Types of commercial cleaning services

August 25, 2023

Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

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Cleaning is a routine fundamental task for any place, whether it’s your home or a business space. But when it comes to commercial cleaning, it is far more complex than general home cleaning.

A commercial facility such as a business shop, retail, store, gym, or restaurant needs different types of cleaning services. It mostly needs deep cleaning with special tools or equipment. Moreover, a majority of business establishments like hotels, resorts, schools, or workspaces are large and occupied by hundreds of stuff, including furniture, cabinetry, cafeteria items, etc., which take time to clean. This is one more reason to hire professional cleaners.

Maintaining a clean environment is a top priority for every business facility for several reasons. It is necessary to maintain an aesthetic look of the place, which appeals to the clients. The more impressed the clients are, the more they are going to visit you and generate business. Apart from that, a clean and hygienic environment helps maintain the health and safety of the employees.

Lastly, when you invest in commercial cleaning services to make your business place look good, you also save the time and effort of your janitors, who can then take care of other amenities.

If you own a commercial place and are looking for cleaning services, first, learn about the types of commercial cleaning services available. It will help you know, which service you need for your place. Well, this comprehensive blog is sure to help in your decision-making. Take a read!

What is Commercial Cleaning? 

To understand the various types of commercial cleaning services, first get familiar with the concept of commercial cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning is essentially the cleaning services offered to businesses, including offices, stores, supermarkets, malls, shared workspaces, schools, hotels, gyms, etc. 

General cleaning tasks, such as sweeping, mopping, and dusting aren’t just enough for keeping any commercial spaces that are usually spacious or crowded. That is why you need commercial cleaning services.

They involve deep cleaning of floors, surfaces, and furniture is the need of the hour. Clients or customers will not come to do business or buy products/services if they find your commercial place is unhygienic, unappealing, or smelly. 

Likewise, employees expect their place of workplace to be clean, organized, and comfortable. If they don’t get that, it subsequently hampers their work efficiency and hence your business productivity.
By far, you understood why commercial cleaning is imperative for any business. It simply helps you to focus better on other aspects, such as logistics, administration, employee management, and customer relationships, order restocking, etc.

Regardless of the nature of your business and the size of your commercial facility, make sure to find a local cleaning agency in NYC. Their professionals can reach out to your place quickly while saving their convenience costs. They will also charge less than if they were located in a distant place.

10 Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Offered By Professionals

No point in guessing that there are different types of commercial services, depending on the types of business facilities. Every business space differs from the other, either in size or type of items/furniture kept.

However, there are some common stuff in every business facility that need frequent cleaning, such as carpets, cabinetry, chairs, sofas, staircases, entryways, glass panes, and HVAC ducts. Each of these comes under separate cleaning service categories.

It is because a commercial place has carpets spread across hundreds of square feet, dozens of chairs and sofas, multiple staircases, glass windows on every floor, and a vast number of HVAC ducts. Unless you have a pretty small business space like that of a home, you will need professional help to clean them.

Before deciding what type or types of commercial cleaning your facility needs, learn about the range of services provided by expert agencies.

Here’s the list of commercial cleaning service types with an explanation of what each service entails.

1. Retail store cleaning

Regular cleaning of your retail store with the addition of deep cleaning every 2-3 months is what you need to keep your busy retail store tidy and organized. Dirt on the surfaces of products, cluttered shelves, unclean or stained walls, muddy floors, and smelly atmosphere are sure to kill the shopping mood of your customers.

Are you ready to turn away your potential customers and face subsequent revenue loss?

If not, go for professional retail cleaning services from a reliable agency nearby for a spotless and inviting shop. They will get your store sparkling clean by dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming various areas, things, surfaces, and spots of your store.

The professionals will bring specific equipment or tools for cleaning every corner and stuff of your store efficiently and quickly. An unparalleled benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning service provider is that they will customize their services as per your store’s needs.

They will evaluate your store size, square feet area of floors, number of rooms, cabinets and racks, number of bathrooms, and other essential aspects to decide what services you need. They will prepare a retail cleaning checklist to make sure no corner or object is missed!

Needless to say, a professional agency understands the value of business hours. So, they will do cleaning before or after your business hours ensuring the convenience of store employees and customers.

If you are hiring commercial retail cleaning services, here are the tasks it covers:

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors.
  • Cleaning of store’s essentials, including shelves, cabinets, reception area, cash counters, sofas, chairs, lights, switches, and displays of your store.
  • Dressing room/trial room cleaning (if it is a clothing store).
  • Windows and door cleaning.
  • Façade and entryway cleaning.
  • Restroom cleaning.

2. Hotel cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness is a priority for the hospitality or tourism industry! They need to make their property look pristine, hygienic, and welcoming to tourists.

Also, hotel cleaning services are one the widely demanded types of commercial cleaning services today because the industry is fast-growing. The services cover cleaning hotels, inns, lodges, and resorts, which are temporary dwellings for vacationers who want to feel at ‘home’.

If you are a hotel or resort owner, you cannot deny that cleanliness is important to raise the satisfaction level of the customers. In other words, it determines whether you are going to have more tourists or not. A shabby hotel atmosphere, unclean rooms, and unhealthy toilets are big no for the visitors. They will immediately walk out to other hotels nearby.

To ensure a comfortable stay for them, get commercial hotel cleaning services from trained cleaners. Being experienced in the specialty, they use particular equipment and cleaning techniques to cater to the unique cleaning needs of your hotel. With their comprehensive services, you can rest assured that every nook and corner of your property will look gleaming clean.

The key services that professional hotel cleaning services cover are:

  • Cleaning hotel rooms, guest rooms or lodging rooms, including their floors and furniture.
  • Staircases and hotel lobby cleaning.
  • Entryways and parking lots cleaning.
  • Restrooms or bathrooms cleaning.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing door knobs, switches, railings, etc.
  • Cleaning of cafeteria, bar, and restaurants.
  • Hardwood floor cleaning.
  • Spa and pool cleaning.
  • Kitchen cleaning.

Check out some amazing hotel cleaning tips if you're doing it on your own.

3. School cleaning

Schools and other educational institutes need regular commercial cleaning services for the health and safety of the students, teachers, and faculty staff.

Furthermore, a clean environment is necessary to keep up the students’ focus. In an uncomfortable and unsanitary environment, it is difficult for them to concentrate and study. When it comes to cleaning schools, professionals will take a tour of all areas, including classrooms, dormitories, cafeterias, and restrooms.

Cleaning and maintaining the school space or campus is also a crucial matter because everything there is prone to wear and tear. Whether the benches and chairs, cafeteria tables, shelves, doors, carpets, or playground, children hustle and bother everything. Not cleaning them regularly will damage them faster or make them unfit for the next batch of students.

The importance of school cleaning goes beyond maintaining a healthy and welcoming ambiance at the campus. We observed that schools that maintained cleanliness throughout the year by hiring professional cleaners are better in many aspects.

Their teachers are productive, students report great learning experiences, and there are fewer sick days. Apart from that, students became familiar with cleanliness habits, and maintaining standard cleanliness raised the pride and reputation of the institute.

The essential types of cleaning services covered under school cleaning are:

  • Cleaning floors and surfaces.
  • Cleaning of staff room, locker room, and activity areas.
  • Dusting photos, awards, trophies, etc.
  • Cleaning lobbies and staircases.
  • Trimming twigs and cleaning the playground.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Sanitizing and disinfection common touch surfaces, doorknobs, stair rails, etc.
  • Cleaning bathrooms.
  • Cleaning kitchen and cafeteria.

4. Office cleaning

No one wants to work in an office space that has dirty floors, dusty surfaces, unhygienic restrooms, and filthy or smelly carpets. Office commercial cleaning ensures that your workspace experiences none of these and is sparkly clean.

A healthy and clean ambiance is also necessary to ensure the safety of employees, which impacts their productivity. Needless to say, unhygienic, dirty or cluttered premises will cause discomfort and lack of motivation in the employees. Eventually, it will hamper the delivery of their jobs and hence, your business output.

To never let that happen to your office space, hire a reputed commercial cleaning services agency in NYC. No matter the size of your office or workspace, they will provide bespoke cleaning services covering all areas, furniture, and spots. With a kempt and tidy space, you can make your employees, clients, or visitors feel optimistic about your space. Before taking any informed decision, it's important to consider the average cost of commercial cleaning services.

Here’s the commercial cleaning services list for offices-

  • Cleaning of floors.
  • Dusting chairs, work desks, cabinets, and other furniture.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets.
  • Cleaning staircases, tea/coffee break zones, lobbies, and common areas.
  • Cleaning parking lots and entrances.
  • Cleaning restrooms.
  • Tidying up of pantry rooms, cafeterias, and kitchens.  

5. Gym cleaning

Gyms are for helping people maintain their health and fitness goals. Therefore, in no way, you can afford to keep the gym center untidy and unhygienic. It is also necessary to deep clean the center and sanitize the instruments to keep away germs and bacteria.

You need commercial cleaning services to ensure a clean and comfortable ambiance, maintain the equipment in good condition, and acquire more clients.

Locker rooms and restrooms are indispensable parts of gyms. But, they can be a major source of germs and pathogens, where the clients freshen up after sweating out a lot. Therefore, cleaning the locker rooms and thoroughly sanitizing them is a must for your gym to prevent the spread of any type of virus or disease.

If you are hiring gym cleaning services, make sure they offer a comprehensive commercial cleaning package that offers the following:

  • Activity area and equipment cleaning.
  • Locker room cleaning.
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing all equipment.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing common touch areas, including doorknobs, switches, etc.
  • Cleaning reception area.
  • Cleaning parking lot and entrance.
  • Cleaning different types of gym floors like- cleaning the rubber gym floor, vinyl flooring or hardwood flooring etc.

6. Medical practice cleaning

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment is the first concern for medical and health institutes. It is necessary to ensure the protection of both, patients and healthcare staff from the spread of viruses and diseases.

Medical practice cleaning is also one of the toughest types of commercial cleaning services, which needs special equipment, cleaning tools, and techniques for hygiene maintenance. The cleaners also should equip themselves with masks, gloves, PPE kits, and other safety gear to be safe from hazardous items like needles, biomedical wastes, pathogens, etc.

 A team of expert cleaners will help you maintain a tidy and pristine medical facility ensuring everyone’s safety. They will use special high-grade sanitizers and disinfectants to prevent any kind of contamination among the patients or staff.

Regardless of the size of your medical facility, the professionals will deliver the best standard cleaning services to maintain hygiene and uplift its impression to the patients.

Here is the list of commercial cleaning services offered by medical practice centers.

  • Eliminating pathogens from examination rooms.
  • Proper disposal of hazardous materials such as bodily fluids and medical syringes, adhering to industry protocols.
  • Cleaning medical offices, including the cleaning of floors and furniture.
  • Terminal cleaning and implementing measures to contain outbreaks effectively.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing to remove air and blood-borne pathogens.

7. Janitorial cleaning

Janitorial cleaning is a type of commercial cleaning service that aims at making any type of business facility or workspace clean with top-level hygiene.

Professional cleaners understand the significance of keeping a workspace or business area tidy and safe for the employees. They spend a lot of time working there, and so a neat environment will help them work with better focus. Hire a commercial cleaning service provider in NYC that offers janitorial cleaning and can ensure your business space has a hygienic and tidiest environment.

Janitorial cleaning services differ from all the above commercial cleaning services in one aspect. You might not need them regularly even though they provide comprehensive cleaning and take care of many heavy-duty tasks. But, the janitors offer their services every day and perform all the basic, or essential cleaning tasks required for cleanliness and general maintenance of your commercial place.

Therefore, janitorial cleaning services comprise the following tasks:

  • Sweeping and mopping the floors.
  • Disinfecting items that everyone frequently comes in contact with.
  • Vacuuming the carpet.
  • Dusting the furniture and desks.
  • Emptying the trash cans and putting trash liners.
  • Cleaning windows, doors, and mirrors.
  • Cleaning toilets and restocking toilet supplies.
  • Cleaning lights, bulbs, and other appliances.

8. Day porter cleaning

Commercial cleaning service types also include day porter service. Most specialized professional cleaning services make sure to provide it. They allow you to clean your business space or office area any time, whenever needed, even when there are occupants.

Day porter cleaning services include several general commercial cleaning tasks that are essential for keeping a space neat, safe, and comfortable for the occupants. The expert day porters are skilled in cleaning an area efficiently without interfering with work or operations. The role of day porters entails all the usual cleaning and maintenance tasks to make your office or business center look presentable, hygienic, and inviting all the time.

You need day porter cleaning services to maintain the highest cleanliness standards and ensure employees and clients are happy walking into your office space. 

Hiring day porter cleaning services from a professional cleaning company will provide you with the following services.

  • Eliminating or warning about safety threats, such as wet floors.
  • Meeting setup and cleaning up the room after it’s over. 
  • Keeping reception areas and lobbies clean.
  • Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias, and patios
  • Performing minor maintenance tasks, such as refilling coffee machines, restocking pantry items, replacing default light bulbs, etc.
  • Cleaning bathrooms and restocking supplies.
  • Removing trash and replacing the trash liners in bins on the premises.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing high touch-point areas to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • Wiping up spills and responding to other cleaning emergencies.

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9. Green cleaning

As the name suggests, green cleaning services are about cleaning your commercial facility in a way that uplifts its environmental quality. When we seek commercial cleaning, we often care about the aesthetics and neatness of the place. What we skip is the environmental aspect i.e., whether it will ensure the air is clean and breathable, carpets are dirt-free and germ-free, and the premises are healthy.

Green cleaning is also prominent today among the various types of commercial cleaning services because it uses non-toxic cleaning supplies and eco-friendly practices. Yes, a green cleaning service provider does that. We never use any products that could cause irritation on the skin or eye or cause the air to become smelly or uncomfortable after cleaning.

If you own a commercial space and its aesthetics are as important as the health of your employees, green cleaning services are what you should hire.

Usually, green cleaning covers the following services, regardless of the nature and size of the commercial place.

  • Dusting shelves, counters, tabletops, ceiling fans, etc., and wiping with soft rags.
  • Mopping office floors with high-grade organic cleaning solutions that give out fresh smell.
  • Carpets, rugs, and upholstery steam cleaning.
  • Vacuuming of floors, carpets, and horizontal surfaces.
  • Vacuuming sofas, under the sofas, and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Deep cleaning the office equipment.
  • Taking out trash or garbage and disposing of them in eco-friendly ways.

10. Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is one of the most sought-after commercial cleaning services. Whether it is a home or a commercial facility, deep cleaning every corner or object of your home is nearly impossible.

Deep cleaning involves cleaning those areas and things that are usually heavy, hard-to-reach, and need time or professional expertise to clean. For instance, the AC ducts, storerooms, vent areas, high-rise windows, corners and areas hidden by the furniture, areas beneath the furniture, smelly and dirty carpets, kitchen appliances, and so on.

Every commercial place, big or small, needs deep cleaning services to maintain a healthy ambiance for employees and an inviting atmosphere for the customers. Just clean floors and surfaces are not enough! Overall cleaning of floors to ceilings, entryways to storerooms and staircases, and kitchen countertops to pantry cabinets is necessary to make your space sparkling clean and presentable. 

Deep cleaning also takes care of the hygiene of the place by keeping away cobwebs, mold growths in damp corners, trapped dirt and germs in carpets, food particles or filth in sofa corners, etc.

You need deep cleaning services once in 1-2 months and not regularly. Here is the list of commercial deep cleaning services.

  • Thorough scrubbing and mopping of the floors to remove tile grouts.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing switches, door handles, and other fixtures.
  • Vacuuming windowsills, curtains, blinds, etc.
  • Sanitization of all equipment or desk items at the office.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming carpets and rugs.
  • Emptying cabinetry, desk drawers, and shelves and cleaning them inside-out.
  • Dusting all the surfaces, vents, railings, and ledges to remove cobwebs.

You should think about the cost of deep cleaning before you decide to hire a cleaning service for your business.

Common Types of Commercial Cleaning Services For Every Business Space

We presented the different types of commercial cleaning services based on the type of business and nature of cleaning. However, there is more to the types! Companies in this field of service also categorize their services according to the stuff they clean.

Here we go with the list of commercial cleaning services offered for various fundamental items in a business place. 

Carpet Cleaning

This service involves thoroughly cleaning the carpets or rugs in your commercial place, no matter how many square feet of floors they cover. You require professionals to clean carpets because those are heavy, trap too much filth and debris from shoes, and are breeding grounds for germs and pathogens.

If you are not cleaning your carpets frequently, they look dirty and may also give out bad odors making the room/space smelly. In short, your filthy and stinking carpets can hamper the health of employees and make them nauseous. 

Professional cleaners will clean your carpets with a high-grade vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters that take away all dirt and debris. If the carpets look too unclean, they may also steam-clean them and make them look new again.

HVAC duct cleaning 

Every office or business has an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system that runs across the rooms with ducts and controls the airflow and indoor temperature. The HVAC ducts and vent outlets trap dust, grime, cobwebs, insects, etc., and become clogged, which affects the air circulation and deteriorates the quality of indoor air.

You can follow our detailed guide on cleaning air ducts if you want to clean the ducts on your own.

Those ducts are hard to reach and clean unless you have a stepladder and appropriate cleaning tools. Besides, there are methodical steps to clean the air vents of the HVAC system. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning agency is the only way out! They have every tool and equipment to intensively clean the HVAC ducts and prevent air contamination at your place.  

Tiles grout cleaning

The tiles of the kitchen and bathrooms look beautiful until they have grouts. They develop as light-colored dirt with a porous composition and appear as deep stain marks on the tiles. Dirt, grime, moisture, liquid spills, molds, etc., are the main culprits responsible for the grouts.

Cleaning grouts requires intense scrubbing with pressure, usually not possible with hands. Besides, you need a special cleaning solution and stain remover to wipe them from your tiles. Hiring a team of professional cleaners will ensure these, and they will make your tile sparkle once again!      

Post-construction cleaning

This is one of the less common types of commercial cleaning services, which is not needed regularly or often. You need this only when a part of your business area has undergone renovations or repairs, or is extending to new spaces.

The post construction cleaning process involves a lot of tasks, such as taking away huge chunks of debris, washing the floors, cleaning concrete residues, and removing odors of paint. A team of expert cleaners has advanced equipment and tools to pick up and dispose of construction debris.

They will ensure you have no hassle in cleaning wastes after construction and will make your premises fit for reuse.

Windows and glass cleaning

The glass windows offer a view to the outside, and areas by the side of those windows are recreational zones for employees. Sometimes, it is pleasing to look at the cityscapes through them when you are on a high-rise building.

But, those glass panes lose their transparency and get dirtier with outside weather conditions. On the inside too, the glasses get greasy fingerprints, dust, etc., making the outside view too unclear for you.

Cleaning the glass windows from both outside and inside is necessary! However, your office’s general cleaners or janitors can’t clean the high-rise glass windows from outside as it is not safe. You need trained cleaners for that.

They would come with harnesses and other safety equipment along with commercial-grade glass cleaners. With intense and smooth cleaning, they leave your glass windows sparkling both, inside and outside. It's important to maintain the clarity of the glasses. Similarly, when dealing with delicate museum glass, it's crucial to adopt a gentle approach to preserve the artwork's integrity.

Furniture and upholstery cleaning

Dusting, damp wiping, or vacuuming furniture, including upholstery items, are easy until you have to clean a lot of them. Office spaces or commercial facilities have dozens of furniture and upholstery items, and cleaning them is too hectic for your janitors or caretakers.

Additionally, most of the furniture items are made of premium-quality fabric or superior hardwood. To prevent damaging them, you need to clean them with specific cleaning agents and techniques, which professionals are good at.

While cleaning the upholstery is quite challenging, the experts will take care of them by removing stains, vacuuming, and drying them to avoid mold growth.

Hardwood floor cleaning 

Just like the furniture, the hardwood floors of your commercial place need careful cleaning! Most floor cleaning materials consist of abrasive elements, such as hard bristles or chemicals, which can fade the colors of the floors.

Nevertheless, professional cleaners understand the importance of maintaining expensive hardwood floors. Regardless of the floor area in your commercial facility, they will sweep, dry mop, and clean the hardwood floors with non-abrasive and eco-friendly solutions.

They will carefully yet meticulously clean the floors to restore their surfaces to a new and gleaming condition.

Importance of Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Most business spaces and offices are spacious and consists a huge of number of furniture, things, and areas that need regular cleaning. Unkempt and untidy workspaces affect employees’ health and productivity. It also makes the places uninviting to clients.

To make your business space appear hygienic and shimmering clean, and want your employees to work at their peak, hire the appropriate types of commercial cleaning services.

Let’s briefly tell you about the absolute perks of hiring cleaning services from a professional company.

1. 100% satisfying cleaning 

Professional cleaners will do more than just cleaning and dusting. They will deep clean the furniture, surfaces, and hard-to-reach areas. They also arrange your things to make your workspace neat and organized.

An expert cleaning agency disinfects and sanitizes every spot and object in your place to make sure your place is hygienic for the employees. On the whole, you will have absolute cleaning satisfaction when you look around the environment after they are done. 

2. Use of essential supplies

Being professionals, they have access to industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective cleaning solutions. They use the right cleaning product for every area, object, or surface and clean them carefully ensuring no damage to their quality.

3. Save time and money

Hiring a commercial cleaning agency frees you from the need for additional janitors or housekeeping staff for essential cleaning duties. It saves you money!

Additionally, entrusting the cleaning jobs to experts who do them quickly and efficiently will save you time. They will either clean and wrap up before the start of your business hours or do it afterward. So, it will not cause any disruptions during your valuable business hours.

4. Prevents absenteeism

Many business owners fail to realize the significance of a hygienic and spotless workplace for their employees. When your workspace is fresh clean and germ-free employees are less likely to get sick. That prevents frequent sick leaves or absenteeism in your workspace!

It also improves their comfort factor and mental well-being, which reflects in their greater efficiency and work productivity.

5. Better business productivity

As said earlier, a kempt and healthy work environment fosters motivation in the employees, which leads to better performance and work efficiency. Eventually, that positively impacts your business.

Without any distractions or uneasiness getting in their way, employees can concentrate better, deliver excellent outputs, and scale business growth.

Hire The Right Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Today!

Tidying up your commercial space is no easy job! Several expansive floors, widespread carpets, hundreds of furniture items, wall cabinetry, kitchens and restrooms, windows, doors, gateways, and common touch surfaces – there are lot to clean for maintaining a hygienic and unblemished business environment.

There are several benefits of a clean workspace as it benefits a business apart from having a clean, professional, and welcoming environment. It enhances the health and well-being of employees, improves business productivity, and saves time and money. To ensure intensive cleaning of your business space and keep it pristine day in and out, hire a specialized commercial cleaning company.

With several types of commercial cleaning services, a professional company caters to the unique needs of different business spaces or offices and makes them spotless. If you are looking for a particular type of commercial cleaning service, reach out to Sterling Cleaning Services in NYC! We deliver first-rate customized cleaning services, irrespective of the type of your office/business. 

Feel free to contact our cleaning experts and share your cleaning requirements today. We will schedule a cleaning day for your business and will provide the correct types of services.

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