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November 15, 2022

A Definitive Guide To Professional Office Deep Cleaning

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Most offices these days are fast-paced organizations where things need to be done in a systematic and faster manner. A typical office day includes back-to-back meetings, appointments with various clients, spilling coffee on the desk, soiling carpets, and foul smell from microwave ovens. Organizations generally overlook the need for office cleaning amidst this and the workplace eventually becomes an unhygienic and unsafe destination. 

It’s time for offices to take health and safety as a matter of concern and book deep cleaning services at specific time intervals. Especially, after the COVID-19 pandemic, when the offices are reopening gradually and getting back to their normal operations, cleaning and maintaining hygiene regularly has become mandatory.

Offices typically have janitorial services but they are not enough to deep clean the workspaces. If you are looking for a way to get rid of your unhygienic work environment and ensure tidiness, read this guide till the end to get an in-depth idea of deep cleaning service.

What Is An Office Deep Clean?

Office deep cleaning refers to a regular cleaning service with a particular focus on the high-touch corners and areas in the office spaces. It’s the process of going beyond the visible workspace dirt to clean out dust, mold, grime, and bacteria that may develop on the edgy surfaces within your property. 

Cleaning only the visible and frequently used spaces within the commercial offices might not be enough. It’s very likely to ignore some spaces less frequently used at commercial offices. This increases the final cost of deep cleaning services when you need them ultimately.

A typical office deep clean service includes detailed cleaning tasks that are not included in the regular cleaning such as vacuuming and cleaning windowsills, blinds, and drapes, thorough cleaning of switches, décor handles, and light fixtures, dusting ledges, baseboards, and vents, carpet vacuuming, sanitizing bathroom surfaces, toilets, desks, keyboards, monitors, office drawers, and disinfecting the kitchen services.

If you want organizing your cleaning routine today! You can visit here to learn how to make an effective cleaning schedule.

Why Is Deep Cleaning Your Office Important?

Deep cleaning is an essential aspect of workplace health and safety. A systematic deep cleaning helps you maintain a hygienic and safe working environment. A rigorous deep cleaning helps to control the outbreak of viruses, viruses, and fungi. By keeping a check on the dust, and clutter, deep cleaning keeps tabs on infections, contaminations, pest attacks, and diseases. Plus, when the workspaces are clean, employees are more productive and happier.

Here are some crucial benefits deep cleaning can give to your office:

1. Health And Safety Of The Employees

Health and safety of your employees are the two primary concerns when it comes to deep sanitation at the office. The main aim of a deep cleaning session is to reduce the number of hidden germs and bacteria as well as the probability of disease outbreaks. Deep cleaning at the office can make a big difference to your staff’s health.

Maintaining employee health at its best involves not only deep cleaning but also promoting fitness. Encouraging your employees to regularly go to the gym is a great way to prioritize their well-being. It's important to ensure that the gym facilities are clean and adhere to a proper gym cleaning checklist. By combining cleanliness and fitness, you can contribute to the overall health and wellness of your employees.

2. Increase In Overall Productivity

A clean and hygienic office sees fewer staff sick days. Therefore, if you spend money on office deep cleaning now, you can drive a higher Return on Investment (ROI) later and increase productivity as well.

3. Increased Pride

A regularly deep-cleaned workspace is a matter of pride to the employees. They feel safer at work which increases their overall engagement. This helps to improve their work-life balance.

4. Everything Looks Clean And New

Regular deep-cleaning at the office makes things look shiny and new. While humans are naturally attracted to novelty, deep cleaning the same old office for more than a decade can preserve the newness. It will give employees a feeling of a fresh work environment. 

5. Identifies Hidden Issues

An in-depth cleaning unfolds different underlying causes of bigger health problems. For instance, some unknown stains, or a foul smell from the vents are common at workplaces but finding their root causes is not common. With regular deep cleaning services, these issues can be uncovered and necessary steps can be taken.

6. Easier To Hire Employees

Candidates naturally become attracted to a clean and hygienic workplace. If a bright candidate notices a bad smell at any corner of the office or finds dirty stains on walls, he/she might reject the job opportunity you are offering them. 

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What Is The Difference Between Regular And Deep Cleaning?

While the primary intention behind regular cleaning is to upkeep your cleanliness, deep cleaning involves a lot more things in comparison to the standard weekly cleaning. Deep cleaning at the office involves a full rubdown and giving attention to difficult-to-reach spots. On top of an in-depth approach, this type of cleaning improves the overall sanitation of the workspace. Moreover, you can do deep cleaning, when necessary, as there is no hard and fast timeline. However, doing it twice a month is advisable as it brings better results. 

On the other hand, regular cleaning includes vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floors, emptying trash cans, scrubbing toilets, and sinks, and dusting major furniture. This type of cleaning at the office happens on a bi-weekly or tri-weekly basis. The primary objective is to keep up with the basic cleaning tasks and ensure hygiene. Regular office cleaning doesn’t involve the use of advanced cleaning tools, just a few basic pieces of equipment, and that’s it.

Is It Time For An Office Deep Clean?

Are you a business owner? Then by now, you should already know how crucial is maintaining a healthy and safe office and what are its benefits. But how to know whether it’s time for a deep clean at your office? Well, compared to regular janitorial services, deep cleaning at the office is more time-consuming and comprehensive. 

While regular janitorial services can maintain a standard level of cleanliness at your office, they don’t cover areas that are harder to clean. This includes examples like behind the fridge, or the space under the desks. Neglecting these places can lead to the accumulation of dirt, dust, pests, etc., easily. If you notice those spaces are unusually dirty, it’s probably time to conduct a deep cleaning session at your office. Nowa days deep cleaning is offered as an add on with Janitorial cleaning services.

How Often Should You Deep Clean An Office?

If you think how often should an office be cleaned then we will say that there is no specific time or frequency for the office cleaning services. But it’s recommended to deep clean your office quarterly a year to make sure your office space is free of germs. The exact frequency of getting a deep cleaning service will of course depend on the number of employees as well as your business’s type.  

In addition to this, deep cleaning is also conducted at your office before special events such as before a major client visit, before or after office parties, and before or after moving into a new office. Every time you book an office deep clean service, you will get to see how big a difference it will bring to your workspaces. 

The results after a deep cleaning session are more prominently noticeable in comparison to regular cleaning. To be very specific, regular cleaning sessions don’t do the trick like deep cleaning does.`

What You'll Need For An Office Deep Clean?

At the time of a deep clean, the professionals give attention to a cluster of hidden surfaces, light fixtures, and ceilings. A typical deep cleaning activity includes dusting, disinfection, and vacuuming. The deep cleaners generally start with the ceilings as well as light fixtures ay your workspace and then move down to the walls, the furniture, the decors, and then the floor. 

 For an effective deep cleaning service at offices, you will need tools such as squeegees, rubber gloves, sponges, scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, and vacuum cleaners. You can use all these tools to thoroughly clean your work area, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, washrooms, and other spaces.

All these pieces of equipment are mandatory when it comes to improving air quality, eliminating pests, removing harmful pathogens, and reducing clutter. Deep cleaning office spaces regularly ensure that your office is in top shape always.

Office Deep Cleaning Checklist

If you run an office, you will have to make sure it stays neat, clean, and organized so that it enhances overall productivity. There is a connection between a clean hygienic workspace and employee satisfaction. This means, when the workspace is clean, the employee morale is high and they remain motivated. 

It’s, therefore, necessary to schedule regular office deep cleanings by bringing in professionals who are experts in this field. For that, you need a deep cleaning checklist for the office to keep all the important equipment handy. This will help you make sure you are not overlooking anything during the cleaning procedure. Below are some checklists for conducting deep cleaning sessions at different office spaces:

1. Office Desk And Cubicles

Below are the steps to clean the area where people sit and work such as cubicles, desks, and shared work tables:

  • Dust keyboards, and clean computer screens.
  • Empty Trash cans and recycle papers.
  • Vacuum floors under the tables and desks.
  • Dust shelves, cupboards, and desks.
  • Disinfect the surfaces or areas that people touch frequently including lamps, keyboards, phones, copiers, and staplers.

2. Office Kitchens And Break Rooms

While kitchens andbreakrooms are used frequently, they are the breeding places ofdangerous germs. Follow these steps to deep clean these areas:

  • Clean dishware and utensils and store the clean ones separately.
  • Dispose of unwanted foods, food wrappers, expired food items, and other perishables.
  • Empty the garbage inside the trash cans and consider recycling.
  • Clean the refrigerator by discarding old foods and disinfecting the interior.
  • Deep clean the electronic appliances.
  • Disinfect the surfaces of the places on which people prepare and eat food.

3. Office Reception And Waiting Areas

If you have a reception/waiting area at your office welcoming guests, you have to make sure it creates a positive first impression. Therefore, follow the cleaning steps below:

  • Dust and organize the welcome desk, hard surfaces, tables, etc.
  • Empty the recycle bins and trash cans.
  • Organize the books and magazines on the bookshelf.
  • Dust the windows, company logo, and other things that come to the notice of the guests at first instance.
  • Clean the carpet or replace it in the waiting area every 2-3 months.
  • Refill the water cups/glasses/bottles and make sure the water cooler is cleaned and has fresh water. 

4. Office Washrooms

Washrooms need regular disinfecting and cleaning since it’s also the hub of germs. Here is how to keep washrooms clean, safe, and sanitized:

  • Disinfect and clean the toilets, and sinks.
  • Sweep the washroom floor thoroughly to remove debris and then mop the floor with powerful alcohol-based disinfectant.
  • Discard the paper towels, clean off hard surfaces, and then empty the trash cans.
  • Replace the old toilet paper rolls with new paper rolls.
  • Clean the mirror in the washroom with glass cleaner to remove dirt, marks, and spots.
  • Make sure the hand dryers are working.
  • Clean the dirt accumulated on the exhaust fans.

5. Areas Outside The Office

If your office has an exterior space, prioritize cleaning that as well. Your office’s exterior also helps develop the first impression. Follow the steps below to keep it clean and tidy:

  • Sweep any branches, leaves, or debris, that’s near the front door or the sidewalk.
  • Clean off the welcome mats and put them in the right place.
  • Wipe and clean the glass door to make sure they are shiny and free of any external dirt.
  • Remove the snow piles, twigs, and branches to prevent people from parking or walking.

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Key Aspects Of Office Deep Cleaning

An office deep clean service every 4 or 6 months can keep the workspace tidy although the exact frequency depends on the nature of the business and the work environment. Working conditions indeed impact employee productivity directly. You will see they are working with efficiency and becoming more productive if there is a clean and safe work environment. 

Here are the primary elements that you must consider when it comes to office deep cleaning. If you hire a good professional service provider, they will do their work considering these key aspects of office deep cleaning:

1. Nooks And Corners

The deep cleaning experts identify and work on the difficult-to-reach spots. These include spaces that are hidden by cabinets, drawers, vents, and even the ceiling's borders. Unbelievably, insects and reptiles frequently deposit their eggs in these locations.

To clean every minute area at an office, the cleaning team needs to possess tools such as microfiber cloth, dusters, disinfectant sprays, all-purpose cleaners, furniture polish, vacuum cleaners, etc.

2. Dusty Areas

There are certain areas inside an office where dust easily accumulates. This includes vents, cupboards, edges, and drawers. These are the favorite breeding grounds of mites, allergens, and insects that usher negative impacts on the health of the employees. Use vacuums, wipes, and dusters to clean these areas thoroughly.

3. Walls

Use a damp piece of cloth along with an all-purpose cleaning agent to wipe off the walls to remove any accumulated insect eggs or dust. Wall cleaning is a major part of the office deep cleaning that changes the overall outlook of the office.

4. Office Décor

Carefully rub or wipe a piece of cleaning cloth with a multi-purpose cleaner through the creeks and nooks to remove dust particles that have accumulated here and there.

5. Baseboards

Baseboards are cleaned using vacuum cleaners if there are stinky or stubborn spots that don’t give a good impression if the clients or investors visit your office. Use a wipe soaked in an all-purpose cleaner to clean the baseboards.

6. Furniture

Scrubbing the chairs, tables, sofas, and mantle pieces are necessary for the office deep cleaning sessions. Remove spilled drinks, food crumbs, molds, or dirt, it’s an important step. Dusting and cleaning the upper surface of the taller furniture is also important to remove the unwanted accumulation of micro-organisms.

7. Floors

You won't get the job done by just sweeping and cleaning regularly. On top of that, you must move around to perform a deep clean. To reach and clean the entire floor, you might need to move the furniture. Then it must be vacuumed and mopped to complete the floor's deep cleaning.

8. Electronics

It’s important to clean the electronics to prevent the outbreak of allergens and air-borne diseases. Dusting with a microfiber cloth, using an ammonia-free cleaning agent and a damp cloth is more common during cleaning electronics like air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.

9. Window Ledges

Window ledges are hard-to-reach places that are often overlooked during regular cleaning. But in the procedure of deep cleaning for office, these areas are considered. Use a crevice tool to clean loose soil, expired insects, and dust bunnies. In this way, the area will be prepared for cleaning before implementing the main step.

A disposable wipe can be used to remove the accumulated soil from the center of the window track. Then again wrap a disposable wipe around a putty plastic knife too deep clean the crevices and corners.

3 Things An Office Deep Clean Service Should Always Include

An office deep clean service is comprised of several stages, procedures, as well as equipment. However, there are three crucial things to which you should give special attention to fulfill the objective of deep cleaning your office. Check out the bullet points below to know the areas you never want to miss in an office deep cleaning:

1. Hard To Reach Places

The professional deep cleaning services at the office ensure that the hard-to-reach places are cleaned extensively. This might include the vents, ledges, top and back of the machines, corners, light fixtures, etc. For these places, it’s advisable to use a stout dusting tool to clean dust, cobwebs, and insects’ nest and eggs. 

Microfiber clothes soaked in diluted cleaner or a spray bottle are also useful to clean the upper surface of tall cabinets and cupboards. On other hand, for furniture composed of stainless steel, specific cleaner and furniture polish are applicable to clean them without degrading their quality.

2. Vents, Baseboards, And Window Ledges

Allergies at the workplace are common among employees. Little do the employees and the employer know that they occur from dust mites and insects that accumulate inside the office because of an untidy work environment. In this way, the overall work efficiency gets ruined and there might be missed meetings or deadlines. 

Regular and thorough cleaning can lessen the allergens and a systematic deep cleaning service can help you with this. Wiping walls, window ledges, vents, electronic equipment, and baseboards with anti-allergenic cleaners can easily remove dust particles. Cleaning in a top-down approach is a brilliant idea to clean the office as it will reduce the additional effort.

3. Under Furniture

Harmful pathogens can easily build up under the furniture which regular cleaning tools usually don’t reach. However, this problem can be solved through a deep cleaning service. A true deep cleaning doesn’t happen if the furniture items are not removed and cleaned. Professional cleaning service experts love the furniture in specialized ways so that no area is left ignored. 

After shifting the furniture, it’s required to use a high-powered vacuum to trap allergen and dust particles. The next step is to mop the floor with a surface disinfectant. It’s also essential to inspect the whole work area thoroughly to make sure nothing is left behind.

Office Deep Clean Steps

An office is a venerable space in a building. But with all the employees, visitors, and clients coming in and out, bacteria and germs are inevitable. Naturally, there is a lot you can do to keep an office clean. As owner or management personnel of an office, it’s your responsibility to ensure your workspaces are tidy enough.

A clean office not only prevents debris and dirt from accumulating inside but also makes the place pleasant and charming to work in. For deep cleaning an office, the management needs to create a proper step-by-step method and adhere to workplace health and safety standards. We have laid out a stepwise procedure below that will allow you to keep your office clean from time to time.

1. Sort And Declutter

Start from a particular side of your workspace and then move forward in a clockwise direction. Examine every single thing, if possible, clear the unnecessary stuff, and sort the necessary ones into boxes for easier cleaning. Not all the scribbled notes, memos, and papers accumulated on your desk are relevant. So carefully assess and sort them out.

Look at the crucial things you have collected. This may include inspirational quotes, family pictures, and outdated knick-knacks. Be very selective when it comes to sorting and decluttering. If possible, give this step a sound amount of time. In addition, take personal items like extra shoes, clothes, and toiletries into the home. If there is storage for drawers don’t forget to take a look into them as well.

2. Dust Surfaces, Nooks, and Crannies

Even when an office cleaning team has cleaned your office before everybody’s arrival, it’s a nice idea to remove the dust that has accumulated after you have decluttered. One of the easiest ways to dust is using an electrostatic disposable duster. 

These dusters are safe to use on laptop screens, monitors, chair frames, computers, and different types of surfaces. Make sure not to use a paper towel to dust as it can leave behind fibers and create scratches on sensitive surfaces. 

If you can access a vacuum with a hose attachment, it’s better to vacuum inside the drawers and use a defined upholstery brush to remove dust from the cubicle walls as well as furniture upholstery.

3. Disinfect The Hot Spots

It’s now time to disinfect and clean the important spots that are breeding grounds for germs. Surfaces that come in close contact with human touch and foods are prone to a significant amount of bacteria and germs. Do you know these areas are some of the most common objects you use every day at work? This includes phones, keyboards, door handles, sink faucet handles, and break room countertops. 

Moreover, the refrigerator shelves must get a neat scrub every month to get rid of the bacteria that come from spoiled foods. Lastly, don’t miss out on cleaning and disinfecting the washroom. The importance of deep cleaning can be easily understood from its outcomes.

4. Disinfect The Hard Surfaces

It's time to give all the hard objects a deep clean. Unless it's untreated wood, your working area may be cleaned with a disinfectant and a wipe. Make sure the surface is completely moist and that it has been that way for at least 4 or 5 minutes. Remember to have a few wipes with you as one wipe is insufficient. Use a second and let the surface air dry. Repetition is required for drawer interiors, hardware pulls, and tray interiors.

Before cleaning the computer peripherals such as keyboards, CPUs, monitors, etc., always read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly. For keyboards, especially, you can turn them upside down and give them a good yet gentle shake. Then wipe the mouse, headsets, earbuds, remotes, and mousepads, with a good quality disinfectant.

5. Dust And Vacuum

Vacuuming has other functions apart from the simple removal of debris and dirt. Especially, if your office has carpet, vacuuming is a MUST. Ensure an appropriate vacuum cleaner is being used. Remove the dust and allergens onto the carpet fibers. This will improve the quality of air in your building on one hand and promote good health amongst your visitors and employees. 

While vacuuming the whole area, pay special attention to the places underneath and behind the furniture and electronics. Also, do not forget about the high-traffic areas such as meeting areas, doorways, and under the desk where dirt is deposited.

6. Freshen Up

Even after cleaning your office thoroughly, it may look like it is untidy. This may happen due to a prevailing foul smell, improper dusting and vacuuming procedures, etc. Throwing out spoiled food and emptying the recycling bins can help. As a bonus step, splash some air fresheners in the high-traffic areas and office space corners.

What Factors Influence The Price Of An Office Deep Cleaning?

There is no fixed price for office deep cleaning. It varies from one service provider to another. However, several factors influence the deep cleaning office cost. For instance, the size of the facility, space restrictions, chemical costs, and the size of the facility govern the price of the deep cleaning services designed for offices. 

To be more specific, a larger office will require more deep cleaning equipment and personnel which means more labor costs. Furthermore, if the condition of the facility is very poor and if the office is in very unhygienic condition, it will take more time to deep clean the entire space. Also, if the cleanable area is difficult to access or too small to use the necessary equipment, the professionals have to use smart strategies. 

On the other hand, the higher quality chemicals and cleaning tools will make the overall cost of the deep cleaning service costlier. Under these circumstances, the resources, and the procedures of professional deep cleaning will change which will increase or decrease the price.

Creating A Deep Cleaning Plan For Office

Whether you already have in-house office deep cleaners or want to outsource a cleaning agency, having a detailed stepwise plan can reduce half of the workload. While on one hand, day-to-day cleaning ensures that your office stays tidy, neat, and functional, monthly or bi-annual cleaning focus on more detailed requirements and larger jobs that will ensure your office space is healthy and welcoming. 

While hiring cleaning agencies, it’s recommended to know and understand the cleaning plan by communicating your requirements. For that, you can schedule a walk-through, organize a final schedule, decide on a task list or discuss any particular area at your office requiring special attention. Below are some cleaning plans for daily, weekly, and monthly deep cleaning that will help you maintain a neat and spotless workplace.

1. Daily Cleaning Plan

The daily cleaning plans involve rigorous and most basic forms of cleaning. A daily cleaning plan involves the following duties: washing the sink, wiping down kitchen surfaces, putting away dishes, putting away dishes, mopping common areas, dusting desks, monitors, and chairs, cleaning conference rooms, cleaning urinals, toilets, washroom floor, and sinks, 

Apart from that, it contains collecting trash from the common areas, washrooms, and kitchens, drying erasing boards, dusting and cleaning the ventilators, air-conditioning vents, and upper part of the furniture, restocking tissue papers, paper towels, soaps, and other essentials.

2. Weekly Cleaning Plan

A weekly changing plan includes cleaning the kitchen, emptying the refrigerator, cleaning baseboards, outside of the trashcans, dust vents, windows, sills, shelves, blinds, picture frames, glass walls, decors, metal fixtures, metal stalls, emptying the refrigerator and cleaning the inside shelves.

3. Monthly Plan

Breaking up the cleaning tasks into monthly plans makes them more manageable and specific to the cleaning requirements. The monthly cleaning plan involves deep cleaning grout and tile, kitchen, upholstery, higher surfaces, hardwood floors, conference rooms, washrooms, windows, doors, and glass walls, dusting the ceilings, vacuuming vents, and circular fans. 

You can hire an agency who would agree to clean your office once a month. It’s also advisable to discuss with them beforehand what kind of cleaning protocols they will be following, what steps they would adopt, and which equipment they are going to bring.

4. Bi-Annual Cleaning Routine

The bi-annual cleaning routine is supposed to be more specific to certain places. It should involve: Deep cleaning the kitchen and washroom, buffing and polishing floors, common areas, desks, private offices, and carpets, thoroughly cleaning the drapes, blinds, and upholstery, and discarding unnecessary documents, furniture, and other objects. 

Since this type of cleaning plan happens twice a year, the professionals follow specific protocols and strict regulations to complete the procedures and adhere to the standards of office cleaning.

Things To Avoid During Office Deep Clean Procedure

Mistakes in deep cleaning happen often and they can become blunders if not taken proper care of. This may make your employees fall in danger or weird situations causing health and safety compliance issues at the workspace. For example, some of the staff may be uncomfortable with the chemicals and cleaning equipment which in turn will give rise to a negative employee experience. 

To prevent these issues, you must identify them first so that you can be very particular about each of them. If you want to learn more about the mistakes that commonly occur during office deep cleaning, go through the list below:

1. Overuse of Chemicals

Cleaning solutions are composed of different types of chemicals which are harmful to the human body. Excessive use of chemicals at offices during deep cleaning can make the employees fall sick as they may inhale these chemicals or accidentally touch them. Some cleaning products contain corrosive components that can damage your furniture and decor. If possible then opting for a green cleaning service would be the best option.

2. Using Too much Water

Using an excessive amount of water during cleaning, especially on the carpet or floor may make the surfaces slippery. This can cause dangerous accidents. Also, if electrical items meet water, they can cause serious health hazards. Too much water on the metallic items can result in rusting.

3. Vacuuming almost everything

Vacuuming is not the only tool that’s used in office cleaning. There are different tools designed for different functions. So, if you are planning to vacuum almost everything in your office, it will just damage the furniture, decor, and embellishments. While window panes need to be wiped, the areas behind tables need to be vacuumed, and the desks are to be cleaned using a microfiber cloth.

4. Spraying On Furniture and Surfaces Directly

Spraying disinfectants on the surfaces and furniture directly may cause erosion, corrosion, and discoloration. Instead, spray on a microfiber cloth before cleaning to get more effective results.

5. Not Disposing Garbage

It’s one of the most common mistakes that offices overlook. Forgetting to dispose of the garbage can attract pests, rodents, pathogens, and insects. This in turn gives rise to food-borne and water-borne diseases. Make sure that the employees are not littering anywhere and remember to empty the office bin every day.

6. Cleaning During Work Hours

While the office deep cleaning procedure is going on, ensure no employee is working or moving from one place to another. This can cause serious accidents as well as may mess up the entire process. It’s advisable to conduct the cleaning sessions during weekends or after office hours.

7. Rushing

The office should be maintained with the same care as a tidy home since people spend most of their working hours there. Rushing through the office cleaning process can leave certain blind spots, which over time will add up to a pile of trash. Make sure the office cleaning is done thoroughly and in detail.

How To Choose A Deep Cleaning Company?

If you own an office, you are likely looking for the best cleaning service provider now. With so many service providers available, it may become challenging at times to hire the best office, deep clean professionals.

Many commercial office deep clean companies offer a plethora of cleaning services with so many options to choose from. However, different commercial cleaning services providers cleaning charges as per their service quality and many other factors. Below are 9 tips that will help you choose the best deep cleaning service for your office:

1. Check The Quality

To check the authenticity, quality, credibility, and reliability of the cleaning service providers, checking reviews should be the first step. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Reviews are some good ways to check the quality of their cleaning services. 

2. Consider Their Brand Image

Checking ratings and reviews is a great way to get a clear idea about the brand identity of a cleaning company. To deep dive into it, get in touch with the existing customers of the company via phone, email, or social media and ask them to know whether the service they provide is reliable and honest.

3. Affordability

When selecting an office deep clean firm, the cost is a key factor. Select the option that best matches your budget after removing a few possibilities. While cost-effectiveness is important, you should also be aware that cheaper costs might be the cause of the poorer quality of work and insufficient services.

4. Experience

The cleaning company's overall experience should be taken into consideration. Experience will demonstrate that they have a reliable system in place and are competent to deal with any cleaning-related problems.

5. Eco-Friendliness

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is a necessity in today’s environmentally concerned world. Green cleaning lowers humans’ exposure to harmful cleaning products and reduces the harmful impacts on the environment. If you are also committed to environmental safety, check whether the office deep cleaning service provider you are hiring follows eco-friendly cleaning practices. Talking to them directly, going through their brochures, or checking reviews can help you get the correct information.

6. Flexibility

The cleaning service you choose must be adaptable in its operations. Because different firms have different operating schedules. So, the cleaners should be able to modify their cleaning schedule to match your timetable.


An office is a welcoming space for investors, clients, and employees. Everyone must feel comfortable working, sitting, talking, and performing. You can only achieve this when the workspace is tidy and meets the hygiene and safety needs. 

It’s essential to make your office a comfortable, safe, hygienic place from time to time for your employees to work and spend most of their day. If you are looking for the best office deep clean service provider who can assist you in this, get in touch with Sterling Cleaning Services. Feel free to contact us and book a service.

Hire The Top-Tier Office Deep Clean Services

A fresh and clean workspace is a MUST if you want your employees to work at their fullest potential. In other words, the success of your organization is largely dependent on how clean and hygienic your office space is. Of course, you could attempt to teach your housecleaners how to conduct the tasks. But it would require a significant amount of time that might be used for other, more crucial tasks.

This is exactly why your office needs a group of professional and experienced cleaning experts to ensure a perfectly safe and clean work environment. There is no best time to book an office deep clean service. So, if you think your office needs deep cleaning right now, contact us, Sterling Cleaning Services to get a high-quality professional office deep cleaning service and enjoy a spotless office.

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