Hotel lobby cleaning guide

September 15, 2023

Hotel Lobby Cleaning: A Step By Step Guide [With Checklist]

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Imagine a few guests stepping into your hotel lobby to check-in. They come across filthy dirt-filled carpets, touch dusty table surfaces, or step on the greasy floor.

Now are you sure those guests will check in with a happy heart? Forget them being happy! Don’t you think that they can take a step to complain? Even worse, they can rate your hotel with 1-star or 2-star in Google or Yelp. 

If this situation seems too unpleasant, then you must realize the importance of cleaning your hotel lobby along with all other areas, rooms, kitchens, stairs, and corners. 

Remember, first impression always counts in the hospitality sector. And, it is really hard to overcome a bad first impression on your guests. Apart from tarnishing your hotel’s image to those guests, you also lose many potential guests who will cancel their stay after going through negative reviews online. 

Of course, you are not ready for that. To ensure that never happens to your hotel, get comprehensive hotel lobby cleaning frequently. The housekeepers are busy doing all the essential cleaning duties of the hotel daily. So, there is a high chance they will skip the numerous specific tasks needed to keep the lobby shining clean. You need professional janitors for the weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. 

To help you keep your hotel lobby perfectly unblemished and appealing to the guests, here we are presenting a complete step-by-step guide and routine cleaning checklists. Take a read.

Essential Supplies & Equipment Required For Hotel Lobby Cleaning

Keeping all the cleaning essentials ready is always the first step to efficient cleaning, whether it is your home or commercial place. 

For cleaning the hotel lobby, do not forget to assemble the basic supplies and equipment you will need. We as professional cleaners, classify the basic cleaning essentials into three categories. 

1. Manual cleaning equipment

You need these to clean the surfaces and furniture manually.

  • Dust broom: This helps to sweep the floor of the lobby to remove dirt, debris, dry particles, or litter from the floor.  
  • Dustpans: You need a dustpan to collect all the waste particles and litter after sweeping the floor and transferring them to the dustbin. 
  • Mops: Mops come with flat cotton strings or sponges useful for cleaning the floor with water and liquid detergent/floor cleaning agent. 
  • Mop bucket cart: It is a wheeled trolley or cart that allows the cleaners to wring the dirty wet mop while cleaning the floor. 
  • Dusting cloths: You need several soft dusting cloths, especially microfiber cloths to gently dust, and dry mop the surfaces of appliances, decor items, wall hangings, paintings, and other artifacts placed, in the hotel lobby.  
  • Brushes: Flat brushes with bristles help to dust the corners, surfaces of furniture, window sills, and plain areas of the lobby. 
  • Dustbins: To collect all the trash and dirt after thorough cleaning, you need dustbins.  
  • Sprayer Bottles: These are essential to put the liquid cleaning solutions and disinfectants and then spray them over surfaces before cleaning. 
  • Abrasives: These include some grit papers or sharpening stones with which you can polish metal or wooden surfaces and make them gleam again. 

2. Electrical equipment

As the name suggests, electrical cleaning equipment are the appliances or devices you need for hotel lobby cleaning. They either run on batteries or electrical power. Professionals provide most types of commercial cleaning services using the following equipment for deep cleaning. 

  • Vacuum: It is the most vital equipment you need for hotel cleaning, including lobby cleaning. A vacuum cleaner comes with a suction machine, a hose, and different-sized attachments for cleaning floors, furniture, carpets, and hard-to-reach corners. 
  • Scrubber: It is used by professional cleaners to scrub and remove sticky stains and dirt from tiles and wooden surfaces. 
  • Vapor cleaning machine/steam cleaner: This is useful to immediately dry up a place or corner after cleaning with chemicals or cleaning agents. It is necessary to prevent dampness or moisture at any place, which leads to bacterial growth and molds.
  • Polishing machine: While cleaning your hotel lobby, ensure to get a polishing machine! It is necessary to add an extra shine to the floors of the lobby and make it appealing to the guests.

3. Cleaning agents

You need cleaning agents, which come as chemicals, liquids, or powders. These are especially needed if you are deep cleaning a commercial place, like your hotel lobby. A majority of professional cleaners & green cleaning service providers use eco-friendly cleaning agents to ensure no damage to the furniture and prevent health risks to the inhabitants.

  • Water: Most cleaning agents need a common medium to mix well so that they are not directly applied to the surfaces or floors. Water is the best medium for diluting the cleaning agents and rinsing surfaces and stains.
  • Vinegar: This is a useful natural cleaning agent usually used for removing stains from expensive hardwood surfaces. 
  • Disinfectants: You need disinfectant sprays to sanitize commonly touched surfaces and every exposed area or item in your hotel lobby.
  • Air sprays: You need air fresheners to spray on the lobby to ensure the corridors and reception/waiting areas smell good to the guests.
  • Carpet cleaning agents: Specific carpet cleaners are available to deep clean the carpets and get rid of soil contamination, dirt spots, stains, or odors.

Step-By-Step Procedure of Hotel Lobby Cleaning 

Your hotel lobby is the first thing that guests see once they check in! To make them feel invited and comfortable, cleaning the hotel lobby regularly is mandatory. But, how you are going to do it to ensure that the lobby stays pristine and clean all day long? We recommend following our thoughtfully curated hotel lobby cleaning checklist!  

Ticking off all the steps of our checklist will make your hotel lobby neat and shiny while leaving the best impressions on every guest. 

Now, get through the steps in the following section.

1. Tidy up the floors 

The first thing to focus on in your hotel lobby while cleaning is the floor. Whether the lobby floors are made with hardwood, tiles, granite, or covered with carpets, it is natural for them to collect a lot of dirt. Throughout the day, guests and employees come and go. They bring filth and soil particles with their shoes. 

The lobby is also the busiest place of the hotel and gets the maximum foot traffic in a day. Needless to say, its floor is always the first thing to clean up! If the floors are made of tiles or hardwood, you need to clean them once or twice regularly to maintain the shine. Also, hardwood or tile surfaces in a hotel lobby get scuffs or dirt trails from the luggage trolleys that guests bring in. If you do not mop the floors twice, those dirt marks become hard to remove. 

If the floors have carpet covers, vacuum them daily and steam clean them once a week to clear the mess. 

Summing it up, finish off these hotel lobby floor cleaning tasks to make the base of your lobby mirror-like shiny, which gives a royal impression. 

  • Sweep the floor with a soft bristles broom to remove the loose dirt particles. 
  • Mop the floor with water and commercial-grade floor cleaning solution or detergent to wipe away stubborn filth marks, greasy or sticky substances, and stains.
  • You can also put a “Wet floor” sign after mopping to make any guests aware while the floors dry.   

2. Vacuum lobby carpets, mats, and rugs 

Hotel lobbies usually have their floors covered with carpets and rugs in the seating area. Carpets below the furniture like sofas, ottomans, tables, chairs, etc. prevent the hardwood or tile surfaces from scratches.

Vacuum the carpets twice to get rid of dust, dirt, or debris. Spot-clean the spills in the carpets or floors with a cleaning agent and cloth rag or else they will make permanent marks. 

There are various ways to clean the carpets, walk-off mats, and rugs to make them fresh and new again. You can steam clean them or vacuum them. You can also machine wash them if their material is washable.

Most of the time carpets and rugs give out musty odors after accumulating soil, grime, and moisture. If you leave them as it is for one day, the odor can get strong and spread across your entire lobby. 

Cleaning carpets and rugs is a major step in your hotel cleaning procedure. To ensure they are pristine clean and odor-free, complete these tasks.

  • Vacuum the carpets, mats, and rugs, especially those under the furniture to ensure every inch of them is dirt-free. 
  • Spot stains or spills on the carpets and rugs and spot clean them using a strong detergent or soapy solution. You can also use specific carpet cleaners.
  • Quickly dry off the carpets using a hose to prevent moisture and damp smell.
  • Use upholstery additives that are effective at removing the bad odors of carpets from water, dirt, smoke, and liquid spills.

3. Clean the lobby furniture

Furniture in your lobby including chairs, sofas, tables, reception desk, ottomans, lamp tables, etc. gets dirty every time they encounter guests. The tired guests sit and have some refreshments while waiting to check it. However, that makes the furniture in the lobby messier due to the sweaty clothes, dirty hands, and muddy feet of weary and toured guests. 

Spilled drinks, food litter, filth from trolley bags, pet dander, etc. are common wastes that make the hotel lobby furniture untidy. It is necessary therefore to clean, vacuum, and wipe the furniture every day to maintain their aesthetics and shine. 

As a precautionary measure, put covers on the armrests, back, and seats of couches and chairs. They prevent the furniture from getting too dirty from the hands and clothes of sitters. However, make sure to clean the covers frequently or once a week. 

When it comes to the step of cleaning furniture, make sure to complete these tasks. 

  • Vacuum the furniture daily as the vacuum machine takes away loose dirt and the smallest dust particles from hard-to-reach corners. 
  • Wipe down the surfaces with soapy water or detergent to make the furniture look gleaming clean.
  • Spray disinfectants or sanitizer on the surfaces of tables, desks, handles of doors, etc. Though it's important to remember that disinfection & sanitization are not the same.
  • Clean the glass surfaces of tables or any decor using a specific glass cleaner. 
  • Put air and surface sprays over the furniture to get rid of any lingering odors that may come from the sweaty clothes, musty bags, or shoes of the guests. 

4. Empty Trash Bins 

It is the easiest but most important part of the hotel lobby cleaning checklist. Collect dirt, litter, paper cuts, food wrappers, and any kind of trash lingering on desks, tables, floors, and other surfaces in dustbins. Your hotel lobby must have many trash bins at places for gathering waste. 

Empty the bins after cleaning every day and put a new trash liner on every recycle bin.

Before replacing the trash bin liners with new ones, it is necessary to inspect they are free from lingering germs and stinky dirt. If you find the interiors of trash cans filthy and smelly, wipe them and sterilize them. Use strong cleaning solutions and deodorizers to do that. 

In short, this step of the hotel lobby cleaning procedure includes:

  • Picking up trash from everywhere and gathering them in bins. 
  • Emptying the bins in the hotel dumpster.
  • Cleaning the bins and sterilizing them, if required. 
  • Putting new liners on the bins.

5. Clean restrooms 

Your hotel lobby is the busiest place that gets a lot of foot traffic every day. Even though you manage to keep your lobby supremely fresh and spotless with commercial cleaning procedures, unhygienic restrooms can turn off many guests. 

Make sure to keep restroom cleaning and maintenance a vital task in your hotel lobby cleaning. First, refill and restock all essentials in the restrooms, including paper towels, soaps, toiletries, and toilet paper. Since it is a hotel and guests are out to look for some luxury options, you keep lotion, hand sanitizers, body sprays, and hygiene products. Check them and restock them with new supplies if they are soon to run out.

When it comes to cleaning the restrooms or bathrooms attached to your hotel lobby, there are multiple tasks to do. Start with mopping the floors and then wipe down the toilet seats, countertops, and sinks. To maintain top-notch hygiene for the guests, don’t forget to spray disinfectants and sanitizers on the surfaces of countertops, faucet handles, doorknobs, and other common touch areas. 

Lastly, to mask the bad smell and ensure freshness within the restrooms, spray fragranced room fresheners everywhere. While these are daily bathroom cleaning tasks that your housekeepers do, you need to do deep cleaning of restrooms once a week by hiring professional cleaners. They will thoroughly scrub the floors, remove tile grouts, and sterilize every surface to make your restrooms sterling clean and hygienic.

Here’s summing up all the tasks of hotel lobby restroom cleaning.

  • Refill and restock all toiletries and other essentials.
  • Sweep and mop the floors. 
  • Clean the toilet seats, sinks, and countertops.
  • Empty the trash bins and place new trash liners in them. 
  • Sanitize the doorknobs, faucets, and other commonly touched surfaces. 
  • Spray air fresheners to get rid of nasty odors. 

6. Wipe down kick plates and window ledges

Kick plates are essential parts of doors of the lobby that prevent damage, scuffing, and dampening of the doors. 

Similarly, there are window ledges that function to maintain the structural integrity of the windows. Ledges also let you keep planters and other decorative items to make the windows of the lobby look beautiful both from the inside and outside.

During lobby cleaning in the hotel, wiping down the door kick plates and window ledges becomes an essential task. Kick plates get too dirty being at the lower end of the doors. They get smudged, muddy, and scratched from the frequent entry of guests with luggage bags. To make them look, wipe down the kick plates at least once or twice a week. 

Do the same thing for cleaning the window edges. Just remove the planters or whatever stuff is kept on them and wipe them with a cloth rag or duster. Window wedges are likely to get more dirt and debris from outside through wind. So, make sure you wipe them daily. 

The key tasks you need to do are:

  • Dust the ledges and wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth. 
  • Wipe down the kick plates with a mild soapy solution or cleaning agent to remove scuffs and stubborn dirt. 

7. Clean and organize the reception area

Keep the reception area a big priority in your hotel lobby cleaning procedure! It is the main area where guests/visitors interact with your greeters and receptionists. They make entries, sign, and pay for their stay. Therefore, you should prioritize organizing and cleaning the reception area. 

This step of the checklist includes cleaning the hotel lobby desk and stuff placed over the desk such as computers, stationery, clocks, CCTV screens, etc. You keep card machines, cash boxes, room keys, and important business documents like visitor records at the reception desk. These are confidential and so entrust the cleaning of the reception area to trusted staff or only professional cleaners. 

To ensure effective cleaning of the reception desk which is the high priority area of your hotel, it is a must to complete these tasks.

  • Clear any clutter, organize, wipe down, and sanitize the reception desk regularly.
  • Sort or rearrange the key cards, parking permits, visitors’ ID proofs, and other documents.
  • Empty and clean the cash drawers and then keep the cash back.
  • Dust and wipe the small appliances and decor items kept at the desk.
  • Wipe down the glass surface of the reception desk with a special glass cleaner for the extra shine. 

Routine Hotel Lobby Cleaning Checklist: DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY

Whether it is a small hotel lobby or the grandeur hall of a five-star hotel, that space is vital to create an impact on the guests/visitors. The better impression you create, the more their chances to visit your hotel again or refer it to others.  

Irrespective of the size, hotel lobbies have several things in common. Professional cleaners usually follow a hotel lobby cleaning checklist to ensure cleaning of every area and feature of the lobby. Here’s providing you with the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklist to follow for hotel cleaning.

1. Daily hotel lobby cleaning checklist

To maintain the cleanliness of your hotel lobby, there are certain cleaning tasks that you need to do daily. Every day cleaning of lobby areas is a necessity because it sees a lot of foot traffic. With guests checking in at the lobby every day, never miss a chance to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

The daily cleaning procedures that your hotel’s housekeepers must do for the lobby are the following.

  • Sweeping the floors and surfaces to remove trash, debris, or dirt
  • Mop the floors with a soap solution or floor cleaner to make the surfaces shiny and stain-free.
  • Dust mop tiled and hardwood surfaces using a microfiber dust mop and eco-friendly cleaning solution.
  • With the help of a degreaser, try cleaning hotel lobby walls, floors, doors, kick plates, and ledges. This is important to make your hotel’s reception look professional and sophisticated to the guests.
  • Dust the furniture including tables, couches, sofas, reception desk, etc., and wipe down their surfaces with a wet microfiber cloth
  • Spray disinfectant over tables, desks, and touch areas like doorknobs and window sills. 
  • Vacuum carpets, rugs, corners, underneath furniture, and other hard-to-reach spots.
  • Clean and sanitize the restrooms besides restocking soaps and toilet essentials. 
  • Empty the trash bins and put new trash liners on them.
  • Spray air fresheners to make the lobby smell fresh and rejuvenating. 

2. Weekly hotel lobby cleaning checklist

You need to do certain essential hotel lobby cleaning tasks weekly or rather by hiring a team of professional cleaners in NYC. Those duties require specific equipment, cleaning agents, and techniques that your housekeepers cannot provide. Here is the weekly hotel cleaning checklist to follow.

  • Sweep and wet mop the hardwood flooring surface, vestibule, and other areas of the lobby with a commercial-grade cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains. 
  • Spot clean glass windows with glass cleaners to wipe away fingerprints, muck, and smudges.
  • Vacuum the furniture, including upholstery items. Reach areas underneath and behind the furniture to remove dirt and cobwebs.
  • Using an all-purpose cleaner or furniture cleaner, wipe the wooden furniture to make it look shiny and new. 
  • Clean the doors of the entryway inside and out.
  • Dust and wipe the partitions (if any) in the vestibule.
  • Using damp wipes, clean the sills and frames of windows. 
  • Change the window curtains and clean the blinds. 
  • Change the cushion covers and wash the old ones. 
  • Clean and sanitize the doors, walls, and partitions of the restrooms.
  • Clean the undersides of the sink, toilet seats, and hard-to-reach areas of restrooms.  
  • Dust the lamps, wall lights, and other fixtures in the lobby. 

3. Monthly hotel lobby cleaning checklist

Daily and weekly maintenance routines are a must when it comes to cleaning the hotel lobby. It makes the space look posh and neat to the visitors. However, some tasks are vital but do not need regular attention or even weekly. Do these tasks by hiring a team of professional hotel cleaning services because they are specific to the hotel environment and need professional assistance.

  • Thorough cleaning and wiping down baseboards and walls.
  • Dusting the ceilings and walls including corners to remove dust bunnies, cobwebs, hair, and other litter. 
  • Vacuum, dust, and clean the heating vents/ducts of the HVAC system.
  • Check interior vent space for dust, cobwebs, debris, or any signs of pest infestations. 
  • Clean and wipe the tops of doorways, windows, and picture frames.
  • Remove all walk-off mats in the lobby and thoroughly vacuum those. Also, vacuum around and underneath them.
  • Dust and clean overhead light fixtures, clocks, and ceiling fans
  • Carefully inspect under and behind sinks, countertops, and fixtures for signs of mold growth.
  • Scrub the walls and tiles of restrooms to remove tiles grouts and dark stains.
  • Clean sink drains and floor drains to ensure they are free of clogs, grime, and unpleasant odors.

5 Effective Tips For Cleaning Hotel Lobby & Keeping It Spotless

Lobbies with reception desks and waiting areas are the first place of interaction with visitors in any hospitality business. Having your hotel lobby clean will ensure that each of your visitors enters with a pleasant happy face and looks forward to a great stay. 

Since the lobby sees huge foot traffic the entire day more than any other part of the hotel, it needs regular cleaning as well as deep cleaning weekly and monthly. 

Cleaning services are important for various businesses, and hotels are no exception. Hiring a professional cleaning service company in NYC is the best decision ever to keep your lobby completely clean, sparkling, and hygienic. However, here are some hotel lobby cleaning tips to keep in mind when you clean it with your housekeeping staff. 

1. Keep the furniture look glamorously clean

Furniture holds the aesthetic appeal of your hotel lobby! Hotel owners choose them specifically, matching their interiors and local cultures to create an everlasting first impression on the visitors. 

We bet you did the same for your hotel too. However, do you agree that it is the furniture that gets the most dust, dirt, muddy footprints, sweat, grease, and whatnot? The neat corners of your couch or sofa suddenly have some food particles after a family sits during check-in formalities. Or, did you notice the layers of dust on the glass door of the beautiful vintage shelf that you kept to showcase some art pieces?

So, the point is to focus on cleaning hotel the lobby’s furniture thoroughly every time. Ask your housekeeping staff or hired professional cleaners to pay special attention to the furniture in the seating areas and wipe down the surfaces well. Disinfecting the seating places is also necessary to prevent the spreading of any germs or infections to the next guests. 

2. Dust and dust well

Everything you see in your hotel lobby, dust them and dust them every day! Dusting is one of the integral hotel lobby cleaning duties because it gets heavy traffic and is always open to outdoor air or wind.

Keep dusting lobby items and parts in your daily cleaning routine. Reception desk, window glasses and sills, doors and door handles, tables, lamp stands, lamps, light fixtures, and vent covers – are a few things that you must dust frequently. 

For dusting the floor thoroughly, vacuum them once a week. Floors gather huge amounts of dust and dirt from the shoes/trolley bags of the guests regardless they are made of tiles, hardwood, or carpet. So, besides sweeping and mopping daily, vacuum the floors once a week to clear dust trapped in the corners and underneath the carpets and furniture.

3. Wide down glass windows and window ledges

Windows allow natural light and air to enter the lobby and make it look more beautiful! However, that makes the windowpanes and ledges covered with dust. 

Also, most hotel lobbies have their windows providing a great scenic view to the visitors. That makes people gravitate towards them every time they are in the lobby. While taking a peak through the window, they leave scuff marks, smudges, or oily fingerprints on the glass panes and ledges. 

It is necessary to keep windows on your daily lobby cleaning in the hotel checklist. Use a glass cleaning solution to carefully wipe down the windows and sanitize them next. With a duster or a wet cloth, clean the ledges, edges, and tops of the windows. 

4. Spray room freshener after cleaning

Cleaning the hotel lobby is not complete until you spray some natural eco-friendly air freshener to make the space smell garden-fresh. The lobby should have a positive atmosphere and pure welcome vibes for every guest. A great odor all around the lobby also makes the guests feel revived and recharged upon their arrival. 

Make sure to diffuse a proper air freshener every day after cleaning the hotel lobby. If the lobby is vast and manual spraying is not very effective, we advise investing in an automatic HVAC scent diffuser. Also, you can put electrical diffusers at desks, tables, and many other places in the lobby that disperse fragrance through minute natural oil particles.  

Some of the best scents that can make your guests feel rejuvenated and cheerful once they step into the lobby are lavender, rose, cinnamon, and rosemary.

5. De-clutter the reception area

It’s vital to keep the reception area including the desks organized to look professional to the visitors. Also, reception desks are the busiest place where hotel staff does all the formalities and payment procedures. Keeping the desk organized is necessary to ensure guests do not feel uncomfortable during the procedures. 

Therefore, a significant part of the hotel lobby cleaning process is tidying up, organizing, and sanitizing the reception area. Encourage your reception staff to do the little maintenance tasks every day such as arranging the papers, restocking stationary items, dusting the computer, and wiping the desk. 

When guests arrive and see a neat and well-organized desk, they appreciate your professionalism. In a way, it raises their likelihood of visiting your hotel again.

4 Facts Explaining The Importance Of A Clean Hotel Lobby 

Well, we have gone through the essential steps or checklist of lobby cleaning in the hotel. We talked about every step in detail in this guide. But, did this guide make you wonder why we gave so much importance to cleaning the hotel lobby?

If that truly got you thinking, here’s your answer.

1. Setting a great impression matters in hospitality

First impression matters everywhere and that’s perhaps most applicable in the hospitality industry. The lobby, entranceway, and even parking are the first things that the guests notice. If they fail to create an impression or in the worst case leave a bad impression on them, there are higher chances you are not seeing them again in your hotel. 

Therefore, putting lobby cleaning on the hotel checklist is an essential thing to do so that your hotel housekeeping staffs does not miss it. The hospitality sector is too competitive. And, we think it is never wise to lose out even one of your customers by keeping your lobby untidy and shabby. Clean, sanitize, and maintain a fresh aromatic atmosphere in the lobby every day.

2. Guests want the lobby to be clean

More than 90% of your guests or visitors want the lobby, reception area, and seating place to be supremely clean. They demand perfection and sophistication at the place that will be their home for the next few days. 

So, to prevent any kind of mess, mishap, or dirtiness to the guests that will turn them off immediately, clean the hotel lobby regularly.  

If your guests like the place because it is clean and professional with sweet fragrances everywhere, they are likely to be positive about the stay. Eventually, if their experience of stay turns out great in your hotel, you are going to see them again in the future. Adding to that, they will give good reviews online and recommend your hotel to others. This will uplift your reputation and get you more guests. 

3. The lobby is a high-traffic area

Hotel lobby cleaning is imperative because the lobbies get the maximum number of visitors throughout the day. Customers, visitors, vendors, drivers, and hotel staff – everyone walks through in and out of the lobby every single day. 

With so many people walking and strolling in the lobby, it results in the accumulation of dirt and debris everywhere. Floors, doorway, carpets, mats, and seating area - you need to clean everything every day to maintain the lobby in a posh and pristine condition. 

Also, you need to take special care of bacteria, germs, molds, and odor in the lobby. These expose your valuable guests and employees to health risks. Therefore, regular hotel lobby cleaning along with deep cleaning weekly is a necessity!

4. Regular cleaning sparks a newness to expensive furniture   

You have spent huge dollars on buying antique, novel, or modern furniture for your hotel lobby. It is important to make the initial visual impact of your hotel on the guests grand. But, dusty or dirty furniture can equally turn them off, no matter how much grandeur they hold.

When it comes to furniture, keeping the colors, fabrics, upholstery, and surfaces gleaming bright and smelling fresh is basic. Therefore, hire professional cleaning services in NYC to take care of your lobby furniture. They bring all specific equipment, cleaning agents, and sprays with them to clean and revive the furniture. 

In other words, hotel lobby cleaning by professionals who pay special attention to furniture will make them look brand new all the time and enhance their lifespan.

Hire Sterling Cleaning Services For Hotel Lobby Cleaning!

The lobby is the primary place of interaction with the guests as they check-in. What they see or encounter in the lobby influences their overall experience at your hotel and the future probability of visiting again. 

From keeping the floors polished to maintaining unblemished furniture, tidying up the reception desk to maintaining the seen-through beauty of windows, there are multiple tasks involved. That’s why we prepared this step-by-step hotel lobby cleaning guide for you. We mentioned the tasks you need to include in your hotel lobby cleaning checklist so that you don’t miss out on any. 

If you realize the need to maintain a hygienic and spotless lobby to make your guests comfortable and impressed, hire a professional team. Only professionals will ensure that every nook or cranny is 100% clean and hygienic for your guests. Besides, they will also take care to cause no damage to your precious decor and furniture while cleaning. 

Hiring such professional cleaning experts is no more difficult or expensive when you have us. We, at Sterling Cleaning Services in NYC are offering reliable commercial cleaning services to all types of businesses including hotels, gyms, schools, hospitals, and offices. Contact our team and hire our professionals while your hotel’s housekeeping staff can focus on daily greeting and reception activities for the guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hotel lobby cleaning? 

Hotel lobby cleaning is simply the process of cleaning the check-in, reception, and gathering areas of a hotel. It is a mandatory cleaning task that ensures the lobby, which is often the first impression guests have of a hotel, is clean, welcoming, and presentable. 

The Hotel lobby cleaning checklist usually involves cleaning the floors, vacuuming furniture, carpet, and vents, dusting surfaces, cleaning windows and glass doors, and polishing fixtures. Overall, it is maintaining the tidiness of the lobby. When you regularly clean the lobby cleaning, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your hotel and contributes to the comfort and satisfaction of guests. This is most important in the hospitality sector and it creates a positive first experience for the guests who are going to stay.

2. What should be the first thing to be cleaned while cleaning the hotel lobby? 

The first thing in a hotel lobby to clean is typically the floors. This includes the floor of the main entrance, the waiting area, and the immediate vicinity where guests are likely to sit after entering the lobby. Sweeping and mopping the floor ensures the removal of any dirt, debris, or filth brought in from outside through shoes and bags. This prevents them from spreading further into other areas of the lobby.

3. How often do you clean the lobby? 

The frequency of cleaning the hotel lobby depends on factors such as lobby area, foot traffic, exposure to outside dirt, and standards of cleanliness. However, we recommend daily cleaning of the hotel lobby to maintain the aesthetic appeal and professional appearance of your hotel. 

4. When should you hire a professional for hotel lobby cleaning? 

While housekeeping tasks generally do the daily hotel lobby cleaning tasks, you need to hire professionals for the weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning tasks. Deep carpet cleaning high-level window cleaning, deep cleaning (after tourist season/big events), maintaining hotel sanitation protocols before inspection, and HVAC system cleaning are some of the tasks.

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