect and clean the floors and sink drains of kitchens and bathrooms. Provide fresh towels and ensure the floor is clean and sanitized. 

The Monthly Nursing Home Cleaning Guide

Monthly cleaning consists of detailed cleaning solutions. It is equivalent to deep cleaning of areas and things that don't need cleaning frequently. Let us see what the monthly checklist to clean a nursing home consists of-

  • Detail and deep cleaning of kitchens, cabinets, appliances, pantries, store rooms, and spaces less visited. Check all the appliances, food in the pantry, and cabinet mechanisms.
  • Janitors should properly clean fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and emergency exits. Dusting and cleaning light fixtures, fans, and more.
  • Cleaners should deep clean the air vents, ceiling walls, grills, and HVAC filters. They must strictly obey the cleaning guidelines and use appropriate cleaning agents and tools.
  • We also recommend steam cleaning for rugs and carpets at the nursing home. Why? Because it accumulates a large amount of dust.
  • Wax and buff the floor every month. But if it isn't feasible, try doing it at least every three months. 

Why Hire A Professional Cleaner?

Numerous businesses and workplaces have large spaces that require routine cleaning. When a nursing home is organized, employees and visitors are happy and perform better. Furthermore, a clean place is more welcoming to visitors and people staying in nursing homes. The best action is to hire expert cleaners who will keep the commercial area tidy and guarantee all parties agree. They are adept at making everything glitter.

The following reasons are why hiring commercial cleaning services is a good choice-

Saving Time And Money

When you work with a professional cleaning company, you do not need to recruit additional janitors or cleaning staff. You can also save a ton of money using their services!

These experts also work fast and creatively to complete the task. They can clean before or after office hours, maintaining your working day. This suggests that you will have extra time to work on other tasks related to the nursing home without being distracted by housekeeping duties.

Adequate Cleaning

Why use a professional nursing home facility cleaning service? They go above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned. The experts in cleaning scrub everything, including the hard-to-reach sites, which amateur cleaners wouldn't do. After obtaining your consent, they also arrange the files, desk accessories, and other items to make everything appear neat and organized.

They are also masters at getting rid of germs and ensuring everything is orderly and equitable for everyone. You'll be shocked by how pleasant everything appears after they complete their work. So, using a professional cleaning service is the best option if you want to clean in a superior manner without any issues.

Low Absenteeism

Studies show that professional cleaning can reduce absenteeism by 45%. Hiring a cleaning service can also assist in maintaining a healthy and joyful team. When your office is germ-free, employees are less likely to become sick, and as a result, they will miss fewer days.
Nurses and doctors also perform better when they feel at ease. Thus, a cleaning service could increase output and provide an outstanding environment for people in the care home.


Why would we recommend a professional cleaning service? Another factor is that they are informed and qualified in what they do! The crew is well-versed with the finest methods and hacks for a tidy space and smelling good. When opposed to hiring novices, it is a huge advantage.

For example, the carpet in your office has a stain that won't go away. Professional cleaners know how to eliminate it, but an average cleaner can need help. They will use their proficiency and suitable equipment to remove the stain quickly.

Consistent Work

Commercial cleaning services ensure consistent hygiene. They positively impact customer perceptions and employee confidence. Maintaining an orderly setting encourages professionalism and efficiency while reducing health risks.

Professional cleaning guarantees a safe and attractive space, mainly during flu season, reinforcing trust in the hygiene and security of the area.

Offer Tailored Cleaning

Every commercial entity may have different needs. Certain places, including medical facilities and factories with many people, could require more thorough cleaning. The level of cleaning depends on the company's size.

By this, we mean that cleaning services can offer customized cleaning schedules that meet your needs precisely. They could clean medical instruments, nursing home toilets, operating room cleanliness, etc.

You decide exactly what they should do, how often they clean, and which areas they concentrate on. They can look into your requirements, whether you need a weekly thorough clean or an occasional one.

Why Hire Sterling Cleaning For Nursing Homes Cleaning?

Cleaning responsibilities should be paramount when running any business, whether a nursing home or a movie theater. Maintaining cleanliness has many benefits. It keeps your staff happy and improves their performance. It keeps the visitors safe from contaminating any illness. Also, clients remain impressed by a neat and organized workspace. It offers your company a stellar reputation. It increases the chances of thriving.

A committed and experienced team can deep clean your nursing home pretty simply. Sterling Cleaning Services is a great option if you're searching for excellent cleaning services in NYC. They ensure everything is spotless by thoroughly cleaning numerous commercial spaces, both inside and out. Why choose us?

  • We use updated tools and techniques to clean any space.
  • There are tailored solutions available for every commercial space.
  • We provide green cleaning solutions for firms at affordable prices.
  • Our experienced cleaning professionals clean your space in minimum time!

Do you want your workspace to be the best? To arrange a special cleaning, call our cleaning experts right now! 

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